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B V Vasudeva Chary
Magazine : Matrusri English
Language : English
Volume Number : 1
Month : June
Issue Number : 1
Year : 1967

Anasuya Devi sent away the two policemen and the old man who was brought back to life. As She went by the side of the hospital, the compounder Krishnamachari said to her;

Wherefrom are you coming, girl? The people in my doctor’s house say mysterious things about you. Some how I am reminded of those things now and I have felt like seeing you. Soon I am able to see you.”

Why are you going to the hospital early in the morning?” said Devi.

Last night we had a case similar to that of your mother’s All the time I was thinking of you. Last night I also meditated on you and I am granted your presence this morning,’ said Krishnamachari.

The thought itself is meditation, son.’

I am deeply interested in Spiritual matters. But I have to eke out my livelihood in this profession, which does not give me sny leisure for meditation.”

When you get that opportunity, and when you obtain that worthiness, you will be given that bliss,’ comforted Devi.

‘Mother, you have showered that grace on me at last! Then he prostrated before her in the street. Later he went home and very soon passed away peacefully with her name on his lips.

Afterwards Anasuya Devi went into the house and found people busy at their work early in the morning.

‘Where have you been since last evening, child,’ enquired Chidambara Rao.

While playing with Iluri Krishna Murthy, I felt sleepy and so I slept there.’

‘Did you dine last night?” he asked.

I was not hungry’.

You say daily you have no hunger. Don’t you think of hunger?’ Devi went straight into the kitchen later and took some rice in a vessel. She went out to feed a pig as usual. For a moment she could not find it there. As She was away for two days. spending her time with Ankadas and Mastan, this pig was very anxious to see her. It came to her and kissed her tiny feet with mouth. It looked up when tears of joy rolled down. With all affection and tenderness. Devi stroked its back and fed it with rice. In the meanwhile all its young ones began to suck its milk. Some of them were playing among themselves. One of then jumped into Devi’s lap. Surprised at that unusual sight, Chidambara Rao said: ‘Are you playing with pigs! Then you will be called one of them.”‘

‘What does it matter, grand-father? We are in a kitchen and they are in a lavatory. That’s all

With those words, Devi went in and found Her father Sita pati there. He came from Mannava. He took Devi into his arms and asked her whether she would go to Mannava along with him. Devi refused to go there unless Maridamma (aunt of Sitapati) would also go there. But Maridamma was anxious to see that Sitapati would marry again. But Sitapati was not willing to marry again. He wanted to complete the annual ceremony of his wife Rangamma and send away the children to Tenali. Devi knew all this and embracing Maridamma, She said: ‘I wont go to Tenali.’

‘What can I do, girl? The time has come for our separation’ said Maridamma slowly. Later Annapurnama went to Maunava. Sicapati and his sister

Anasuya Devi went into the kitchen and collected some food for the pig. As she went out, the pet pig came to her with all affection and sat by her. She strcked its back and fed it with her own hand. Later Devi sucked milk along with the young ones. The pig was happy and content at the time. Then Chidambura Rao called for her and went in. He was absorbed in reading the daily news paper and so he did not speak to her.

‘What is it grand-father that you are reading with so much attention?

Andhra Patrika’.

“What does it mean?

*Andhra means,, this part of the country….”

 “That means a paper of the country: paper means……?

She wanted to know whether the paper niean only these letters. He could not answer all her searching questions and hence told her that She had a little of madness like her grand-father Venkaiah.

What do we need if we are to recognise madness?’ She said. ‘Intelligence,’ replied Chidambara Rao.

For knowing all things you need intelligence, So with intelligence; we perceive intelligence. Then, with madness…..(We perceive madness) After this deduction Devi went and sat under a tree.

After some time, Maridamma asked her to get her some Amruthanjan’ to palliate her headache. Devi brought it and smeared a little to her own forehead, with her uneasy eyes, She approached Chidambara Rao and asked him what for that medicine was made. He said:

To palliate headache.

Can’t we reduce the headache unless we get uneasy eyes! Does it mean that we should get one pain to get rid of another pain? who made it? She continued to question him. Sri Nage swara Rao Pantulu,

When a cobra came in a little while ago they called it Nagendra. Her own unele and theditor of Patrika, the mann facturer of Amrutanjan and the Cobra all lete the same. she thought that the whole world was filled with the name Nagendra’

Then as Devi was expecting to visit to Mamava. Nalla Khasim came from Mannava and said after taking her into his arms: Won’t you come to our village, mother? Nagamma is very eager to see you and the village itself bears a blank look.”

