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Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 17
Month : October
Issue Number : 4
Year : 2018

Gentle, Unassuming, Soft spoken, always helpful Sri Nadendla

Lakshmana Rao garu, the Vice-President of Sri Viswajanani Parishat passed away on 30th September 2018. Synchronous with his nature, the end came so softly, most unassumingly and unexpectedly. He chaired the Executive Committee Meeting of Sri Viswajanani Parishat as acting President on that fateful day. Delivering the Presidential address to the Committee, and in service of Amma, he collapsed suddenly.

Brother Sri Lakshmana Rao and Smt Bhramaramba are the ideal pair living in Jillellamudi as their permanent residence for the past almost four decades. After his retirement from Bank of Baroda as Officer, he settled down in Jillellamudi and spent the rest of his life in the service of Amma. He served the Organization in different capacities as Treasurer, Organizing Secretary, Resident Secretary and Vice President. He managed the finances of the Organization so well, controlling the expenditure in an expert manner and built the Corpus Fund to a comfortable level during his stint as Resident Secretary.

Sri Lakshmana Rao garu was a good singer. True to his nature, his singing was also so mellifluous, so absorbing taking the listener to a different world.

Sri Lakshmana Rao couple was childless. Amma gave them the unique comfort stating that She is their child. The Universal Mother, The Divine Mother Amma thus became a child in the family of Sri Nadendla Lakshmana Rao garu as Lord Sri Krishna to Nanda and Yashoda. How fortunate the couple are.

Brother Lakshmana Rao garu, we simply cannot forget you. We miss you so much.

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