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The Descent Of The Divine 2

B V Vasudevacharya
Magazine : Matrusri English
Language : English
Volume Number : 1
Month : July
Issue Number : 2
Year : 1966

[Anasuya Devi (Mother) was born in a pious family at Mannava in Guntur District of Andhara pradesh. Her father was Sri Sitapati and her mother was Smt. Ranga mma. She was feared to have been still-born, as she did not cry or move immediately after her birth. Even her mother Smt. Ranga mma became cold and clammy for some 04 time, causing concern for all. After some time the child cried and gave a ray of hope for one and all. That was the first day in her life, which had shown certain miraculous things.]


The Child (Anasuya Devi) becomes cold and clammy on the fourth day after her birth and her body becomes dark. No sickness is noticed and the spark of life has not flickered. But she does not appear to be normally bubbl ing with life.

Pulled down by the heavy weight of grief, the parents spend a desperate period. People pour in incessantly to see the child, but they cannot improve the Child in manner. any With unbounded grief, Rangamma curses her fate and unknown fears disturb her mind. The inces- sant flow of tears speak of her unspeakable grief and misery.

It is said that the ultimate end of grief is bliss. As though to cofirm this epigram, Rangamma hears words of assurance from an unknown source. A divine voice assures her that her child will be safe. Puzzled at it, she turns round in vain to see the source of this divine voice. She finds none except child, who cannot speak. She is again assured of the welfare of the Child and her astonish- ment and happiness know no bounds at all.

Assured by this divine voice, she then asks her husband Sitapati to bring all that is necessay for rearing the Child. But he asks her in doubt whether the Child has that spark of life in her. Ranga- mma reveals to him the assu- rance she heard from a divine. voice and comforts him.. Then he prepares to perform ‘Shanti’, as the Child was born under the influence of inauspi- cious Aslesha. But she resents the idea of ‘Shanti’ as such a thing can give only temporary peace of mind but not an everlasting one.

All preperations are made to give an auspicious bath to the Child and the 500 families of the village are invited to bring water and attend the function. This is what gene rally happens in Indian tradi tion. But it is interesting to note that quite unknowingly, 108 vessels of water are brought and it becomes a kind of first Abhi sheka’ to her. Then the Child is placed in a sieve and the  ladies go away, keeping the children there to watch the Child. But the children also slip away one after another. In the meanwhile a big black dog comes there and sits at the head of the Child. Then keeping its head on her feet, the dog sleeps with all ease and comfort. Later on, some people gather and try to chase the dog away. But it does not budge an inch. As the Child moves its leg, the dog gets up, goes round the sieve probably with all veneration and goes away. But again the dog returns to the placc, licks up the milk vomitted by the Child and lies down at a dis tance of 5 measures of length. A few minutes later, the dog passes away peacefully, while looking at the face of the Child with all devotion. It suffered from no disease so far, but felt it rich to die, to cease to exist, while the Child pours forth the gracious maternal looks on the dog. This was an indication of divine manifestation, even though it passed unnoticed.

On the 27th day after birth, with all pomp and splendour the sacred function-Shanti-is performed. Sitapati writes down the name of the Child spontaneously on Kumkum and an ineffable power of this name guides the wayfarers te- day on their desperate march in this world- It kindles a a ray of hope for spiritural revival in this ancient land of seers and sages. Those lucky letters are ANASUYA, With all joy, people say our meter is Anasuya at that time. It is the chanting of this name to-day that calms down all passions and makes one feel something of the real bliss in this world.

The relatives of Anasuya Devi bless her and give away 13 sovereigns of gold to her. As they break a cocoanut they find a greenish sprout which they consider as an ill-omen. Then another significant thing happens. A big grasshopper comes out of the sacred fire, falls on the baby’s body and flies back into fire. There appears a sudden lightning which dazzles all eyes. Then of Sitapati recollects the two most memorable visions he had earlier. In the first vision he saw a girl who transformed herself into Lord Chenna kesava and Rajyalakshmi. In the second, he saw a girl in his own house who revealed herself to him as the Mother.

There is yet another to be added to this list of strange experiences. Rangamma felt the foetus too heavy when she was pregnant, as though she was carrying the entire uni Verse. She thought she might have twins or she was feeling so heavy as she was physically weak. Little could se realise that she would bring forth a girl in this World that would be venerated by people in future. All these great events did not pass unnoticed, but perhaps none was wise enough to peep into the mystery of this descent of the Divine Spirit.

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