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Dr T Raja Gopalachari
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 20
Month : January
Issue Number : 1
Year : 2021
  1. Are there different forces?

The Cosmologists of the 20th century have come to a conclusion that the lowest possible energy state is known as true vacuum. This in other words would mean that there is no true vacuum in the cosmos. This needs to be explained in brief before one attempts to write about Electromagnetic forces. The concept of the universe in the minds of most of the common people is empty space. But modern cosmologists define it to be everything – meaning matter, all beings, forces, energy etc. “Space”, according to Jillellamudi Amma (the mother of all) described in the AJMD in Telugu vernacular “is never really empty, it is filled with matter, energy and subtle force and consciousness”. This was told at her age of 5 and also to me in 1984 when I discussed this mailer with her with my limited knowledge of cosmology and physics. Out of curiosity generated by an article written in Hindu daily (on Sunday) edition 1 sought clarification how can matter be space? Space is bearing matter, stars and planets etc. I believe that her natural samadhi state of mind and absence of sense of units of Time (in the sense of past present and future) the state she is possessed of, I should be able to elicit correct answers.

  1. AMMA’s clarification


She clarified that

Evolution (creation) death (destruction) is ever taking place” (P-41 Talks with AMMA Rodney 1980). To me “the Vacuum” is something that is full of energy. If you perceive the matter separately in space”. But the physicists believe that this state is the stable state, and it is the one that exists today. This shows that what our scientists found out in 1980’s, she, by her natural state of SAHAJA SAMADHI at the age of 5 i.e., in 1928 was already aware. Nevertheless they do believe that all the material and energy system, the one that exists, seek the lowest possible level. So the physiologists say that even the blood in the human system has the tendency to flow from upwards to downward. From the heart downwards gravitational level and from heart to upwards anti-gravitational level which needs more force for the blood to reach the brain, eyes, face etc. Hence the upper portion of the human body is very sensitive and blood flow is to be ensured very carefully. This depends upon the condition of the heart’s pumping capacity upwards. If the heart’s pumping force is stronger the smaller portion of the upper level and larger portion of lower receive the blood to every part. Just as the universe is full of energy, so does the body (human) needs the energy which is supplied by the blood and also warmth and air to all the upward parts as well. Very often the defects in the human system are noticed in the upper portion which relies upon the lower portion. The cosmologists also believe that there is space inside the body. Molecular biologists further made evolutionary research that even that molecule has vacuum to a limited extent. Probing into the inner most working of these microscopic components of the human body the scientists who were ignorant of the existence of cell till recently have now well established that “human life is really the sum of lives of many individual cells organized in specific ways and the disease is the result of processes that go awry within the cells or among the cells”. Any disease, more particularly defect in the system, afflicts people because of failed mechanisms within the cells. Basic research needs to be done aiming at understanding how cells work inside rather than trying to treat the disease by attacking the afflicted part as a whole. This effort is not done by any system. The yoga upasana system is now directing itself into the inner system of the body and life. So also cell biologists doing experiments. I would say both are researchers or both are yogis because the conscious mind is involved. Cell biology needs to be considered as a separate research system different and independent from Molecular biology. For instance the skin cells and brain cells and sex cells never die. They can be stimulated and made to multiply. They have an external existence. When the fundamental units of life are microscopic cells each of which is a living entity of its own having power drawn from the universal power, the interference with the quantum of power in a particular manner, might improve that part of the afflicted system. The research from the molecule to the cell and from cell to the nucleus of the cell may be probed into because everything is a part of that universal force. How these changes take place in the system is either deterioration or automatic correction.. The entire process of change is incomprehensible” says Mother of Jillellamudi. It is in built in the nature of the human system itself (See page 41 Talk with AMMA)

But scientists and the yogis do not stop although Mother says “the nucleus consciousness inside the cell is always there and this is unending”. Does she mean that the basic stratum is nothing but this eternal sakti or subtlest force governing the universe. Objectives of these two different researches are different, one wants to reach Brahman all through involution and the other would be satisfied if its working system is known to achieve the objective to alleviate disease and suffering of humanity. Mother’s words are inclusive of both. She says “probe is necessary, unless probe is made the whole process of it cannot be known. knowing the process is knowing the process of evolution and destruction, and its meaning”.

Upanishads say “ANORA NEEYAN MAHATO MAHEEYAN ”! The smallest of the small and the biggest of the big is Brahman. Each effort of Rishi of yore is to know that Brahman and quest is aimed towards it. The question. How she came to know about it as a child is a different philosophical or metaphysical aspect. The answer she gave many times was that she is aware of everything as she herself is “everything and always existing and everywhere in all the universe”. I do not like to go into this debate and confine myself to the physical plane of the body and disease, to relieve the human pain through the body. I am not concerned here about the pain, whether directly to the mind or body as it is an individualistic feeling. Here is the ground where science and metaphysics meet with the same objective. There is no separate pain to the body. All pain is the experience of mind. Hence no further discussion is needed.

MARTIN RESEARCH TECHNOLOGY OF DIFFICULT DISEASE (Ltd.) Company had made extensive research in this direction. The scientific base for them is energy of a particular form or state. It starts with the premise that everything is energy. Each form generates its own unique energy that is appropriate for use in certain applications. They believe that the pyramid is a fundamental form that emits more energy. It is a statement that makes me ask, does the pyramid emanate energy or preserve the energy of the body preventing emanation or recirculating the outside energy within the ambit of space the pyramid operates. This is proved by the metaphysical science of CHAKRAS.

