A V R Subramanyam
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 9
Month : July
Issue Number : 3
Year : 2010

In the famous drama ‘The Merchant of Venice’, written by William Shakespeare, Bassanio urges the lawyer to save the life of Antonio by some means or other. Finally he says, “do a little wrong to do a great right”. This expression implies more or less the same spirit of AMMA’s saying: “In the way of doing good (noble and righteous) it doesn’t matter even if the word is not kept or something valuable is lost”.

Once a pilgrim, an orthodox by nature, reached Jillellamudi on his return journey having completed his pilgrimage to holy places like Madurai, Varanasi etc. By that time it was sunset i.e. when the evening shadows were falling over the valley. He had the darshan of AMMA.

In the early days, AMMA herself used to cook and serve the food for the visitors besides serving her family members. As usual AMMA offered food to the pilgrim. But he summarily rejected it saying that he would not take food in a place where there is no temple. Then AMMA showed him the white washed walls of a distant Masjid and made him believe that it was a temple. He was convinced and happily partook the food.

Next day at dawn, reality came to light. He felt he was betrayed; annoyed and disgusted, he questioned AMMA about what made her lie in that way.

AMMA said to him quite candidly, “Yes, I told you a lie. I admit. Resultantly, I face the effect of any evil or bad that befalls me. But I can’t bear the pain of my son (you) suffering due to hunger.”

Dumbfounded, tears rolling down his cheeks, he stood with folded hands at the holy feet of AMMA wondering at her usually unusual Divine Love.

AMMA dares to sacrifice anything on the altar of Mother’s Duty (MATRU DHARMA).

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