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The Eternal “I” within each of us can say:

C G Westerlund
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 15
Month : October
Issue Number : 4
Year : 2016

I am each and every mythological character and name. There is no one in heaven, but Me. There is no one on earth, but Me. Forever, am I alone, playing like the many.

Space itself is I, Whom, at once, is spaceless and timeless. I am each and every star, planet, galaxy, black hole, white hole, quasar. I am tinier than the tiniest. I am larger than the largest. I am each and every electron, proton, and neutron. I am each and every atom, cell and molecule. Energy itself is I. Whatever there is, that am I. Whatever there is, in Spirit/ Essence, that is I.

How do you get to know me? Through silence, stillness and quietness. Then when you are still and quiet, you will become aware that I alone exist, that I alone am, that I am you and you are Me. The Non-dual, just assuming and playing this game of dualities.

I, The Unborn, Changeless Universal Divine Mother, The eternal ONE, play the game of being the antiChrist and all differences. I, Whom art Truth and Purity Itself, assume and play the part of every liar, thief and crook. Learn to love Me in every being and form. There is no spot where I am not. I am the Source of all. I am the Omega, The End of everyone. The scriptures say, the Spirit must return to its Source. Bible Ecc. 12:7.

What do you fear the most? Look at it closely. Know that I, Whom art perfect Peace, am in the midst of everything. I dwell in every cell, atom and electron !!!! I hold this whole universe together, by My will, power and strength. There is nothing that I am not. I alone exist NOW AND FOREVER!!!! Right now I alone am and I am whatever there is. There is no other. In stillness and quietness, you will become aware of Myself, which is your Self.

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