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Rajupalepu Ramachandra Rao
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 6
Month : July
Issue Number : 3
Year : 2007

(This article was originally a part of a manuscript by Late Rajupalepu Ramachandra Rao garu of Vetapalem, an ardent devotee of Amma. Written in 1961, these manuscripts contain his experiences with Amma hitherto unpublished. We are happy to inform the readers of “Mother of All” that these recorded events will be published serially. -Editor)

The period of 20 years, from Mother’s 14th to 34th years of her life, is a sealed mystery; with the exception of some anecdotes, which have in their essence, the same spiritual, supernatural exuberance, which she never allowed to be sensed or detected – either by outsiders or even by her family members that remained in close touch with her. Of this vast and unknown period all that outsiders could know was that she was taken to several doctors for treatment of Hysteria (which was believed to be her state) or to Mantric Shastri who are believed to possess the ability to ward off the evil spirits that were supposed to have afflicted her. (These again may be allowed to be known by one and all when the time is opportune). Enough it is, if it is stated that

(1) She always proved to be infallible to the power of the five elements and had them under her control.

(2) Could study the minds of others

(3) Has got knowledge of the three stages of time (past, present and future)

(4) Has control over both animate and inanimate

(5) Has always lived in tune with the infinite instances of these as in the case of Christ, Budha, Sai and such other saints, wherein Siddhis, of their own accord are manifested can easily be observed. Here are some.

  1. While cooking, Mother once stirred the boiling soup with her bare hands and strangely, her skin was not affected. (A similar instance about Sai stirring the food can be recalled). Several years later, at a Gruhapravesam (House Warming Ceremony), Mother stirred the boiling contents of Payasam pot and it was photographed by several people. Here too Mother’s hands were not affected in the least.
  2. Once, Mother happened to fall into a well in an unconscious state. She remained there for three days as no one took notice of it and was brought out alive later.
  3. Scandals that were set afloat about her, surpassed human comprehension and some thought that her presence contaminated the atmosphere. As a consequence, most undeserving and unheard of punishments were meted out to her. But lethal weapons, flames and poisons could not hurt her and she came out of them in her pristine purity.
  4. The periods of Delivery also prove mysterious and each time she survived the test in greater glory. In the case of her second delivery, the still-born child remained in the womb for more than three days, by which time septic conditions set in. When she was finally taken to the hospital, arrangements were immediately made for the operation. The doctors believed that the operation also would be of no use and gave up the case as lost. Soon after, Mother delivered a still born baby and the doctors had to write in their records that it was a case of natural delivery. This incident if scientifically examined proves that nothing is impossible for Mother.
  5. On another occasion when Mother was admitted into hospital for treatment of Typhoid, the recovery was so sudden and quick that the then sister and Doctor at the Hospital (who were both Americans Dr. & Mrs. Jacob) suspected and had regular talks with her thereafter and could feel the Divinity. They were both blessed with insight and even now (i.e., 1961) they hold regular communion with her as in clairvoyance even from America. Grace was bestowed and the effect was immediate. This shows that emancipation, if to be given, does not take time: nor does it involve severe trials before either in this birth or previous births, conceived as deservedness in that this deservedness as well is not a thing to be gained but given. It depends mainly on Divine Purpose; perhaps they are needed to work for her in foreign countries.
  6. It has been observed several times, when she held talks on communication with men in different countries as Turkey, Greece, Italy etc., her explanations of the inhabitants, their dress, customs and even the colors of the soil and topography of the countries always fit in though she never read any of the History or Geography books.
  7. During her stay in Dwarakamai Hospital at Guntur, for her first delivery, she followed the trend of Doctor’s conversation about the delivery of another patient. They expected that she would deliver after 4 or 5 days. But Mother intervened and foretold that the delivery would take place that very night and a male child would be born. It proved to be right. But the doctors, in this case never suspected how she could predict it – probably it is not yet time for emancipation for this doctor, unlike Dr.Jacob.
  8. In her treatment at Vetapalem by Dr.Ranga Rao, he suspected that the case may fail if blood is not drawn out. In his trials no blood could be drawn into the syringe at first; but later, at her will perhaps, 4 pints of blood was drawn. Pregnant ladies may collapse; but the delivery of a still-born child was safe and Mother recovered easily. On another occasion, the same Doctor administered chloroform. It had no effect on her physical frame. But Mother kept silent. This time also all hopes were given up and relatives were informed accordingly. But within 15 minutes, she became alright and was making enquiries about them. The same doctor, by mistake once administered the intravenous injection of Solverson muscularly. We all know that if even a drop finds its way into the muscle there would be swelling and is likely to develop an abscess. But, in Mother’s case, the swelling was only slight and the swollen hand was alright in a couple of days.
  9. When Mother was staying at Tenali with her grandfather and maternal uncle, she once went to a cinema with her three children. One of them asked for a drink and so she hired a rickshaw to go home. She was wearing gold ornaments. The rickshaw puller was tempted by the gold. With an intention of doing away with her to take the gold, he took the rickshaw to a lonely place away from town and was preparing to do his job. However, one Mr.Sambaiah miraculously appeared there. He was known to both the rickshaw puller and Mother. He scolded the rickshaw puller and instructed him to take her home safely.
  10. At first there were feuds in Jillellamudi. Mother transformed the hearts of these people. Mother taught the uncultured youth, alphabets and Bhajans. She opened up social service by collecting a handful of rice from each house daily which she gave them when in need during off season so that the needy never felt the pangs of hunger. She impressed on them that serving man is the same as serving God as in the poem ‘Abu Ben Adam’.
  11. The surplus collection thus made was converted into cash and utilised to purchase a site where the foundations for a shelter (Mandiram) and a huge temple were laid. At present (in 1961) trials are being made to raise the choultry and the temple as well.

It is proper here to mention the name of Dr. A. Sithachalam of Kommur, who from the very beginning has been working for the construction of the temple setting at naught his personal earnings and physical health. He had for his associate Late Brahmaiah of Garikapadu and it is he who constructed the first Mandir (shelter) at Jillellamudi. Both, in conjunction, tried earlier for the choultry and laid concrete foundations. But there had developed a crack in it and the same can be seen even now (1961). Perhaps it was not the proper time for them. For the Doctor, the temple comes first and next himself. It speaks of his implicit faith in Mother and his self surrender. To his Mother is the summum bonum of his life.

Even in the matter of collections for Temple, Mother’s advice is to accept even one anna, by offering in return two annas. Her purpose is to allow as many contributions as possible, irrespective of denominations. The motto is “The Temple is of Beggars and the Deity within will serve alms”.

It may so occur that a rich Zamindar may come in and take up its entire construction. But it will not be allowed since it may give rise to egoism and vanity in him. Thus the construction is slowly going on. As to when it would be completed it is left to Mother and not for us to conjecture.

(….to be continued)

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