Some Thoughts

C G Westerlund
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 7
Month : October
Issue Number : 4
Year : 2008

On some Christian doctrines :

Most Christians teach that we are born in sin.

Amma would say: “We are born in Divinity / Spirit. It is HE (or SHE) that has made us “Bible – PSALM 100:3”

During hard times as in the battle of Armageddon the Holy spirit will leave the earth. (It might seem so)

But the Holy Spirit is always equally and fully omnipresent..

Throughout eternity All is contained in all always 

‘No one strays out of my lap’ says Amma of Jillellamudi. Hence all will be saved – No one will ever be eternally lost.

If God is all in all (as the Christian Bible says in I Corinthians

115:28). Who is lost and / or who is saved? Mother (Amma) the Hindu scripture in Vedas – All is BRAHMAN

Why I like the Hindu Philosophy better than the other religious philosophies. Because it (Hindu Philosophy) is all-inclusive; not proclaiming theirs is the only faith.

Jainism is also one of the highest Philosophies of harmlessness.

To love all and to despise none is the way to peace.

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