V S R Moorty
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 21
Month : July
Issue Number : 3
Year : 2022

It May be possible to know the Shastras by Amma’s grace but it is impossible to know Amma through the Shastras.

In fact, trying to know Amma is a futile exercise. Essentially Amma is to be experienced! Experiencing as enjoying Ammaness. Ammaness is the real ‘Tattva’ which means it is Atma Tattva. Thus knowing Amma is knowing Atma. They say that the origin of a river and Rishi should not be explored. Similarly trying to find out the origin of Amma is of no consequence. In order to search and hold, we have a basis. If we can hold on to it, we too can become ‘Jivanmuktas’. (Liberated while living). As long as we keep firmly holding that one which is not to be held and as long as we keep asking some one to hold us along with what we held, we are bound! “I am not concerned with your acts. I am only the witness”… These words were uttered by Lord Krishna and echoed by Amma. As such the ‘Tattvam’ is the same! There is no change. Then why we need all of them, including Amma? Why because, it is to know our self, to live in that awareness, to take our lives to fruition and to enlighten many other lives. In order to show a path and to confirm that it is a correct and safe path and for that alone we need them.

The path shown by Amma

What is the path indicated by Amma? What did she tell? What did she teach? Did she live what she preached? Only when we get answers to these questions, Amma will be more or less understood. Only then our real journey starts. Instead of keeping on asking Amma for the trivial, getting favors, enjoying them and again and again asking… does it become Sadhana? It is only a mental play before faith sprouts. After all what kind of path Amma indicated! She showed us what she had seen! Since the path and goal of all ways is Brahman, since she did not perceive anything other than Brahman, the path shown by Amma is the path for liberation! That means path for salvation! It also means a way unbounded. What ever the bondages… overcoming all of them and crossing the mind… if they can be seen apart, that is ‘Mukti’ (absolute freedom). Mukti is when ‘Moha’ (desire) is gone.

If this state could be achieved while living, it is Yoga of ‘Nirvanam’. This is not a state after death. In this path all are yours. You belong to every one. Is there any exalted state than feelings of harmony, equal outlook and equipoise? No. This is the path shown by Amma. That is why the path of Amma who treated every one as her child and who declared her house as the ‘House of All’ is the real path. “What ever you have, share it with others” is a great teaching signifying that sharing is to be preferred to storing. Giving away is good but there is subtle ‘Sattvic’ ego in it. The ability to share unconditionally, comes if one is egoless. The former is in the human purview while the latter belongs to the bounteous divine plane. It is heart-felt. That is why Amma said “Every one is eating his food here!’ It is a classic example of non-doer ship and percept and practice go hand in hand.

‘Yes’ to all is great Mantra

If we say ‘yes’ beforehand, differences and unnecessary painful situations get evened out and daily chores run in a cordial atmosphere. Instead, if we say ‘No’ in the beginning it self, then pain arises and the outcome concludes tragically. The divine saying “I am that I am” indicates Amma abiding in the Self. The ‘l’ appearing as the body, the ‘1’ which has become the entire creation and the real existence as ‘T’… these words are indicative of Amma’s state transcending the three states of existence, three states of qualities and the three states of Time. It also cautions us to recognize the exalted and glorious state of Amma transcending the three aspects – form, feeling and essence.

Amma did what she told

“What you thought will not happen. Whatever is your lot can not be avoided” – This great sentence evolved out of Amma’s life which is profound and vast like the sea. Waves of disturbances, showers of tears, sprinkles of experiences which are born in her bosom – all were absorbed by Amma! The incidents in the life of Amma reveal that she was not overwhelmed, depressed or elated even under extreme circumstances. She is the supreme representative of the cosmic radiance through an earthly garb.

We can not discover the origin of Amma by Mantras, Yantras or Tantras. Being the very basis and occupying place of universal mother even to the gods and goddesses, she is the great divine force behind the Bijaksharas. ‘Am.. Aa’, the root Bija of Amma is the Maha Mantra. Treating the entire creation as her child and giving compassionate solace to crores of people; the very movement of Amma in this world is an astounding Tantra. With out moving from her place she moved the world towards her, to an edifice brimming with affection and love. This is Maha Yantra. If we, in our adulation, praise Amma as Sri Lalita Devi or Maha Tripura Sundari or Sri Raja Rajeswari, the forms of goddesses we imagine, it is but a self-serving concept only to give us happiness. It is a poetic imagination and imaginary picture bound by our limited understanding. This entire endeavor is like trying to put vermillion on the image in the mirror in the real one’s presence! So, without making any announcement about changing the individual or the society a noble transformation was brought about during the life and times of Amma like a silent musical note. Affection, humanism and divinity flowed softly and subtly through the compassionate Mother of All. In the remote village Jillellamudi where she lived, Amma brought about equality and cohesion among different communities. Amma is truly a ‘Rasa Siddha’ and ‘Swayam Siddha’.

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