Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 17
Month : April
Issue Number : 2
Year : 2018


Amma gave some interesting indications about the future of Jillellamudi to a number of brothers and sisters at different times. According to them, the existing temples will become the central point for the future holy city, which extends up to 7th mile on the west, where many Industries will also be established. The College will have its own building. (At that time, it did not have). A big pond will come up by the side of the House of All. Great Souls will flock from different parts and perform their Tapas (penance) here. An Airport will be built and pilgrims will pour in from within the Country and from abroad. A time will come when directives will be issued to the entire Country and the World on their proper functioning from this holy place. When disastrous famines occur and even drinking water becomes unavailable, there will be no fear of scarcity at Jillellamudi.

At this point of time, all this may sound incredulous. But the word of one who could effortlessly stop the flow of time without any ill effects for at least 10 hours, and who controls birth and death cannot be dismissed lightly. Here are those two episodes.

It was the full moon day of the lunar month “Magha” (Magha Pournami) in 1958 and it was dawn before sunrise. Amma gave initiation to nearly 600 persons. She called each individual person and gave him a mantra for lifelong practice with instructions on how to do it. The entire process went on smoothly and nobody noticed that day break had not happened till the initiation of all the 600 persons was completed. Now, let us calculate. The person Amma called will come to her, prostrate before her and approach Amma to take the Mantra that Amma initiates in his/her ear with instructions on how to do it. Even if this process takes only a minute, what will be the cumulative time for all the 600 people?

On the future of Jillellamudi, there is one more interesting piece of evidence.

Nadi Jyotishya written by great Sages thousands of years ago is well known for the accuracy of its readings.

Dr. Prasadaraya Kulapati, now Sidheshwarananda Bharati Swami, heading the Peetham at Courtallam, dug out some interesting Nadi readings about Jillellamudi long back. The Nadi was written by Varahamihira approximately 2000 years ago.

“Her abode will be extensive, accommodating many men and women. It will be full of Tapas Vis and spiritual discussions will be a common feature. Many houses with flower gardens will be built. A beautiful temple will be built where many Yagas and spiritual programs that generate great spiritual powers will be performed” – It said.


Sri Racharla Lakshminarayana (RL in short) from Guntur was one of the few who had unwavering faith in Amma. His entire family was fully devoted to Her. He had innumerable experiences to his credit. Following is one such:

In 1969, Sri Lakshminarayana’s grandmother was ailing in Narasaraopet. Before proceeding to Jillellamudi, RL went up to her grandmother and asked if she had anything to convey to Amma. “Ask Amma how long I should continue to suffer in this cot……” was grandma’s pleading appeal.

On arriving at Jillellamudi, Sri RL conveyed this appeal to Amma. She in turn, in a very casual manner asked RL “Shall we send her now?”

Sri RL, who had the unparalleled faith in Amma requested saying “Please…..not today”.

Amma asked “Why not? Today is very auspicious….Maha Sivaratri – you know?”

RL replied “True, but my father will be at Kotappakonda on duty. He will come only after two days. Give him an opportunity to be by her side.”

The entire conversation took place in an informal and casual manner just as a matter of fact. Soon Lakshminarayana forgot about it. But not Amma.

After the lapse of two days, when both of them were viewing a slideshow, Amma suddenly asked RL “will your father be at home now?” “Yes. Are you giving the ticket to my grandma” asked RL in a playful tone. It was then 4.50 p.m.

Sri Lakshminarayana wanted to stay with Amma for a few more days. But, soon after the slides show, Amma gave him Prasadam and despatched him post haste.

It was midnight when Sri Lakshminarayana reached home at Narasaraopet. The house was full of people and awake. In the midst of them was the body of his dear old grandmother on the ground.

“When did this happen?” he enquired. 

“At 4.50 p.m.” was the reply.

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