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Sri Hymavathi Devi’s Birthday Celebrations

Dr Tangirala Simhadri Sastry
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 13
Month : January
Issue Number : 1
Year : 2013

In Jillellamudi

Sri Hymavathi Devi’s birthday as per the lunar calendar falls on Kartheeka Bahula Shashti and this year it happened to be on the 5th December. The birthday this year happens to be her 70th and as such assumes special significance (in the Hindu tradition, the 60th, 70th and 80th birthdays are considered very significant and special in one’s life). That being so, Her Birthday Celebrations this year have been up on a grand scale.

The celebration preceded, as in the previous years, by collective performance of “Hymavathi Janayithri Vratham❞ commencing on 28th November (Kartheeka Pournami) and ending on 5th December. Many enthusiastic and interested married women participated daily in this function.

Since 1979, a tradition has been started in Jillellamudi, wherein collective recitation of “Sri Lalitha Sahasranamam❞ ten thousand times (Koti Naamaarchana) is done by a few hundreds of people who gather there for the occasion. The recitation which commenced at 09:00am generally stretches beyond 06:00pm for completion and to reach the target. This year the target was reached even before 06:00pm and to everybody’s delight and contentment the target even exceeded by nearly five lakhs. Sri B. Ramabrahmam, former President SVJP and Sri M. Dinaker, the present President lauded the efforts made by everyone, particularly the students and staff of the Matrusri Oriental College (MOC) and complimented them for the grand success of this program

Simultaneously, commencing at 08:30am another important event took place in Anasuya Swaralayam to coincide with this celebration. A book in Telugu, titled “Srivaari Charana Sannidhi ” and authored by Smt. Brahmandam Vasundhara was released.

The book describes different events that took place in Jillellamudi on different occasions during the Divine presence of Amma in physical form. While the book was released by Sri B. Ravindra Rao, Sri M. Sreemannarayana Murty, Lecturer in the MOC gave a brief review of the book, praising the qualities of Smt. Vasundhara as the chosen consort of Divine Mother and recalling the services she rendered in the abode of the Mother. The program was conducted by Sri PSR Anjaneya Prasad. Another event that took place was the release of Hyma’s calendar for the New Year 2013, got printed and offered in obeisance to Sri Hymavathi Devi by Sri Potturi Prema Gopal of Hyderabad. The calendar was also released by Sri B. Ravindra Rao and distributed to a few of the devotees who gathered there in the temple.

A Devotional program of chanting of Amma’s Naamam that has been going on for the preceding 40 days (called Mandalam) has come to conclusion on the morning of 5th December. Hyma’s Birthday. Many Bhajan groups from different villages in the neighborhood including the local groups from Jillellamudi participated in this sacred program. The participants of this program were honored with new clothes by the management of SVJP.

A very special event to be highlighted this year was the one conceived and implemented by Sri J.V.B. Sastry of Nidadavolu in celebration of Sri Hymavathi Devi’s 70th Birthday. It consisted of performing a Puja to Hyma with one lakh bangles by over 100 married women (Bangles are considered one of the very auspicious adornments of married women in the Hindu tradition). The bangles were distributed among these married women along with other items for Puja including a picture of Hyma set in a frame. Collective Puja was performed to these pictures of Hyma by these women sitting in a pandal while the couple Smt. and Sri J.V.B. Sastry performed the Puja to the main Deity in the sanctum.

A grand conclusion to the celebrations came in the form of offering 70 varieties of edible items to Sri Hymavathi Devi to coincide with her 70th birthday during night in the Hymaalayam and performing collective Puja to her. Later, all the devotees were treated to a sumptuous dinner.

In Hyderabad

It has been more or less a tradition to celebrate Hymavathi Jayanthi in Dr. T.S. Sastry’s residence in Hyderabad for the past several years and this was being done as per the actual date of birth, 18th November for the past few years, while this was being done in Jillellamudi as per the Lunar calendar. So, this year also the birthday has been celebrated at his residence. As this happens to be Sri Hymavarhi Devi’s 70th Birthday, considered very significant, special efforts have been made to celebrate it on a grander scale. Since it also happened to be a Sunday this time, it afforded to plan accordingly. So, the celebration was planned to be held in the morning hours and as such, the celebration was in the form of performing puja to Hymavathi Devi with Lalitha Laksha Naamaarachana and other Sthothrams.

The function was held in the first floor of the residence inviting all the local devotee brothers and sisters. More than one hundred people participated in the celebration. Sri Hymavathi Devi occupied a beautifully decorated dais and the puja commenced at around 9.30. am. Smt. Anasuya, helped by Sri Vatsalya Murty, made special efforts to decorate the dais and the hall beautifully. Lalitha Laksha Naamaarchana was performed to Hymavathi Devi, followed by puja with Lalitha Ashtothara Shatha Naamaavali and Hymavathi Ashtothara Shata Naamaavali. The puja concluded with traditional ways of Maha Naivedyam, Haarathi and Manthrapushpam. At the end of the program, all the brothers and sisters were treated to a sumptuous lunch, to the delight and satisfaction of everyone.

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