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Marakani Dinakar
Magazine : Viswajanani
Language : English
Volume Number : 15
Month : October
Issue Number : 3
Year : 2015

Contrary to the conventional thinking, divinity is not confined to the temple only. Nor is the GOD contained in the icon of worship in the sanctum alone. GOD and GODLINESS are far too elaborate and wider, far reaching entities or much more so the completion of this entire existence. Very simply put, GOD is the integrated whole of all that is and that exists. To convey this attribute it is proper to recall the stanza that reads “Poornamadam, Poornamidam…Om! Shanthi…….. as cited in the ISAVASYOPANISHAD.

Well granting this fact, or for knowing this truth how does the ordinary person, the layman understand and appreciate this abiding feature of divinity. Here again the answer is the very same GOD shall bestow such experience to drive home the point to the subject, so that it gets firmly placed in the individual’s psyche.

This is conveyed to the spiritual aspirant as he moves ahead on the path and the awareness deepens. This truth of the universal divinity that abounds all over and is all permeating shall be registered within when grace wills or confirms the same.

To illustrate and confirm this faith shall recall one very recent episode that occurred in Chirukuru, the suburb of Hyderabad. During the month of October 2014 had to follow Brother Y.V.Sriramamurthy on some personal work beyond, yet very near the village Chirukuru.. On completion of the work, in the return journey, he suggested that we see the Balaji Temple, in Cherukuru, as we are passing by the same way for which I agreed. Even before entering the temple, as suggested by him, both of us bought coconuts to be offered in the sanctum.

There was a huge congregation circumambulating the temple outside, as this particular Balaji Shrine is well known as the wish fulfilling temple, in particular securing the American Visa. This is the popular, widely known belief. We were advised to deviate from that gathering and take a right turn into the temple, to enter the sanctum and bow the LORD VENKATESWARA.

On the way from the outside, near the outer wall there is a place indicated for breaking the coconuts; but the spot is unmanned, nor could I find any such activity near such a sign board. Not knowing what to do, we carried the coconuts inside the sanctum. When the same were offered in the inner sanctum, the priest refused to accept the offered coconuts and we are left with little choice but to come out with the unbroken coconut in the given situation.

I was a little set back in the immediate moment of the priest’s refusal not knowing the further course ahead. I was not able to understand how to deal with this situation. These thoughts started fleeting in my mind soon after the priest refused the coconuts offered.

In the immediate moment, the sachet containing the coconuts dropped from my hand without any specific intent or to be more precise as if inadvertently. It has dropped from my hands at a level of less than three feet. Quite surprisingly, one of the coconuts broke or split into two halves and the water within the coconut spilled outside just before the inner sanctum or the sanctum sanctorum (Garbha Gudi) where the idol of worship is consecrated and installed.

This took me by pleasant surprise totally for two reasons. Firstly my inner ambiguity is resolved with complete satisfaction as the coconut offering took place very much within the inner sanctum and very much near or before the idol where it is the usual practice to offer the same. Secondly the coconut water too spilled at the very same spot that is not expected or intended at all. Further there was  not a moment’s respite within my inner dilemma and the coconut breaking by itself on its own.

For me, this can only be attributed to AMMA’S GRACE alone and no other cause can be imputed because of the precise timing, coincidence of the inner thought and the external happening. The reason being the strong suggestion and experience that AMMA or HER divinity is everywhere and all over.

Further, AMMA is ever the caring, loving mother of the child to interfere or cover up where needed at the precise moment, as also the spot, regardless of the time and place. Experience strongly suggests that AMMA is all over and abounds all around us, covering up this entire ambience and much more so our existence as a whole.

Now let us get back to the initial premise of the divinity or god being the ‘ONE’ and ‘ONLY ONE’, how does it explain itself in the context of various forms being bowed to and worshiped.

Very true  reaffirm and confirm this timeless truth, verily GOD is the ‘ONE’, though manifestations vary because of the multiple facets and needs of the devotee in the given social order or the particular life position or the existence, and the environs. The forms of worship as evident are multiple, but the inner essence of divinity is one and the same with little exception, that is all inclusive and all pervasive.

Here in the given context, AMMA pronounced that motherhood covers and includes the entire existence. MOTHER is endless, limitless and boundless. Yet HER reach to the children may vary in relation to the time and context.

To elaborate further, my personal experience suggests that AMMA’S presence could be felt and found in various other shrines, like the Mahalakshmi Temple, Siddhi Vinayak in Mumbai, Sai Baba temple in Dallas, Texas and so on. In each of these shrines, one could witness and experience the presence of AMMA.

In the case of AMMA, she declared that gods too are HER children and SHE adorned the toe rings with inscribed divine forms to substantiate this fact. These toe rings were immersed in the sanctum sanctorum, at the time of AMMA’S consecration in June 1985, in ANASUYA SWARALAYAM.

Further, AMMA graciously proclaimed for our edification and understanding that the numerous GODS too are HER offspring. Thereby GODS too are deemed our siblings by virtue of the fact that AMMA is the Universal Mother. Such is the overwhelming concept of AMMA’S MOTHERHOOD, which includes the mortals, immortals and the entire existence.

When we are continually, ceaselessly mindful of AMMA this universal synergy across the divine pantheon and AMMA becomes self – explicit to us in our inner perception.

It verily dawns within the little self and consciousness AMMA is placed on the supreme pedestal of divinity that shall never be scaled up or accessed ordinarily, unless HER GRACE bestows such understanding, perception and virtual comprehension.

Pray AMMA grace us in revealing HERSELF to us lesser mortals.

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