D V N Kamaraju
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 5
Month : January
Issue Number : 1
Year : 2006

“Mother is not the just one sitting on a cot at Jillellamudi: “Mother” means the One without a beginning and without an end, the One who is the Beginning and the End That which has become everything and which cannot be comprehended – the limitless, resistless basis of all” – Amma

Sri I. Ramakrishna Rao is one devotee child of Amma, who has immense faith, devotion and Love for Amma. His wife Lakshmi is also equally devoted to Amma since her childhood. Amma performed their marriage in the year 1981 at Jillellamudi. Even to this day, Amma frequently appears in their dreams and guides them at every stage.

Recently one day, Lakshmi approached Ramakrishna with a desire. She wanted a pair of gold bangles not for herself but to present to Amma just like that. Ramakrishna jocularly said “why does Amma require gold bangles? After all She is 82 years old now! Think of something else to present Her!”

That night, Amma appeared in his dream – resplendent in all her crowning glory bedecked in a full set of jewelry as a young lady of 30-35 years!

Is it not a message that Mother is ageless?

“I can see you even if you are in another place. No boundaries can limit my knowledge. You must come here to see me, but I am always looking at you” – Amma

Mother left Her body on 12 June 1985. In the years since Her passing, many people (including several who did not meet her in the flesh and, in some cases, never even heard of her) have experienced Mother’s continuing presence through dreams, visions, and an ongoing sense of her spiritual guidance. One incident which occurred just after her passing, involved a young Indian medical student who was studying in New York City when Mother died. He was so devastated by the news that he could not bear to eat. Though he told no one of this spontaneous fast, for a full week he ate nothing. Then he received a long-distance phone call from his grandmother in South India. She asked him why he wasn’t eating. He was stunned, and asked her how she knew. She replied that Mother had come to her the previous night in a vision and insisted, “Tell my son to eat. It pains me to see him starving himself like this!” In death, as in life, Mother’s first concern remains to feed her children in every respect.

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