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Marakani Dinakar
Magazine : Viswajanani
Language : English
Volume Number : 14
Month : September
Issue Number : 2
Year : 2014

Oftentimes, while working in Jillellamudi the person undergoes a typical experience. That is, at times even the most difficult tasks happen by themselves or so to say by default. Some other times, even the simplest work becomes far too difficult, seeming beyond human capability. Sometimes it does not get done too though apparently well within our competence. This is so despite repeated earnest attempts by the individual.

For the person with an executive mindset or much corporate exposure this is intriguing, if not perplexing. Well the reasons for such undoing are well beyond the person himself. If we look incisively into such instances, there appears to be some other causation. After the exposure of well over four decades in serving AMMA and Jillellamudi, everything happens at its time or ordained moment. The entire process unfolds in tune with AMMA’S preset design. Yet, well addressed human effort irrespective of its outcome is a part of this design.

This is not to be construed as a plea of fatalism but viewing the issue in the right perspective. Human effort shall persist in this scenario whether or not it comes to fruition. In some cases the present effort may bring future returns, or results at the right moment. Nonetheless, the effort is redeeming for the individual who puts forth in all earnestness. The upcoming results shall not disturb or daunt the individual’s initiative who certainly reaps the fruits of his good work, ‘Shatkarma’.

This can be better focused through some actual episodes..While there are so many in such a long tenure, we shall deal with one or two, more by way of substantiating our hypothesis.

Well, as we move down the memory lane, around the first quarter of 1979, when my resident status at Jillellamudi had just begun, a little attempt was made to fuse the water pipes in the rear yard of the ‘House of All’. That time it was very much behind the back entrances of the resident portions of the ground floor and the cattle shed, which later yielded place to the Matrusri Oriental College, thatched structures meant for the students.

At that time the Matrusri Medical Center had just begun and modest efforts were being put in respect of free medical care to the village, residents and the surrounding areas. When the MMC premises were raised, the water connections needed to be revamped. This to be very brief was the junction of the connection to the Medical Center, the ‘House of All’ and the pipeline from the village tank. True the line was almost antique. Even so it was a minor pipe joint which could have happened anywhere without much concern or hardship.

Yet, in the instant case it took more than three days for us testing our patience, endurance and even commitment to the task on hand. The reason being the fusion of these three lines is not getting right with the water always leaking. The added irritant or annoyance is for the sake of this pipe joint, even the general supply had to be restricted partly.

To recount in all righteousness, we requested Brother James, who was minding all the activities, rituals of HYMALAYAM and a ‘Brahmachari’ to get down into the dugout space, and break a coconut as mark of reverence, to invoke grace for the completion of the seemingly very simple task. AMMA’S kumkum has also been sprinkled at the pipe joint. The job or task could not be completed even after two full days, with all of us eagerly looking at the spot and positioning around the work space.

As a last ditch effort we summoned the Water Works Engineer from Bapatla Municipality and commissioned all technical help within reach. Different methods were tried. Despite all these moves, the fusion of the pipelines did not come forth correctly, to perfection. The water leak was evident to our eyes. Truly, though may sound strange

we had no solutions within our knowhow. Even the technically qualified, experienced engineer could not be of real help in finding a solution.

This effort dragged on till the third day too. AMMA with concern towards the working team has been once in a while casting HER benign glance at us from the rear terrace. Brothers and sisters beside AMMA too looked at our plight, everyone at his or her wit’s end. No solution has come forth from any quarter. The leak though small persisted consequences of which could be impending later on if left as it is.

Finally AMMA intervened and told us to close the pit where the pipe fusion for the tri junction is made. We reluctantly, placing our faith in AMMA complied with the directive being unable to arrest the leak. Things continued normally without a hitch. Apparently, we could not conclude that there was a lack of expertise, skill or even earnest effort. We have to accept the given situation or outcome as it is.

More incisive thought is at the gross level it is a mere pipe joint or fusion. Looking at it much deeper, water symbolizes resources or even finance. This in its essence is a realignment of resource flow as also inflow which needs to be regulated in the desired portion, also proportion of which only AMMA is aware of. This also needs to be looked at from the contemporary scenario of those days when scant resources were being diverted from one source to another and utilized for a more acute or pressing need from the point of relative stringency.

