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Marakani Dinakar
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 6
Month : January
Issue Number : 1
Year : 2006

During our association with AMMA at Jillellamudi, quite a few of us could have had very close tender moments with AMMA. Those are such precious moments, when we could fortunately receive AMMA’S affection as an individual. Indeed these are priceless and ought to be treasured, cherished for the lifetime and if need be and possible, shall be conveyed to posterity.

Although when we pass through such rare times, often they appear fleeting and seem to matter for the time being. In essence they are far reaching in their significance, simply because every moment with AMMA is of impact for times to come for the individual.

In the year 1973, my stay at Jillellamudi was unduly extended, on some pretext or other connected with Amma’s Golden Jubilee celebrations, i.e., Swarna Utsav. Fortunately, I could be of service in several aspects of the function to my utmost satisfaction.

This was my first long stay at Jillellamudi and I got quite used to the place and in the process got intensely attached to Amma. Taking leave of Amma was very difficult and it was a really poignant moment in life. Amma showered boundless intense love and it was very touching for either..

After the usual preliminaries, Amma suddenly got up and opened the steel bureau in Her AC Room. She gestured to the widely open bureau – told me to pick up any cloth of my choice. Saying so, She pulled out quite a few immediately and felt that none were really suitable..

I refrained from taking out the cloth and humbly submitted that any cloth given by Her is indeed too valuable or invaluable for me. Finally after much deliberation, She picked up one light green cotton trouser piece and two shirt cloths of light earthy hue. She gave all three to me, still feeling that those clothes were not the right choice for my regular formal wear.

Of the two shirt pieces, I observed later that one is too small. Looking back, I realize that this indicated the subsequent arrival or birth of my son in the year 1975 July, which again is a different story, to be shared later. I got the clothes stitched for myself by an exclusive tailor in the twin cities and wore the same on most formal occasions; to the point I was questioned by others around as to why I am wearing the same.

A few years later in 1977, I moved to Bapatla, on official posting. As a way of redoing or recompense, SHE again fussed about my clothes, saying that they should be my position. Though I was putting off the same for obvious reasons, She again got me clothes. Opening the packets, seeing the same at home, I was so touched that I broke down and shed tears. This is an understatement, sobbed uncontrollably, as this love moved me to the core. Verily receiving such goodness made me cry – ala AMMA “It is only goodness in others that makes us cry” – this quote was my true experience. It is touching to recall, She used to feel the fabric whether it was soft enough for me whenever I presented before Her in those clothes.

This did not cease at that. When I was given the responsibility of the Parishat in 1981, after my resignation, Amma was concerned about my entire wardrobe, this time again.

This concern for my dress continued and once She assured me that I will be getting better and better clothes. This lingered on with me; in the sense, that even in my long stay in Mumbai, I was intuitively prompted to visit a shop even though not intended, where the cloth or dress of my choice used to prop up suddenly.

This could be endless to recount. But the points of significance for the devout are the slightest thought of AMMA towards the individual is a bounteous blessing. This could be observed in so many aspects. Given the time and opportunity, I wish to humbly present the same.

Further, any seeming or even the slightest association with AMMA lives on with the individual although unawares. It will be a wonderful or more delightful mode for each one to recount such glimpses and observe the same over the lifetime.

[Brothers are requested to disregard the personal element and view the experience. Thought it is worthwhile presenting such moments which could be of value to one and all]

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