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Magazine : Matrusri English
Language : English
Volume Number : 1
Month : July
Issue Number : 2
Year : 1966

[In this feature, we place before the readers, the profound yet lucid statements that Mother has made in the course of her discussions with her devoted children. The explanatory notes are intended for the non Telugu speaking readers and are our awn and not Mother’s. – EDITOR]

  1. I am not the guide and and ye are not the pilgrims; I am not the master and ye are not the disciples; I am the Mother and ye are the offspring.
  2. Reality itself is my state.
  3. I am the Beginning and I am the End.
  4. My life is boundless and my history, limited.
  5. My story is a priceless story.
  6. My state is one of KNOWLEDGE-IGNORANCE
  7. What I know is not known.
  8. (My) Mother’s name is ADHARA and (my) father’s name is AVAKASA”.
  9. I cannot be KNOWN; ye know make myself intelligible to you. me only when
  10. My community is that of SHUKLA AND SHONITA
  11. Creation is without Beginning and (is) Mine.
  12. When I do not discriminate between qualities, where is the discrimination between Castes?
  13. What is of Universal acceptance is my Religion (Way).
  14. Anasuya means one who is above Raga and Dwesha.
  15. Darkness is like confusion; Light is like Knowledge.
  16. Illusion vanishes through Illusion only.
  17. Time is one but experiences might differ.

Foot Notes

  1. The phrase is coined to denote the perfection of Jnana which finds all as itself and the consequent ignorance of anything that seems to us to be different from it i.e. the state that is above knowledge and Ignorance and which includes both.

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