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V. Dharma Suri
Magazine : Viswajanani
Language : English
Volume Number : 11
Month : October
Issue Number : 3
Year : 2010

I was walking along with Amma, holding Her hand and enjoying the Divine Aura which engulfs all those who go near Her. Mother said “Yajamana Swaroopini”asked Amma, “Mother what does it mean?” Pointing to what is all round Mother said “All this” I understood it to mean that Mother is the master Administrator. She is the controller of the Cosmos.

Once Amma asked Mallannayya (Vajja Mallikharjuna Rao garu) “What do you mean by a miracle? If someone wants an apple, I materialize an apple and give him, it is a miracle. If at the same time, another child comes to me, with an apple in his hand, in tending to offer it to me, is that not a miracle?” Mother performs her various miracles in a manner which is not easily understandable. Most of the incidents are guided by boundless compassion, Love and concern for the needy and the suffering.

Once I had a dream, I was standing inside the Sanctum Sanctorum of Hymalayam. The idol of Sri Hyma started moving, and took a full turn, Her face towards Alankara Hyma and Her back towards Hymalayam. I was afraid that the idol would fall down. I held Her hand and the idol became Sri Hyma in person.

I was feeling in the dream that I was older to Hyma and She is younger to me. We walked together, hand in hand to Alankara Hyma. After that I told Her “let us go to Vatsalyalayam and Hymalayam Kitchen also.” Then I felt a little sorry for Sri Hyma, She was underneath the earth for a long time.  She needs a refreshment. I told her “After that, please have some coffee”: She nodded Her Assent happily and the dream ended.


After 2, 3 days, I asked myself “I offered coffee to Hyma and She accepted. But what are we doing about the coffee?” I approached Seshakkayya in Jillellamudi, and requested her “Please give nice peaberry coffee to Amma and Hyma at the time of giving them bath in the mornings, at the time at which Amma used to have her coffee” Seshakkayya readily agreed. In fact, by that time, another devotee was also offering coffee, but it was chicory coffee and was coming at 8.00 AM. Seshakkayya’s arrangement is to offer coffee at 5.00 am., I was to fund the project and Akkayya is to render the services. (My funding stopped long back, but Akkayya’s services are going on even till day)

After some time, I visited Jillellamudi and the 80 year old hunch – backed Balamma garu greeted me as I entered the House of All with a broad smile “the coffee which you are given in the morning is really elixir to me. I go to Suprabhatham, namam etc. There was time for mixing coffee, but I needed it very badly. Is morning coffee  making me so comfortable?” When did I ever give coffee to this lady, I was perplexed. I was to learn later on that the morning coffee offered to Amma and Sri Hyma was being given to Balamma garu and a servant maid as Amma’s Prasadam. Did Amma bless me with the unforgettable Darshan to make me do something which will meet an old lady’s need? A Divine Design a manifestation of Amma’s infinite concern for the old, the weak and the decrepit? Or a coincidence?

Recently, on 18th of July and 19th of July, I was at Jillellamudi. 19th July, 1979 is the magnificent day of my life, the day on which I have seen Amma in the most pleasant company of two of my best friends, Kamaraju and Ramakrishna from Bangalore. He will not readily admit it now, but it was dear brother I.. Ramakrishna who was responsible for taking me to Jillellamudi for the first time. Kamaraju’s wife Mrs.Siundari was carrying at that time. By 2010 my post Darshan Upasana completed 31 years. On 19.7.2010,  I felt,  should give myself a gift of submitting vegetables needed for Annapurnalayam for 31 days. First consignment arrived promptly from Nara Koduru through Gundavarapu Sekhar, on 19th morning. I wanted to offer a really good meal in Annapurna layam on 18th August, 2010, the thirty first day. As I started giving vegetables, one word repeatedly came into my mind “Sakambhari Upasana” Is Amma telling me, offering vegetables at the threshold of that most sanctimonious temple called Annapurnalayam the true Sakambhari Upasana? Again, there was a strong urge, go on upto 29th August, let 40 days be over, not 31. Go for a Mandala Deeksha, don’t stop in between. Around about 24th, I telephoned Mallannayya “let us give a sumptuous feast in Annapurna layam on 29th August, 2010, I will be there on that day. Mallannayya said “Very good. We have a marriage also on that day.” “Whose marriage?” I enquired. “Syamala is getting married. We want to organize the function on a modest scale. Both in the marriage party are of humble means” replied Mallannayya.

The feast on 29.8.2010 went on exceptionally well, carrot halwa, sweet curds, several curies, papads, mirchi soaked in buttermilk, what not. And on the evening of 29th, old students approached the office and said “We want to arrange a feeding. Please arrange coconut rice, and nice delicacies” Syamala is a sincere girl, hard working, pious, non controversial, unassuming, simple at heart and good in nature. WE planned a modest meal, Mother gave a sumptuous marriage feast. Divine Administration or chance happenings?

Mother, won,t you give us the opportunity to serve you, now and forever!

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