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Editorial Note – (The Abiding Tranquility in Turmoil is Samadhi)

Prof M Sivaramakrishna
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 13
Month : January
Issue Number : 1
Year : 2014

Sister : Living in Samsara. I am getting disturbed by many worries. I feel helpless, what should I do?

Mother: Don’t do anything. Just imagine that what all you do is what he has given.

Sister : I am worried about that, in fact, I am unable to do anything.

Mother : Earlier you felt all that. Forget it now. You feel anxious because you think that you are worrying that is why you have come here. You imagine that you are doing all those things, therefore, you are worried. Even your coming here has the same reason.

Devotee: Once you have the darshan of Mother, all this will disappear and the mind will be at peace.

Mother: If we can think that we are doing his service it is his service or the work given to us by him. In fact, he created a doll and gave it to you; and you are serving that. In this universe, is there anything different from what he gives? Isn’t all that is His? And whatever you thought about all this, previously, is indeed, Sadhana. You then realize that all that you did, has come to fruition now.

Devotee: They say that by Sadhana one can experience the joy of self-realization…

Mother: “Such and such things are there; they do exist”. Such talk is hollow, baseless. When he created this beautiful universe and we see all this with our own eyes, why should we assume that there is something more and search for it? Suppose, you decide not to see more (of this creation) and close your eyes, what can you see? Darkness is the only thing existing, when you close your eyes. It is “Catch IT with the mind”. What is That that the mind sees? (experiences).

Devotee: Peace, tranquility

Mother: Suppose you suddenly see a radiant light. It is alright so long as you see it. After such seeing, isn’t everything the same as before?. That state which is embedded and abides in you, at all time and in all states is SAMADHI. It is the state in which the mind feels totally at home and happy. OK: Let us say you still want to do some Sadhana. Let us look at it this way; suppose you are given a rosary, and a mantra. explained the significance of the sacred letters and asked to do japa. By reciting, uttering those letters with your mind (Consciousness), those letters get transformed into a mantra. Moreover, since you are repeating those letters (Varnamala) with your mind (Consciousness), your mind itself is a mantra. All letters are vibrant sounds. Thus, the mind itself is the seed (bija). The letter (Akshara) itself is recognized by the sound and therefore, it is beeja, the seed. In short, recognition through the sound does not allow (or conceive) any other existence than itself.

Sister: My doubts are getting dissolved. I now realize that even when living in samsara one can surely pursue one’s sadhana.

Mother: I have many households. Don’t I have a Samsara- myself?.

The devotees spent some more time with Mother. They sought some details about the Shivaratri Celebrations the next day. Mother advised them to do abhishekam. Then they took leave of Mother declaring. “Mother! our knots are cut asunder! (Conversation No. 92).

Before I record some comments, I would like to inform readers that Sri T.S. Sastry is selecting the passages Something which he can do with real inwardness with Mother’s subtleties of conversations. I thank him for this inestimable help. 


Three aspects emerge from this conversation: First, the worry which all of us have that we are unable to do Sadhana adequately, Second, the resultant mental restlessness. Third, what a state of mind which is free from these two – in short, what that tranquil state is.

Mother answers all the three in her typically disarming clarity. For, the first worry is traced to the delusion that we are ourselves doing. Sadhana, or for that matter anything. What HE assigns we execute. That includes our worries also. And once we get rid of doership the worry disappears, Surrender to His/ Her will is what is needed. If he creates worry, it is the energy of the mind which gets directed wrongly. The same energy directed properly frees us from worry. Or, rather, the second aspect. The mind gets rid of the overall restlessness of not doing anything. Moreover, Mother draws attention to the beautiful universe that God has created becomes dark. The reason is that the nature of mind itself splits the dualistic world in which we live. How do we overcome this? By a mind transcending the dualities, Not by splitting and choosing one and rejecting another.

Mind – management through meditation is the clue. In this respect too, we need to import nothing from outside. In a staggering conclusion, Mother affirms that when we, for instance, recite the mantra, the focussed, undistracted mind itself is the mantra; that state is there abiding in us, irrespective of all limitations. If its abidance is unwavering, no worry exists. The mantra’s real self is in our mind and nowhere else and in our case, can we clinch the issue by remembering that Mother is the Supreme being who makes us do all that we do.

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