The Cause

Marakani Dinakar
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 6
Month : July
Issue Number : 3
Year : 2006

(Carelessness is the Cause – AMMA)

“Akaaraname Kaaranam” AMMA

Creation and the cosmos are endless, ceaseless and eternal. Numerous theories are put forth expounding the origin of the universe. Some said, in a motion of incalculable velocity, a piece of a giant mass broke off, and gradually settled as the earth.

A few others explained that a big bang or an unimaginable explosion gave birth to the earth and other planets. Some others propounded the theory that the earth was initially a gaseous mass, which over a period of time, slowly cooled off, giving rise to water and then life evolved..

Well, each theory is only a partial truth or at best an analytical conjecture, based on empirical observation of accessible data embedded in the remote, distant, countless past in the infinite passage of time. None of these expositions can. precisely identify the cause for the emergence of the earth or the known universe. Each is groping in the unknown alleys of time and at best tends to be a very limited rational proposition.

The moment we dwell on the cause, effect follows in its wake and it will be a series of actions. But in the origin, or at the very beginning, how does the one cause that started all this emanates, and what is its raison d’etre. Here there is muted silence and no acceptable reason comes forth or suggests itself, despite the best of efforts. Precisely, the prime cause has no cause. Therefore, “Carelessness is the cause” as decreed by AMMA.

Likewise, if we explain the individual lot as a consequence of karma, and we move along the karmic chain, we arrive at a point of beginning; from where no cause is obtained. At the very beginning the cause is nonexistent or not possible to discern. The karmic cause and effect also cease at a point and the question of prime cause arises, not suggesting any solution.

In terms of the quantum laws of physics, matter constantly changes, but does not destroy itself. So it is a continuous process of metamorphosis or never ending change. Granting this premise, the origin of matter and the beginning of the process of this mega, infinite change needs to be explained, which is confronting an insurmountable bloc.

Any cause and effect equations or series of changes are discerned or deciphered from a known point only and nothing can explain the reality or the causation of that reality, beyond the known point, from where rational exposition begins or looks the other way ceases.

This defies our understanding and defeats rational exposure. Recourse is only a mute acceptance of the infinite reality in abject surrender. Some unknown force at a supra rational level apparently for the believer, and presumably for the skeptic or agnostic, caused the creation and its infinite continuity over time.

The devout tend to explain it, the infinite reality as ordained. by a divine force. In its crux, divinity is the causation, to explain the vast limitless life force that finds vent in multiple countless forms. Humans are but a tiny particle of this boundless, limitless cosmic expression.

The very human being when goes about his ordained lot, and tries reasoning it, explanation ceases, as we already observed, after a point beyond the karmic cause and effect. Simply because, the prime cause or the first karma of the individual does not beget any explanation.

The individual is intrigued by this speculation and the mind troubled, not finding adequate testimony within known realms. starts groping in the dark. It will be comforting to seek recourse in the supra rational force or anchoring one self in divine grace. Reasoning of any kind stops at a point and does not offer the much-needed comfort in life’s course. Limitations of reason are not too distant to seek.

If so, in tangible terms, the cause for divinity is nonexistent, though experienced intangibly. But for all purposes, divinity does exist. It is said to be infinite, ubiquitous, and ceaseless. Thus, the being finds solace in accepting that “carelessness is the cause”. It well behooves the lesser self to live and exist in surrender to the divine, for GRACE offers solace and soothes the soul in the mundane course. Also because the other options superficially appear reasonable, but in essence br in deep quest, tend to be far too remote. Only AMMA’S aphorism of uselessness being the cause is comforting and soothing to the troubled being.

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