Another great scientist JAMES REDFIELD who experienced the operation of celestine energy says “there is the spiritual unfolding of life which science has not explored (till 1990). This spiritual unfolding is personal and enchanting, and begins with a heightened perception of the way our lives move forward. We notice that change in events that occur at just the right moment and bring forth the right individuals, to suddenly send out lives as a new and towards important direction”.

This assertion suggests to me that Mr. REDFIELD believes that the process of spiritual unfolding does not believe and does not allow us to move in any other direction and that events occur to those individuals who are predetermined to have them by that celestine power. He further says that when once we understand what is happening, how to engage this allusive process and maximize the occurrence in our lives when human society will take a quantum leap into a whole new way of life, can also be understood,

I do not see any big contradiction in the approaches. The only difference is none of the three i.e., philosophers, scientists, and cosmologists, know what is going on inside the cell.

The aspect whether we succeed in preventing the event, the occurrence of the disease or healing etc. according to philosophers and scientists like John Redfield is not in our hands. It is part of the universal scheme. What we can do is only understand this scheme of operation and try to crystallize by applying the unit of force to make it happen more powerfully. We cannot go against it. This statement that “we can’t prevent it” drives us to the direction of J.Mudi Mother’s statement that everything is “Predetermined”.

However, let us try to understand the application of Forces of Nature or several aspects of the same Force operating all over the universe causing different events or incidents to happen, to individuals or groups who are part of this Nature.

Application as therapy.

We are now concerned with the application of forces of nature to prevent or cure the human body when it is afflicted by diseases. When I say body I mean the whole system including the brain. Without getting into the field of “Consciousness” which totally a philosophical phenomena, and is yet not known whether it is an energy forming part of the known energies like strong; b) weak; c) gravitational and electromagnetic that are part of one perceptible most subtler force (or shakthi) that pervades the entire cosmos. The explicit reason is motility (the apparent capability of movement) plays a fundamental role in any key processes of human health and disease. The molecular biologists say that during embryonic development cells crawl all over the embryo, gliding over, under and around one another to reach the destinations within the embryo where they will settle down and pursue their different fates in specialized tissues. During life, they say, several kinds of cells move about the body. There are macrophages (literally a kind of tissue cell here it is free roaming cells that consumes dead and dying cells of the organism as well as invading microbes (i.e. living microorganism germs). They say there are sixty trillion cells in the adult body and there are 200 different kinds in each cell with a size of 0.0004 of an inch or 1/2500th of an inch and red blood cells 1/25000th or 0.00004 of an inch.

See the beauty of creation! There is a defense organization, educative, friendly cells with attachment to its own tribe. How wonderful it is! Doesn’t it look to you like this? It is like a well organized society with defined functions, unlike our present human society which is more chaotic. We need to learn a lesson from this.

The scientists believe “Life is entirely the result of physics and chemistry inside cells and among cells. Should we believe all this is not a system of existence well designed and executed? I think it can’t be the human being’s design, or maybe some other force which may be processing all this? I believe this is cognized by the Rishis of yore as processing all this? I believe this is cognized by the Rishis of yore as OMNIPRESENT and OMNIPOTENT, and OMNISCIENT SUPREME FORCE. So for instance Dirac’s theory which led to his being awarded Nobel Prize in 1933, which reveals that in this universe every particle has an antiparticle with which it can annihilate (in the case of force carrying particles, the antiparticles are the same as the particles themselves). This suggests that there could be no world with wholly anti people and antiparticles themselves. These are also part of evolution.

I have already elucidated that Physicists know that there are four categories of forces, the strong, weak, gravitational and electromagnetic. The scientists (cosmologists) have made successful attempts to unify three of the four categories of forces. The gravitational force is different. Every particle feels the force of gravity according to its mass or energy inbuilt. It is the weakest of the four forces inbuilt. If (the gravitational) is so weak that we would not notice it at all were it not have two special properties. It suggests that the gravitational force between two particles such as the sun and the earth can all add up to produce significant force. The other forces are short range and are sometimes attractive and sometimes repulsive. They tend to cancel out. This is the duality in Philosophy. The qualities of Rakshasa (TAMAS) and the quality of SATWA are always equal in a normal person. Where there is imbalance, collision takes place. That which has greater force triumphs.

The electromagnetic force, which interacts with electrically charged particles like electrons and quarks (Quarts) but not with uncharged particles such as gravities. It is much stronger than the gravitational waves. The electromagnetic force between the electrons is about a million, million, million, million, million, million, million, (I with 42 zeros) times bigger than the gravitational force. The force being attractive between positive and negative charges. So the attractive and repulsive forces cancel each other out, and scales of atoms, molecules, electromagnetic forces dominate the negatively charged electrons and positively charged protons in the nucleus, the electrons to orbit the nucleus of the atom, just as gravitational attraction causes the earth to orbit the sun. This is caused by the exchange of a large number of virtual massless particles of spin-photons. When the electrons changing from one allowed orbit to another one nearer to the nucleus energy is released and a real photon is emitted which can be observed as a real visible light by the human eye, if it has the right wavelength, or by a photon such as photographic film. These experiments have not proved proton electrons decay.

So the human system has always been a victim of these forces and nothing is in the hands of the individuals. He is always under the influence of that Big power and acts as determined by that Big force influencing us, in different ways in different forms at different times and places.




(to be continued)


(Collected from “In Quest of Harmony in Philosophical Concepts” by Dr T. Raja Gopalachari)

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