Dr Tangirala Simhadri Sastry
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 1
Month : October
Issue Number : 4
Year : 2002

(An Appeal: Starting from this issue we are starting a new feature – “Snippets’ Related to Amma in which we wish to bring to the readers small incidents that many of the devotee children were either witness to or directly experienced by them while in the direct presence of Amma or away from Jillellamudi. but where the particular devotee feels the invisible hand of Amma. These incidents however trivial they are, the particular devotee considers them very significant and values them. We appeal to all our brothers and sisters both within India and abroad to share such small incidents/ experiences with the rest of the readers, by sending them in writing to the Editor. either in English or Telugu (not exceeding one page) and thus share their joy and give the benefit of their experience to others Editor)

* Protection: It was in 1964, I remember, I went to Jillellamudi from Hyderabad on one occasion. This trip was during the rainy season and as one had to walk a mile-and-a-half from 7th mile to reach Mother’s place I went prepared, taking a raincoat with me in the bag. It was more or less customary in those days that Mother applied vermillion mark (‘Bottu’) on the forehead and gave prasadam when taking leave for returning. On that day She beckoned me inside (into the ante room), gave me some sweets, fruits etc.. as prasadam and hugged me before seeing me off. Just before leaving. She asked me what was in the bag. I showed her the raincoat, taking it out. She immediately took it and wore it. showing to everybody present there in that raincoat. She gave it back to me, granting me permission to leave. I was so thrilled that Mother wore ‘my’ raincoat. With a heavy heart, I started walking back towards the 7th mile. After walking about half a-mile or so, it started drizzling and slowly grew into rain, when I took out the raincoat and put it on along with the cap. The rain gradually turned into downpour and aided by the wind the rain. water seeped through the sides of the cap, soaked my shirt, while water dripping down from the raincoat soaked my pants, the wetness spreading upwards. Finally, when I reached the 7th mile I was wet more or less all over. with the raincoat on. The rain abated as I was waiting for the bus in the small shelter there. Then it occurred to me and amused me to learn that I brought a so-called protection, coming to the ‘All-Protecting Force’ – Amma!!

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