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Marakani Dinakar
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 13
Month : January
Issue Number : 1
Year : 2014

In the very recent past, that is a couple of months ago, we observed the Centenary Celebrations of Nannagaru, with great enthusiasm and wider participation from all the areas within our state, as also other states. These celebrations were begun on the 26th November 2012 to be completed on the 26th October 2013. Now it is time to pause and think over the essence and significance of all these actions and activities.

First and foremost, very rarely does divine form descend onto this earth as a human manifestation. And it is far more uncommon that such divine descent could be in the form of an endearing, loving, affectionate MOTHER OF ALL. The divine entity that is equally accessible to one and all with little distinctions of any kind like color, caste, clan, region, language, gender and even character. The form of the MOTHER that is at once loving and all embracing, ever tolerant of everyone whoever, or whatever one may be, ignoring all the frailties and foibles of personal character too.

Even so, any divine descent or manifestation comes with its own arrangement and base. The characters and the subsidiary roles are all predetermined that coexist with the divine entity, participate and contribute to the process of the manifestation and its committed role. Here AMMA declared in clearer terms that father, Nannagaru, is HER base and the prop of this manifestation as the universal mother, the MOTHER OF ALL that exists seen, the visible and the invisible. Granting this declaration of AMMA, unmistakably Nannagaru is the base, support and prop of this motherly divine descent.

Further to elaborate, AMMA extolled the role of the householder and upheld the family institution or ‘grihastha ashram’ as an equally acceptable mode for spiritual pursuit and the redemption, uplift of the individual. Having accepted this tenet, Nannagaru gains precedence and pride of place in the process of AMMA’S divine play and role.

On all specific occasions when SHE is to be worshiped, SHE first paid HER respects to Nannagaru and revered him formally before the proceedings. This was the practice that was witnessed by one and all in the House of All. Every dawn after HER freshening washes and before starting the day’s regular routine AMMA sacredly washed HER ‘mangala suthrams’ (the golden plaques tied by Nannagaru during the wedding) with water and partook the same. For AMMA the day began thus during HER physical form.

As always in every household father is affectionately cherished, he is given a little distant respect, while the mother is ever close and within reach to the children. Likewise, in Alkapuri too, every one got round AMMA, while making their discrete obeisance to Nannagaru, with the exception of a few who also felt close to Nannagaru and moved along or revered him, getting within close proximity. To be true, every one took to him like one’s own father, little mindful of his divine essence, the prop of AMMA and other higher aspects.

Time ushers unknown, unexpected and unprecedented changes that are always beyond human conjecture. During the month of February, 1981 Nannagaru ceased to be and AMMA decreed to consecrate NANNAGARU in the sanctum of ANASUYA SWARALAYAM, leading the rituals and worshipful programmes from then on. Nannagaru has been consecrated and placed on the pedestal of eternity.

AMMA bestowed divinity, ASWARADHAM on Nannagaru to be worshiped in the sanctum forever and to receive his benediction. Here chastity or the role of the dutiful wife is elevated to its acme of conferring divinity on the spouse. This also established that holy wedlock can enable one to forge divinity on earth for every one to witness in real terms, revere and worship. Now the poser is to understand the true profile of Nannagaru. Was not the divine element before in the person of Nannagaru? More searchingly was Eeswarathva not contained in Nannagaru earlier. The plausible response is these traces were concealed and not overtly exposed.

The moment AMMA has chosen Nannagaru as HER consort and offered HER daily worship, evidently or undoubtedly, divinity and godliness as also Eeeswarathva were well contained in Nannagaru’s person and being but were not exposed to the public awareness. As is the case with every aspect of AMMA, this fact is well concealed. Verily as AMMA decreed; “Concealed are MY WAYS” – (Maruge Naa Vidhanam).

Having conveyed this, why is it disclosed or laid open to the public from February 1981. Was it to establish HER divine being or the supremacy of the manifestation? To respond to this poser again, the same feature of concealment applies to this situation also. Ordinarily the base or prop is invisible while the supported entity is visible. During the days of Nannagaru’s physical form his role was mainly that of a base or prop to the manifestation of Mother. Subsequently the prop has to assume its own form and gain its rightful position and perspective.

More telling complete exposition of this unique phenomenon is that the public shall receive the benefaction and benediction of Nannagaru in ceaseless flow and not to be restrained in a limited physical form or to be regarded only as the prop or base of AMMA’S divine descent. This sacred pilgrim abode, Jillellamudi shall be consecrated with yet another divine pedestal to grace and bless the children that throng to the pilgrim center. Besides, this completes the divine triad of HYMA, NANNAGARU and AMMA to shower their grace.

AMMA followed the later two in this sequence having led the process and paved the perennial path of sustained divine grace and bliss emanating from the temple sanctums of Arkapuri. AMMA to be revered at the apex of the triad by one and all in all HER resplendent, divine, motherly glory of love.

From the day of the consecration in the sanctum, Nannagaru ceases to be merely human, transforming into the eternal divine entity. His grace and bliss emanate from the sanctums to the countless children of AMMA. For the discerning and perceptive minds among the devotee children there is always abundant proof.

Nannagaru being the repository of Eeswarathva, verily tends to be Bhaktha Sulabha. Slightest devotional offering and even a little devotional gesture and any such feeble attempt shall beget HIS grace to the subject. One needs to cognize, appreciate the fact and observe the same in his day to day life, if only to be blessed bountifully and redeemed in his lifetime.

In the instant case, despite the unprecedented flood, reportedly not heard since the late 1960s, to be precise 1969, none was daunted. His grace facilitated the successful conduct of the scheduled function for the 25th and 26th November 2013, without a hitch in all jubilation. singularly responded to the flood crisis. Despite heavy water logging, nothing stopped. All those affected were sheltered and fed sumptuously. Even the Govt. Staff, National Disaster Relief Team was all fed and cared for. This continued for the subsequent two days too till the 28th of November, 2013. All this is but the unprecedented causation and function of divine grace that copiously emanated.

Oftentimes, the proof of divinity is too subtle to be perceived in a linear physical equation. Even so the acts of divinity could be many a time inscrutable. This is so because the ways of grace are always beyond human intelligence and direct physical perception.

To recall, ever since AMMA took the hand of Nannagaru and moved to Jillellamudi in the early 1940s, food was being served to all the devotee children who flocked to receive AMMA’S GRACE. Every one of them has been fed and cared for from the household of Nannagaru. Any ordinary mortal could not have laid such precedent. His meager resource and middle class household bore the brunt of all this feeding, caring and hospitality for well over one and a half decades. Gradually the numbers were swelling having heard of AMMA and knowing by word of mouth. Even the villagers in and around also spread the bliss and grace of AMMA.

It is at this juncture that the Chirala fraternity offered to start ANNAPOORNALAYAM, to feed all the children flocking to AMMA, in a way to lessen the onus of Nannagaru in this respect. AMMA graciously blessed this proposal which has ever since fed several countless individuals running into millions and millions. For all the mammoth feeding activity, the staple resource is again being received on the 17th February, every year the day of the DHANYABHISHEKHAM. This is the anniversary of Nannagaru’s consecration.

To recall personally subsequent to Nannagaru’s consecration, AMMA mentioned that it shall feed all the inmates and the overall activities. (“Ade Deen Poshishtundi”. AMMA). Obviously this indicates that the grand design of AMMA is that Nannagaru shall feed and sustain the people and their activities at Jillellamudi. The implied nuance is that the concept of NANNAGARU being the prop, support (Adharam), is more crystallized and actualized in the annals of Arka puri in the endless wake of time. Pray that ANASUYA SWARA blesses us.

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