Indhumuki Ramakrishna Rao
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 2
Month : January
Issue Number : 1
Year : 2003

I. Ramakrishna Rao is a long-time devotee of Amma. As Regional Sales Manager of a Public Sector undertaking, he used to travel a lot. He visits Jillellamudi very frequently and has a lot of sincere devotion and attachment to Amma.

During one of his tours, he managed to get some free time to visit Jillellamudi and had Amma’s Darshan. As it happens, he rather. overstayed, and finally took leave of Amma as he had to urgently visit Hyderabad. He hurriedly reached Bapatla station and found that there was no accommodation available in the reserved coaches. He however decided to travel in one of the unreserved compartments by purchasing ordinary ticket as his presence in Hyderabad is of very urgent nature. Ordinary tickets are normally issued just half an hour before the arrival. of the train and, as it is, the train was running late. As it was very sultry, he went on to the platform to sit on a bench under the open sky some 300 to 400 yards away from the main entrance waiting for the booking window to be opened. While our friend was engrossed in his thoughts, a young boy of around 20 years approached him and asked him “You are 1.Ramakrishna Rao, aren’t you?” He replied in positive. “You are going to Hyderabad. Aren’t you’ again he asked, and continued as he replied in affirmative. ‘I have a reserved ticket which I am not using. Will you take it? It is for the same train for which you are waiting’. Ramakrishna asked him to show the ticket and he obliged by handing it over. He carefully examined the ticket and came to the conclusion that it was a genuine ticket. He agreed to take the ticket and paid the fare. The youngster gave him the ticket which he kept in his wallet carefully, had a sip of cold water from the bottle and sat down.

While wondering about this most favorable development, suddenly it dawned on him as to how this young fellow called him by name (You) are Ramakrishna Isn’t it?). Secondly, how did he know that he is going to Hyderabad? After all, he has never seen this guy before. Immediately IRK looked in the direction he went, to clarify the matter but to his utter dismay nobody was there. From the time he took the ticket from him, it is not more than a minute and that is not at all a sufficient time for anybody (even if you run) to cover the distance from the bench where IRK was sitting to the main entrance and exit. He ran to the main entrance with a hope to locate him anywhere nearby. He wasn’t there!

Taluku is settled in the U.S. owing to her husband’s occupation. She has a young daughter and son and visits Jillellamudi unfailingly. whenever she visits India. She is so much attached to Amma that she always keeps thinking of Amma even though she is thousands of miles away from India. She practices AMMA’s saying ‘DHYASE DHYANAM’ in letter and spirit.

This year in April she visited India and paid a visit to Jillellamudi on April 5th along with her son and daughter. Hyma’s marble statue. was installed in Hymalayam on April 22nd amidst a big fanfare and large function. However, Taluku could not stay for the function and had to leave for the US much earlier. A feeling was nagging in her mind that she could not visit Jillellamudi on any special day, even if she could. not stay back for the Idol Installation function. After going back to US, while she was going through the Souvenir released on the occasion of Hyms’s Idol installation, suddenly she came to know that April 5th happens to be the day when Hyma left the body and AMMA consecrated Hyma in the Hymalayam on April 6th as per English Calendar. 

Taluku and her children performed ‘ABHISHEKAM’ on April 6th in the temple. Though she was unaware of it at that time, Taluku did visit Jillellamudi on a very significant day.

For her son, it was the first visit. Whoever comes for Her Darshan, AMMA blesses them and puts vermilion on their forehead, sometimes a long vertical one and sometimes a curved one like a half moon. Taluku was musing that if Amma were present in physical form She would have blessed her son with kumkum on his forehead. Thus thinking she finished her ‘Abhishekam’ in the temple and went back to the room, while her son was playing in the temple precincts. After a few minutes, her son returned to the room with a large vertical ‘Namam’ on his forehead and a new ‘Dhoti’ and towel around his neck. Surprised and thrilled, Taluku enquired him as to where he got it and she was told that some lady devotee brought a small new palanquin to be presented to AMMA and she found this boy and another girl in the temple precincts to whom she presented these new clothes putting kumkum on their foreheads!

No wish is left unfulfilled in Jillellamudi!!

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