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Magazine : Matrusri English
Language : English
Volume Number : 1
Month : March
Issue Number : 10
Year : 1967
  1. Dedicating a mind free from blemishes, in a pure manner to another is real marriage.
  2. To know the Heart there is no need for words.
  3. The conduct of man is not based on the nine planets but is based on the two planets of desire and hatred. The root of both is the “I”.
  4. There is no Teacher greater than circum stances
  5. What is done for one’s own sake springs from desire; what is done for the sake of others constitutes sacrifice.
  6. Real ellucidation is that which needs no correction.
  7. Pain is that which one cannot put up with.
  8. All sounds are Pranava; all Sound is the music of Self
  9. It is not birth that should be controlled; the husband must be controlled.
  10. Death means forgetfulness.

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