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Magazine : Matrusri English
Language : English
Volume Number : 2
Month : July
Issue Number : 4
Year : 1967

[ The following anecdote seems to be suggestive of the significance of the manifestation of the Divine we the Mother – Editor ]

One day I asked the other visitors and inmates of the house of all for their experiences of Mother’s grace with a view to record them. When none of them gave me any account. I complained about them to Mother. I told her that I wanted to corroborate and substantiate what I wanted to write about Mother with their accounts which would lend authority to my observations. Then Mother said:

“Even the authority you speak of is valid only to one who believes it; it is no authority to one who does not believe what your write. The one who believes that Sri Rama is a great one alone reads a scripture like Ramayana with reverence. The one who does not believe cannot read in the same way. You might think that there are some who criticise me. That can never be avoided. For instance, there was a buyer in a tobacco company who at first believed in me fervently but who later lost his faith and even tram. pled on my photo. There are many who criticise first but become ardent believers later; there are others who are believers first but become scoffers later; there are yet others whose faith remains unaltered all through.

Suppose that there is an object in a dark room. No one knows what that object is except the one who had kept it there. Those that do not know conjecture variously about it. Some say is one thing and others say that it is something else. Except the one who knew it, it strikes all others differently. Some time after, when some passer by walks before the dark chamber with a lamp in his hand. everyone will know what actually that object is. Till then, even if the one who had kept the object there comes and declares what it si, no one would believe him.”

A visitor interrupted: Can every one know what it is at the same moment?

MOTHER: Yes, what that is will be known to everyone at the same moment.

VISITOR: When is that?

MOTHER: At the chosen moment! Even the one that carries the lamp this way does not carry it for that purpose. Someone would be going that way on a purpose of his own with his lamp. and in its light we know what the object is. But the one who carries it might be unaware of this altogether!


On 11th November 1964 brother Bharadwaja celebrated is birthday. in the presence of Mother. After puja he handed at small note book to Mother and requested her to write something on it as an auspicious beginning. Everyone expected that Mother would write ‘AMMA’ or ‘OM’. But she wrote ‘AM’ then added ‘I’ before it. then added another ‘AM’ after that and finally finished it by writing another ‘I’ at the end. Thus the whole sentence read “I AM AM I”. Smiling, she proceeded to write “The He She is”.

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