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Komaravolu Gopala Rao
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 19
Month : October
Issue Number : 4
Year : 2020

Amma’s ways of communication are truly unique. She is an expert in communication in more ways than one. She would come to the level of the other person and explain even the most complex issues in very simple terms.

When a group is in the presence of Amma and if Amma wants to communicate only with one among them, that particular person would clearly hear whatever was said by Her even if he is at the farthest end, while those much closer would not make anything out of those sounds.

Many foreigners vouched that they had no communication problem even when there was no interpreter.

“When mind can talk with mind”, says Amma “where is the need for any words?”

In 1962 Amma paid a visit to Madras when many brothers and sisters speaking different tongues came for Her Darshan every day. During one such Darshan, Dr. Potluri Subbarao, who accompanied Her, observed a couple questioning Amma in Tamil and Amma answering in Telugu, the native tongue. He also observed the couple nodding and presumed that they must be knowing Telugu as well. Then why are they using Tamil to question Amma?

After Darshan, the couple was preparing to leave. Dr. Subba Rao approached them and asked if they could understand what Amma was saying. Yes, they could. Then they knew Telugu as well? No! They don’t.

“Then how could you understand what Amma said?” asked the confused Doctor.

“Why? She was talking in Tamil. Wasn’t She?” was their reply.

(Collected from the NewsLetter No.127 of Friday Puja Scheme, by late Komaravolu Gopala Rao garu)

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