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Marakani Dinakar
Magazine : Viswajanani
Language : English
Volume Number : 22
Month : June
Issue Number : 11
Year : 2022

GOD is formless, as also nameless and non-local. The icon, the idol being a mere pointer. So is AMMA. AMMA always declared that AMMA is not merely the ONE seated in the sofa while giving darshan, nor resting on the cot while talking in endearing terms with the devotee children closely as SHE does often.

AMMA is far beyond such a tiny form and limited presence. SHE is infinite, omnipresent, everywhere, as experience suggests AMMA is even at bilocation or multilocational too whenever SHE wanted to grace the devotees in times of need and expediency.

Yet AMMA is the epitome of the very cosmic force, the vital energy, the chaitanya that sways, conditions and regulates this whole mundane activity that is ceaseless, being the source, cause or the very under current always.

The fact is the formless Brahman, Athman, Parabrahman, Parmathma act through the forms which are varied and countless in this creation. When one devotee questioned Sri Satya Sayi while he was in physical form, “Bhagwan, what is BRAHMAN?”. The Bhagwan Satya Sai responded very terse, “BRAHMAN is that you cannot see with your eyes. Verily, BRAHMAN is that which enables your eyes to see”.

The true essence is BRAHMAN, DIVINITY which is very synonymous with all the aforesaid concepts is within and without. Within it is imperceptible ordinarily. Without it is seen, felt only through the physical diversity of countless, varied forms. Thus, it is at once the cause and verily so the effect much difficult to decipher, perceived normally by the lesser mortal.

At Alkapuri, as we are all aware, AMMA caused the temples HYMALAYAM in 1968 and ANASUYA SWARALAYAM from 1981 which acquired its completion after AMMA’S divine form being consecrated there in the month of June 1985 on the fourteenth.

Here again, HIMALAYA has been in existence ever since the year 1968, to which AMMA directed the devotees with chronic problems, and acute, unfulfilled temporal needs for relief and redress which were begotten by the devotees as experience suggests in ample terms. This is so as per the recorded evidence too.

Though this is the external process to be seen with naked eyes, not unlikely in quite a few cases, AMMA interfered through these forms, idols of HYMA and at times NANNAGARU. This is the relevant proof of the formless acting through divine forms (idols) at Jillellamudi.

It is pertinent to observe that this experience need not be localized or confined to the environs of Jillellamudi, as also the sanctums of ALKAPURI which AMMA created while in physical form.

As early as in AMMA’S childhood, AMMA interfered in human lives and their destinies through the forms of other deities or goddesses. These true experiences are recorded in ‘JEEVITHA MAHODADHI’ AMMA’S authentic autobiography which AMMA dictated while being in HER physical frame.

In Mannava, AMMA’S native village AMMA appeared as Lord Krishna to Gangaraju Punnayyagaru, granting him the final salvation. AMMA appeared as God Satyanarayna to Venkatappayyagaru gracing them perceptible experiences and bestowing worldly betterment on them, granting them mundane relief too. AMMA bestowed salvation to Gundel Rao garu appearing to him as Lord Rama.

AMMA also appeared as Lord Narasimha to Narasimahcaryulugaru, resident of Mannava who is the devotee (upasaka) of the very same god. During HER sojourn at Chennai, SHE appeared as Bala Krishna in the very same divine form to the wrestler at Tiruvallur. Also conferred darshan in the form of the deity Gayathri to Sri Lakshmikanha Yogi.

In all such cases AMMA declared that she is not apart from other GODS, GODDESSES, who are truly contained in AMMA. When someone says that she or he could witness AMMA as their chosen GOD, AMMA responds saying that they could have seen their chosen GODS in AMMA who contains all the mortals as also the immortals.

To confirm this aspect, it is pertinent to recall that AMMA is adorned as toe rings, the divine forms on both feet. These included Nagendra, Shanmukha, Annapoorna and so on. When AMMA has been questioned on this unique practice, AMMA responded saying that it is to convey that Gods and Deities too are HER offspring and all of us are their siblings.

The Nagendra toe rings were interned along with NANNAGARU on his consecration in ANASUYEWARALAYAM. The remaining toe rings of AMMA with the divine forms etched were interned on AMMA’S consecration in the sanctum of ANASUYA SWARALAYAM.

Further AMMA confirms beyond any doubt that all true worship reaches HER or belongs in HER, being ever placed at the apex. This is in response to the couple in Mannava (Venkatappayya Guru and his spouse) submitting to AMMA that they are performing Satyanaryana Vratham when AMMA makes her presence in their humble abode. Thereafter their life improves way beyond their expectations.

To recall one unique instance Brother Gordon Westerlund has never seen AMMA. Nor did he reach Jillellamudi during the days of AMMA’S physical presence. He beheld the mere photo of AMMA that floated across the seas and reached him through a ship unawares. This photo bestowed on him the real physical reach, effect and even the presence which impressed him beyond words.

Such impact brought him instant, intense, acute communion with AMMA making him a very sincere, committed, dedicated instrument in the service of AMMA. Fact is that he reached Jillellamudi long after AMMA’S consecration in ANASUYESWARALYAM. All the while contributing to the cause of Jillellamudi and serving AMMA. To recall in real terms, AMMA once revealed to the dismay of others around, “He (meaning Westerlund) is very much here”. (While most of you are elsewhere.) (“Vade Ikkada Unnadu”).

Evidently AMMA is all inclusive. SHE contains the very same GODS, DEITIES and GODDESSES being worshiped by the countless many, in tune with their inclination and diverse choices. Fact is that all true devotion touches AMMA irrespective of the forms. Apparently, the intensity and earnestness which cause such vision(s) of the divine and obtention of grace in the respective individual case. The true conditioning factor is devotion and surrender.

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