Another instance in the very same year was the installation of the A.C. Unit in AMMA’S Chamber adjacent to the present ‘Dhyanalayam’ or the now main room that opens up for a view of AMMA in the ‘Vatslayalayam’.

As anyone shall agree, installation of the A.C.Unit is a normal procedure everywhere. This took us almost twenty fours working through the entire day and night. Even to puncture the slab for taking the power line has become inordinately difficult. Reason being the power line on the higher floor(s) was not yielding enough electrical power. The memory is still lingering and fresh in my mind; this took enormous effort, application, and trying our patience. After all that, the next evening, the entire team heaved a sigh of relief when the A.C. could be switched on, bowing to AMMA in HER gracious presence.

Here in this episode on the subtle plane besides the benediction of the working team, the intrinsic point of the unit was given by Dr.S.V.Subbarao from Nellore who is very close to AMMA. His dharmic interest and karmic load too are to be weighed and cared for by AMMA as the MOTHER OF ALL.

These are only by way of illustration, citing the actual instances. As already conveyed once in a way ordinary tasks become too difficult and unyielding. The little more difficult tasks like installation of the X-Ray, laying the roof slabs with our own efforts (shramdan) happened with relative ease.

To cite another instance a few years ago, around the mid decade of this millennium, while we were planning a big water augmentation project with likely funding assistance, this did not take off. Even though the project was being prepared in line with expert opinion. One issue after another has cropped up in the process of planning even. At the very same time the mini budget reverse osmosis water purification project has been actualized which meets the immediate current needs as is the experience now. Obviously, we shelved the mega water project for the time being to await its moment.

This has to be necessarily interpreted in terms of the unfolding design of AMMA. Here is one plausible explanation; our plans, projections are based on the “NOW”, the current scenario, with none or a little futuristic sense. AMMA’S plans attune to the flow of time, the emerging needs and all its future implications. This could also be imputed to AMMA’S total awareness of the wake of time in all its nuances and upcoming situations. Our human reckoning is far too limited in understanding these issues with our limited human sight, much lesser insight and a conjectured foresight.

Another subtle aspect is that in all these

works, the efforts, tasks at Jillellamudi, karmic trappings of the persons involved too assume importance. Here human awareness is very restricted. This area falls entirely in AMMA’S domain and dispensation. AMMA intervenes or maneuvers the individual’s lot either for the betterment or for making amends while these individuals are involved in the works of Jillellamudi. Such karmic engineering or cosmic adjustment is the exclusive domain and purview of AMMA, of which lesser mortals are little aware.

These are very abstruse zones much beyond human understanding. While working with AMMA these obviously come into play for our own betterment, mitigation or remedies in respect of the individual’s allotted lot, which forms the Karmic Tripod of ‘Sanchitham, Prarabdham and Agami’. The carried over baggage, presently undergoing, and that which unfolds in days ahead are all conditioned by AMMA, in our seemingly successful, and abortive attempts too.

Even so, all such human efforts and applications of the individual self shall bring forth a positive outcome. This is in tune with AMMA’S boundless assurance, that positive bliss awaits every one, with a varying time lag. Here the interpretation for all the individuals working in Jillellamudi reads that every thought, every effort, and every overture has a fruitful outcome sooner or later. This is the very meeting point of individual destiny with the much benevolent divine dispensation. Such is the singular confluence.

The individual shall be blessed in spite of his frailties, success or failure in all these efforts being within the domain of AMMA’S boundless grace and motherhood that envelops us all. The pointer is to come what may to be steadfast, be rooted in the service of AMMA and the ongoing efforts at Jillellamudi, ever ready to do his bit and offer his little mite.

Ideal mode or the true secret of work is to scale up the consciousness from within to be in tandem with AMMA continually on the subtle plane. The person needs to be watchful of all the leads, clues, cues, and indications that emanate on the subtle plane from AMMA. This is an inner evolution or a deeper change that is wrought within after continued application in AMMA’S service begetting her grace.

Pray AMMA BLESS us all.

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