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Magazine : Matrusri English
Language : English
Volume Number : 2
Month : April
Issue Number : 1
Year : 1967

SIMPLICITY in thought, simplicity in words and simplicity in deeds are the essence of mother’s existence. Her very simple words are so pregnant with thought that monographs could be written to explain their significance. Treatises on any subject are expressed by her very aptly, in seemingly simple monosyllabic words.

Nature in itself is very simple to look at. A man eats his food without any thought. To him it is an ordinary and simple act. He eats and forgets about it. He derives the energy for his body un knowingly. This very seemingly simple phenome non would be a subject for elaborate scientific investigations and discussions. Taking another example, a man implants a seed in the soil, which seems to be a simple act. In course of time a plant sprouts, gradually grows big and becomes a full grown tree, giving forth fruit. This whole process is also so simple to look at but will be the subject of a treatise investigating the growth, biophysics, and biochemistry of the plant.

It is nature’s way to hide complex things in simple phenomena. So it is with Mother. Her words, like nature itself are apparently simple and may go unnoticed by many an unwary observer. To the selected few they open up themselves and they are forming the subject of many articles.

This seemingly simple lady makes even a subtle and complex problem very simple in her talks. On other occasions she will take a simple incident and will reveal to us depths unknown and unobserved, even by many of the shrewd observers. In our conversations with Mother her many sided intelligence sidetracks our intellect from the real subject and we will be left where we are after the conversation.

This lady who is Nature incarnate, extends her hands of benediction and love to the four corners of this globe over hills and dales, over rivers and seas, over fields and the country side. Her pleasant knock is heard at every door. Her charming smile extends beyond the skies. Her sweet voice full of Love wafts in the breeze, consoling all those that are lost in despair.

In her presence you feel the benevolent moonshine that tickles the withered saps of existence, giving us fresh energy for the next day’s drive. Her very warm reception touches the perennial and primordial roots of our very being. The gentle and subtle way in which she brings out transformation in human nature is an example of nature’s inexplicable and in-expressible ways. Even hardened hearts melt at her feet and the wheels of time are set in motion for their final emancipation.

She is knowledge. She is bliss. She is nature. She is the beyond. She is everything that human beings look for in this troubled world.

She is “Amma”- my ‘ma’ and your ma’ too.

Behold mother in her eternal grace,

Beyond the fireworks of the common place,

Bubbling with humour and radiant love,

 Cooing sweet notes like a heavenly dove.

 “Worship is that which goes on always.”

– Mother

“Do you know how the moments

 perform their adoration?

Waving its row of lamps, the universe

 sings in worship day and night”

– Kabir

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