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Tales from Jillellamudi for Children

Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 2
Month : April
Issue Number : 2
Year : 2003

(A new series intended exclusively for children is being started with this issue and is written by Sri Chaganti Venkata Rao of Kakinada at our request and we thank him for this contribution – Editor)


These tales are intended for children only, and not for adults. The present generation knows Mother too intimately. Editor ‘Usha’ was kind enough to ask me to send some episodes concerning Mother for the benefit of children here and abroad. It is an excellent suggestion. I felt it had come from Mother herself as a command to put to good use; the little energy left in me in the fading hours of my life, after a pretty long period of illness from which I returned to breathe once again the fresh breeze of Amma’s Grace. I am now blessed with an opportunity to recapitulate the sweet, old memories associated with my service at Mother’s feet for over a decade-and-a-half (from the 15th July 1970, my first visit to Mother, to the 12th June 1985, Amma’s Maha Samadhi) during which period I observed from close proximity several thousands of pilgrims visit Mother with their tales of woes and problems and seek solace. Every problem was solved and every anguish silenced. Those that came with tears went back smiling with a new courage to face the battle of life. No one was disappointed. That was Mother’s alchemy of love. I once again thank the Editor for communicating Mother’s behest to a poor me, a humble seeker.

I earnestly expect young mothers to draw inspiration from the blessed, immortal mothers of Shivaji and Mahatma Gandhi and enthuse their children to imbibe the spirit of Amma’s message to grow to be brave and ideal citizens. Truly, it is said that the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. May all mothers remember this and cheerfully shoulder the sacred responsibility to make this earth a better place to live on.

Let us now walk gently into the Hall of Prayer.

Let us Pray:

Dear sweet little angels,

You are the wealth of this good Earth. You are the hope of mankind. The future is in your hands. On you rest the peace, harmony and prosperity of the world in the years to come.

Before we proceed with the Tales, let us pause for a while to pray and thank the Almighty for the very good things He has given us. like the earth, Sun, air, water etc.. so that we live in perfect comfort. He charges no fees for all these! Does He? He maintains wonderful discipline over the whole Universe, visible and invisible, from a blade of grass to the farthest star, with no disharmony anywhere. Is it not a wonder that the sun and air never take a holiday? Does the earth relax and stop spinning? Have you pondered over these bewildering facts? No. You have not. Do so now. Quietly bow to him in solemn gratitude.

Lives of Great Men:

You must have heard of many great men from your parents and teachers. Haven’t you? They are immortal. They may belong to any age, but their memories will live forever in golden letters in the pages of history.

Lives of great men constantly remind us that we can also make our lives sublime. While departing, they leave behind them their footprints on the sands of Time, for the guidance of the following generations. All we need is to faithfully follow their footprints, emulate their virtues, so that we do not go astray and get lost in the wilderness of the world.

You must have heard of Sri Rama and Sri Krishna. Their names are always on the lips of your parents; also of Gautama Buddha, Mahaveera, Jesus, Adi Shankara, Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and many, many more. They will be remembered forever. You should be proud that you are the inhabitants of the same earth, which they once adorned with their divine qualities.

They are always with us in one form or the other. Swami Vivekananda said that the world is never without them. They come repeatedly to awaken mankind to its spiritual heritage and glory.

The Advent of Amma:

You will now hear about the famous JILLELLAMUDI AMMA, a unique phenomenon, illuminating the galaxy of spiritual giants. It is our good fortune that she chose to live amongst us in the very recent past.

Amma was born in a middle-class brahmin family on the 28th. March, 1923 in a small village called Mannava in Guntur district of the state of Andhra Pradesh in India. Sri Mannava Seetapathi Sarma was her father. He was the village officer (called Karanam) of Mannava. Her mother was Smt. Rangamba, a saintly woman and an ideal housewife. Mother was married to her maternal aunt’s son Sri Brahmandam Nageswara Rao, who later became the Karanam of Jillellamudi, a neighboring village. It was from this otherwise insignificant village that Amma’s fame spread far and wide as a unique personality, beckoning mankind to listen to her message of love and selflessness. Though Mother was christened as ANASUYA by her parents, she became most popular as “JILLELLAMUDI AMMA”, because everyone loves her as his or her own mother, and She loved everyone as Her own child.

Now then, you will know more about Amma in the forthcoming issues.

In the meanwhile, may Amma bless you with good health and wisdom to listen to great things in life.

– (To be continued)

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