One day as the scavenger woman came to their house, Raghavamma (cook) belittled her with the result the scavenger did not turn up for a couple of days. They felt extremely uneasy. But Devi did not find any difference between one piece of work and another. Hence she did that scavenging work also, thereby teaching the dignity of labour and the equality of all occupations.

Even as a child Anasuya Devi liked intellectual discussions. Once she said to Chidamabara Rao: “How does god look like, grand-father?”

“How can I describe Him without seeing Him?”

“Probably you don’t know Him when you see Him. If you know Him. he will be known. Will He decide it atleast!” continued Devi.

“Your face-” said Rao, mildly chiding her.

“You mean my face is god!”

“Yes,” said Rao,

“Why do you say ‘yes’? Do you agree that I am god?”

“Yes.” he said again.

“Then why do you go to the temple daily?”

“Even there we want to see you.”

Then can’t you see the god in that temple, even here?” Devi cornered hmm.

Chidambara Rao smiled and said that She was gifted with al The intelligence of Mannava family.

“Does it mean that Mamava family has lost all their intelligence?” said Devi.

Yes, what more do they have?

What do you mean by intelligence?”

Chidambara Rao promised to inform her more about it and took her to the first floor. Anasuya Devi continued to pester him with more questions,

“Intelligence means-yourself.” said Rao.

No body knows whether he said it out of vexation, irony or an intense faith in her. Then the topic turned on money.

“Grand-father, in previous context you said Arthum am! Pranam. By artham do you mean this money?” Devi said to him.

“Where do you get these words…… Yes, they mean the same.”? “Is it the same as Prang also?” She continued.

“Yes, they are same!”

“The other day when Rangamma passed away, you said. she lost Prana. Does it mean money was lost!”

“No, child, it means money is as important as Prana (life)” Probably it means that money is mesessary as long as there is that spark of life,” she added.

“This meaning is still better,” he remarked.

While saying so, he thought it was the nature of Satharika Bhava As he had this thought in his mind, Devi said:

“Is it your bhava?

“No. please.”

“The other day you said Sva means his. So Seabhava mean your bhava. Your thought recognised it as Sathvikabhara. That is Sathvikabhara.”

He was greatly surprised at this exposition. “Oh! Will She

become as great as Vyasa?”

At noon they started to Mannava. They went to the station and Maridamma also had to sit by the side of the bags of dry fish. Normally she could not put up with such a smell. Surprised at this. Anasuya Devi said:

“Grand-rather, if we hate a thing once, what happens to it

after some time?”.

“Why? It is hateful always. But out of necessity…”

“What is a necessity?”

“An all important thing.”

“Does it mean the one that should be fall one or the one. that has happened?”

“An inevitable thing? Chidambara Rao tried to satisfy her curiosity.

“This is not enough. For example, when I was suffering from fever, you had to go to Ongole for court work. Then the doctor said he had to give me an injection inevitably. Then my injection was inevitable and your court work was important. Then an important thing is not an inevitable thing. Hence an inevitable thing means much more than an important thing.”

“Tell me which meaning is completely satisfactory, grand. Father.”

Then the signal was given and the train was expected.

“Grand-father, the train does not come for another half an hour. Even that train is driven by somebody and he too can’t run it as he wants it.”

“who tells you that he can’t run it on time?”

“It is seen in every piece of work. What we plan is different from what we achieve,” Devi remarked.

Then. What is to happen. Child?”

“The one that is inevitable for him alone will happen.” She declared. He drowned her in kisses and said:

“Will you fulfill my prophecy about your life?”

After a while, a woman came there selling Cashew nuts, Anasuyadevi began to look at her. Chidambara Bao said: “Why? Do you want them?” “I never feel like eating anything and if I have to eat something, I never refuse anybody.”

Chidambara Rao was drawn to her by her Silver tongue and exclaimed:

“A book of sublime knowledge.” The train came in whistling. Chidambara Rao gave half-anna to the woman and asked for cashew nuts. But Devi asked that woman to give her Cashew nuts for half that amount and take cashew nuts for herself for the remaining half. Chidambararao said that the woman had already a lot of cashew nuts and she did not need that generosity from her. But Anasuya Devi replied that those who sold those things rarely would eat. Then the train came puffing to the plat form and Chidambara Rao stood there, amazed at the unusual wisdom of his tiny grand-daughter.

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