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Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 18
Month : April
Issue Number : 2
Year : 2019

Dr. S.V. Subbarao garu was a famous Doctor in Nellore and was personal physician to Amma for a long time. He wrote an article in “Matrusri” (March 1978), titled “The Power of Kumkum”. The gist is produced here. In 1977, a 16-year-old boy with “Ascending Myelitis”, a dreaded

disease in which paralysis starts at the feet and slowly travels upwards, was brought to Dr. Subbarao. When it reaches the chest, the patient cannot breathe and death results. Medical science has not yet discovered any treatment or cure.

Dr. Subbarao wrote in his article. “I knew all this quite well. Still, I tried to console him that he would be alright. I did not have the heart to tell him the truth. I advised the patients to take him to Madras. Before they left, however, I decided to try something. In my private room, I mixed a pinch of Amma’s Kumkum into an ounce of water and gave it to the young man. 15 minutes later, the boy had to go to the urinals. When his parents came to carry him, he said that he thought he could walk and he did walk all by himself!

The amazed and overjoyed parents offered the Doctor a fat fee, which he refused saying that he did nothing, and that the boy was cured with God’s Grace.

At no point of time did the Doctor mention “AMMA” either to the patient or to the parents. According to Dr Subbarao, “I had not much belief in myself that the kumkum would cure the boy and administered it half heartedly and experimentally. So, this is a clear case of Amma’s Kumkum effecting a miraculous cure even without the firm faith of those involved”


 Sri Parthasaradhi Ayyangar from Chennai was sitting with Amma on the southern side of Balcony, enjoying the pleasant evening breeze. Amma was staring into space with a far away look. After Amma returned from that mood, Sri Parthasaradhi Ayyangar asked Amma what she was staring at. The unexpected reply from Amma was “Thought Waves”. By a series of questions he elicited the following information.

Amma was just observing the thought waves pass by in space. They were all knotty, twisted and distorted. But as they approached Amma, all the twists and knots disappeared, became straight and passed on. Did Amma perform this wonderful transformation? No, She was just observing.

This is a superb phenomenon with far reaching benefits to humanity in general and to those physically nearer to Her in particular. It means, Amma, by her mere presence, acts as a great purifier of thoughts that are so effective, so powerful and so vital to human beings. By transforming the negative thoughts into positive thoughts the very thinking process of humanity is transferred to more benevolent channels. All this is taking place all the time without any fanfare or publicity! More important – the process still continues.

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