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Marakani Dinakar
Magazine : Viswajanani
Language : English
Volume Number : 15
Month : November
Issue Number : 4
Year : 2015

Source: Gopal Anniah

As we move down the memory lane, more than five decades ago, Jillellamudi, the veritable abode of AMMA is but a tiny village, replete with thatched cottages and farm lands. AMMA after getting into holy wedlock with Nannagaru (Sri Brahmandam Nageswarrao garu) set foot in this nondescript village and made HER dwelling spreading the unique, motherly radiance to all those around though the numbers were not as many as of now.

AMMA is being served and attended by a very close retinue that is led by Brothers Kondamudi Gopal Anniah, and Kondamudi Ramakrishna Anniah along with a few others near and dear who gathered around AMMA savoring her motherly love and affection. During those days, 1963-64, AMMA used to live in a thatched cottage and grace the devotees, deemed the ever adorable children.

The day being Sunday, Gopal Anniah, stayed on at Jillellamudi and sat before AMMA who is giving darshan. As he wished to fix his gaze steadily on AMMA for a while; a little later his gaze was focused on the big, conspicuous vermillion mark on AMMA’S countenance. Soon to his incredible surprise saw that the vermillion mark has begun to expand on its own. Slowly it grew up bit by bit in dimension covering all that is around. Very soon it covered the whole ambience, the entire environs and the whole that is seen, that he could see. As the expansion transcended all bounds, boundaries he delightfully found a glorious, magnificent vista of radiance that covered everything and truly all en-compassing.

This transition of the mega inclusion grew so boundless that only the void of the all covering space is touched. Just as Raju Bava sung in his lyric “You are but the void when continually focused or visualized.” (Choda Choda Kanapade Sunyameevuga).. Nonetheless this void shall not be construed as emptiness, but an infinite opportunity that includes and covers everything, anything and all that is, the visible, the invisible and all that exists.

Gopal Anniah is awed by such glorious vista and continues in that delightful state for a little while longer. Soon in his observation the transcendental vista has reduced itself gradually bit by bit and AMMA’S bright vermillion mark is resumed and very much in place as before. Unable to contain his joy, he immediately shared this singular experience with Ramakrishna Anniah, who was close by at the moment. Both presumed that the lady worshiping AMMA at that particular moment could be a pursuant or worshiper of ‘DEVI’ or verily a ‘DEVI UPASAKA’ of merit. Guessing so, both rushed to the lady and questioned her about this, who readily confirmed that she is a ‘DEVI UPASAKA’.

When Goipal Anniah was intent on knowing its spiritual significance, Rmakrishna Anniah advised him to know the same from AMMA. Gopal Anniah is overpowered and overwhelmed by this radiant, effulgent vista conferred graciously by AMMA on him. Unable to contain his joy, which was overflowing he neared AMMA once again.

AMMA, verily aware of his ecstatic state, questioned him, “What is it? You seem to be delighted?” (Emiti Nanna, Chala Anandam Lou unnavu?”). Gopal Anniah, unable to contain his joy, simply placed his head in AMMA’S lap. Though AMMA is only the cause of this experience, as usual I become a very detached self. Gopal Anniah re  -counted his glorious experience to AMMA. AMMA confirmed that Gopal Anniah in this vision could perceive the limited physical AMMA in HER boundless, limitless, cosmic, infinite form and glory.

Then Gopal Anniah responded that when Lord Krishna disclosed his cosmic form, all mountains, rivers, worlds, and species were seen. AMMA clarified that he has seen the limited AMMA in the physical form as the boundless, limitless and in HER infinite cosmic state. AMMA confirmed it is but depicting the entire creation as contained in the cosmic form. AMMA’S confirmation added much more to his joy.

Likewise, Gopal Anniah is also bestowed the very same vision of the cosmic form that is all pervasive, all permeating, and all inclusive without exception by AMMA. To clarify further, AMMA granted or blessed him with the very same cosmic vision (Viswa Darshanam or Viswa Roopam) as that Lord Krishna has bestowed on Arjuna.

This did not cease at that. Gopal Anniah asked AMMA that Lord Krishna granted the vision of cos- mic form to the warrior Arjuna for a purpose; what is the purpose in granting this vision to him at that juncture. AMMA simply conveyed that SHE was inclined to grant him such a vision and bestowed the same on him, regardless of the reason or situation. Or more simply put is causeless; a singular expression of AMMA’S causeless, boundless grace.

Yet, for the sake of spiritual interpretation AMMA many a time pronounced that AMMA is not merely the ONE sitting on the cot in Jillellamudi but is all over; all inclusive and all pervasive without exception. Perception of such infinite presence or the boundless, all inclusive cosmic form is but VISWA DARSHANAM or looking at the VISHWAROOPAM The all over timeless, ceaseless, endless, cosmic form and presence that is if at all one is fortunate to witness, is a rare once in a time unique experience, which may not be likely even in several lifetimes or repeated life spans of the individual. Thus Gopal Anniah is truly blessed.

Furthermore, the doubtless emerging conclusion, confirmation of this episode is that AMMA is the supreme infinite, timeless cosmic self. AMMA is verily the Athman, Paramathman, Brahman and the Parabrahman all in one fusion as Brother Raju extolled and sung in quite a few of his sonorous, profound lyrics. That is the supreme self of AMMA, “NENU NENINA NENU”. The summation of all that exists and the consolidation of this entire existence; and is inclusive of all its entities.

Our inquiry shall not cease at this. The radiant vermillion mark on AMMA’S countenance which vibrantly expanded in Gopal Anniah’s vision that of ten arrests everyone’s attention is verily the central spot, the BINDU.

Such a  meaningful, profound concept of the BINDU, has become the central spot which expands into concentric rings in the LOGO of our Sri Viswajanani Parishat. This vista or perception forms the rudiments or the genesis of our Parishat’s LOGO which evolved later on. This concept of the LOGO is already dealt with in complete detail in these columns in the month of June 2015. Hence needs no further elaboration. This is the genesis or the inspiration behind our LOGO.

The crux of the message or the onus for the aspirant either in this experience or in the interpretation of the LOGO, the individual shall reach the infinite divine through the petty self, the frail, finite form, beseeching AMMA’S boundless grace and savoring AMMA’S copious motherly love. His journey through the name form ridden format of the world shall be so unidirectional towards timeless truth. Pray AMMA GRACE us to forge ahead in this direction.

(Adapted under grateful acknowledgement from the article ‘VISHWAROOPA SANDARSHANAM’ by Gopal Anniah (K.B.G.K.Murthy) in his book ‘TATHWA DARSANAM’.)

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