Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 17
Month : January
Issue Number : 1
Year : 2018

The entire creation, it is said, is made up of five basic elements. Controlling any of them is beyond the scope of any ordinary mortal. In the entire history there were very few who could do that. There are many instances in the life history of Amma controlling these elements effortlessly.

During 1962. Amma spent some time at Vodarevu, a seaside resort 5 miles from Chirala, now in Prakasam District of Andhra Pradesh. A chauffeur driven Standard-19 car was placed at Her disposal. Amma used to take a ride along the beach now and then.

On one such occasion, the rear wheel of the car got stuck up in the sand. All the efforts of the driver resulted only in further sinking of the car deep upto the axle. Ten hefty brothers, accompanying Amma by another vehicle tried hard to push and lift the car out of the rut but in vain.

Amma, who, all the time was sitting in the back seat, opened the door towards the sea and looking at the ocean, invited it saying “Come Child……come”. The car was at least 10 feet away from the waves. But, to the surprise of the on-lookers, the very next wave rushed towards the car, entered it and drenched Amma’s holy feet, not just once, but many times!

After a while, looking at the forlorn, despairing and sweat drenched faces of our brothers, Amma said: “If a fisherman gives a push, the car will come out”. Immediately, a frantic search began for a fisherman. But Alas! Not one was to be found! All the males of that community went fishing into the sea! After a while, a frail boy with just a cod piece was found at a distance sauntering towards the car. The desperate brothers rushed to him and asked for his help. He agreed, came and gave a push to the car. Next moment the automobile was out of the rut and on firm ground!

The million dollar question is: How did the car come out so effortlessly? How could a frail 14 year old boy do it when 10 strong and hefty persons could not? Is it the word or Sankalpa of Amma that did the trick? Who, really, was that boy who materialized so very conveniently just at the right time?

It remains as another unsolved mystery!

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