Marakani Dinakar
Magazine : Viswajanani
Language : Telugu
Volume Number : 22
Month : September
Issue Number : 2
Year : 2022

Human Body is made up of the five elements. So is all life and this entire living order. The elements well known as the ‘Pancha Bhoothas’ traditionally also condition the environs, regulate our habitat and the obtaining ambience always. So is the daily weather and the prevailing climate in various zones, areas and so on. The human being is a little exception in this case and his life is ever subject to the sway of these elements.

Very few personae are different and exceptional in this respect. AMMA has been an exception though not always perceived by the others around. During the physical form, AMMA most often used to rest on the rear terrace, now covered by the DHYANALAYAM. AMMA often gently strolled on this terrace for a little exercise prescribed by the doctors and spoke endearingly to the devotee children at the given moment.

To recall it was the month of May and the day’s weather was warm, with the temperature high. Everyone was feeling warm, sultry, and uncomfortable. AMMA is placed amidst us that sultry evening. Brother Sri Y.V.Subramaniam, member of the well known Chirala fraternity (alias Buddhimanthudu) feeling much uncomfortable blurted saying, “AMMA it is so warm and uncomfortable. Can’t you please cause some rain for our sake?”.

All of us around heard his plea put forth before AMMA yet deemed it very casual not heeding the same. While AMMA continued strolling, with all of us around, sometime later, suddenly out of the warm sky, it started raining, apparently without any prior symptom on the midsummer May evening around dusk. We were all pleasantly surprised, joyously welcoming the soothing, cooling rain showers.

Then some of us expressed the same, wondering how it rained suddenly out of season and without any reason or even prior symptoms. Nor did the answer to this poser occur to us. As often and always AMMA alone can cause and explain such riddles. AMMA very gently said, “Did he not ask for the same?”. Obviously referring to the plea and supplication of Brother Buddhimanthudu, for causing some soothing rain to relieve the oppressive heat out of sheer physical discomfort. AMMA did confirm that SHE caused the rain for the personal comfort of the one who requested rain as also that of others around at the given moment.

Many a time it could be observed that AMMA would wield control over the rain and even all other elements in quite a few instances during HER physical form. Even so, AMMA never owns up the fact that SHE caused it. For instance, when there was continuous downpour because of cyclones and all, Jillellamudi was secluded from the rain till the event is celebrated or the function is completed in the befitting manner.

It is pertinent to recall during the flooding of the environs and the ambience around Jillellamudi, AMMA sent offerings of a new saree, turmeric, and vermillion powder to be offered, immersed in the flood waters, like the MOTHER treats HER daughter if she turns up at the mother’s abode to see the loving mother who reciprocates her affection the same way towards the daughter. Thereafter, the flood waters receded, and normalcy restored, helping regular functioning, routine activities, celebrations and so on. Guided by the precedent set by AMMA, the same practice is followed even now by the Arkapuri fraternity and the inmates of the ‘HOUSE OF ALL’ here.

Thus, there are a number of instances when AMMA held sway over the incidence of rain. AMMA also wielded the air, water, temperature and so on, to the dismay of others. On one occasion AMMA put HER bare hand in the boiling edible liquid (sambar) and picked up a vegetable slice out of the same to know if it is properly cooked for the children to eat in comfort. The cook, (Seshayya Garu) was baffled at this stunning gesture, and fell at AMMA’S feet on the kitchen floor. Legend says that he continued to serve ANNAPOORNALAYAM from that moment on till his physical energy was exhausted, with age overtaking him.

It is well known and ever conceded that the interplay of the elements in permutations and countless combinations occurs as the fleeting time unfolds. Once AMMA arrived at the dais on the New Year night, in the year 1980, a few moments later. Most of those around noted the same and contained it within. To the surprise of everyone the next day there was a directive to adjust the atomic clocks all over the world, as that particular year the New Year arrived a few moments late because of some astronomical and constellation moves.

Even there are instances when time stood still till AMMA completed HER discourse in the early childhood or later till SHE completed initiation of manthra, on the bund of river Omkara in the year 1958. Even otherwise while moving around AMMA in our local journeys and specific temporal tasks, mundane errands we are always well within schedule and complete the chore, the moment AMMA sends us even after understandable delays often. AMMA thus welds the overall course of time and sets the calendar of human activity all around.

Sometimes, on unavoidable journeys, specific trips, we are apprehensive of the extreme vagaries of the weather like rains, cyclones, atmospheric depressions, excessive, oppressive heat and so on. When we feel frail and vulnerable physically.

Often, it has been my personal experience, I could feel that AMMA’S GRACE, making the difficult journey possible and even the ambient weather conducive and comfortably manageable. This could be experienced in the surroundings all over, from the Airports to the bus and train journeys that we often make in regular life. Such is AMMA’S benign grace and abounding motherly love that ever covers, cares, hovering over us protecting us the frail beings duly.

Sometimes, such motherly caring processes are so subtle that they escape the individual’s attention. Yet, in some instances, when applied to the collective whole, they are easily known, and observed. In the remaining cases it needs a close, discerning eye and observation. Whether known, understood or not the child begets motherly love, always, all times once he gets into AMMA’S fold and protective cover. To be candid, AMMA’S soothing touch is ever forthcoming and available in the surrounding nature and the overall environs. This is the general observance and experience of the devotee children.

Apparently, this substantiates AMMA wields control over the five elements that constitute our physical bodies, the ambience, and the atmosphere at large for our sake, the welfare of the countless, endearing children. As decreed by AMMA in his childhood, “This creation has no beginning. This is MINE”. “Ee Srushti Anadi, Nadi”, paraphrased in AMMA’S inimitable terse vernacular Telugu. Granting such a stance, the elements, even for that matter time, are but part and parcel and inclusive of the whole creation, the given extant order.

Beseeching AMMA’S care, everywhere, all over, always.

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