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The Graces Come

Marakani Dinakar
Magazine : Viswajanani
Language : English
Volume Number : 13
Month : April
Issue Number : 9
Year : 2013

The individual always seeks grace. He is ever bent upon propitiating the supreme, longing for some personal end or other. In fact this process continues throughout his lifetime; hardly ever ceases. In our tradition this personal intent usually finds vent in the individual worship, citing his identity (Gothra Nama) before the idol in the sanctum.

Now the issue is does God identify the individual by such limited antecedents and grant his wish. Though this may not be so, grace befalls on the subject who prays many a time and wishes are likely fulfilled often. Or in a few other cases, he may get over the woes or even beget what he is looking for. Though not guided verily by personal belonging, grace befalls on all equally, with the individual receiving the same evidently when he prays for or worships the divine.

Granting that, more often than not, this is the scenario in most temples we often come across. Occasionally or very rarely, one may be motivated to pray for a cause, purpose or aspect that stretches beyond the merely personal domain that may augur well for the larger fraternity. Such cases are the singular exceptions arising from the uncommon altruistic instinct within a person. True, some may harbor such wider motives, or larger intents that remain latent deep within, hardly ever finding the effective expression.

AMMA being the Universal Mother, purposefully. pronounced the ‘Mother of All’ that is and exists, the animate and even so the inanimate as declared by her. Such a one is unceasingly concerned of the welfare of all HER children, the entire offspring, the total living species as an aggregate entity with little difference. First and foremost, AMMA is concerned with the hunger of all and moving from there, scaling up to the hierarchical needs of the living.

Having said this, any plea or fervent prayer touching upon the common well being shall register and find positive response in such a magnificent, magnanimous presence. To begin with when AMMA began feeding everyone freely at Jillellamudi, in the early 1940s which was institutionalized in the form of Annapoornalayam in the year 1958, such practice was unprecedented those days.  Even food was scarce and hunger was rampant. Today there are almost none.

As years rolled by, the situation greatly improved with feeding commonly accepted and widely practiced all over. Even the food situation within the country has improved to the good of the common populace. True other such well meaning initiatives too beget such response and follow suit on the macro plane as time moves on, years roll by and decades are past. This is the scenario from the point of AMMA and the love, care and attention SHE bestows as the mother of one and all.

Now reverting to the premise of the individual praying for his personal betterment citing his identity, could he escalate from such narrow confines and be thoughtful of his fellow men. Could he ever pray for the sake of others, their well being and betterment? Or more positively, could he cherish some common good and plead AMMA, rather pray fervently for its fulfillment as he does for his personal ends.

For a moment, granting that he does, what could be the impact and how does AMMA respond? Experience suggests AMMA encourages such altruistic instinct within the individual being finding vent effectively and purposively. 

To recall during the aftermath of the notorious cyclone in November 1977, there was unprecedented damage and ravage caused in its wake. Even at the Jillellamudi dining shed, ‘House of All’ suffered severe damage and substantial loss. Added to this havoc, immediately after the cyclone, flood waters from the drain inundated the area completely disrupting the movement of men and material, as also all sort of communication.

Even otherwise, in all instances of copious rain, floods were the consequence, disturbing the routine life. This was a common concern for one and all which was accepted with an indifferent apathy. Whereas, the truth is that a meaningful public action on permanent lines could have averted this once for all making flood the rare exception.

Even so the self was concerned and was brooding over the same intensely, to get over this oft repeated predicament in which the local populace is placed with little choice. Even prevention of this natural menace was thought to the point that it was almost an obsession. Thought that preventive, followed. constructive drain works shall put an end to this oft repeated natural mishap, if not an avoidable calamity.

While moving on the terrace beside AMMA’S chambers, now covered by DHYANALAYAM, was deeply reflecting on all these aspects of concern for Jillellamudi and the neighboring cluster of villages. AMMA being on the very AMMA. same floor within HER adjacent chambers, quite likely, nodded HER assent or graced this earnest prayer, dispensing the same favorably.

In the immediate future that followed, drain works were taken up on a massive scale with deepening, widening and reinforcing the bunds, which upgraded the drain to the levels of a mini river, augmenting the flow, at the very same time lessening the scope for floods. Everyone in the Jillellamudi village, the farmers, the farms and the neighboring villages too gained in no small measure.

Likewise, to think of our sacrificial rituals in the Yaga Sala, oftentimes, start with individual volition (Samkalpa), bent upon personal gain or individual good. Here also the objective could be more elevated and taken to a loftier plane of commonwealth, or be guided by a larger social good. This shall make the unique difference and ideally gel with the universal motherhood of AMMA who ever thinks of and longs for the wider well being of all and graces such intent bounteously.

For instance, during the year 2003, several states in the country were subject to severe drought and even cattle fodder was scarce causing suffering to the livestock. A few of the Jillellamudi brothers responded to this plight in the country by meaningful rituals and sacrificial rites with the lofty objective of harmonious, well distributed and adequate rainfall.

All other shrines and temples have followed suit very soon. This improved the monsoon scenario all over the country although we took the lead. AMMA’S macro concerns for all living species were given fruitful events following the rituals seeking common welfare. Timely and well spread monsoon or rainfall was the inevitable outcome not only for that year, also for the subsequent years that

What transpires or what could be understood the cosmic order is ever benevolent and positively disposed to one and all, the entire life flow. Any positive and meaningful plea or prayer shall be readily responded or answered. The given order is ever positive, benefic too as pronounced by AMMA. 

Besides, in the creative order there are positive, divine forces which could be deemed the graces. The room for negative forces could not be ruled out as they too try to find vent. Yet, positive prayers unleash the divine forces and are favored or facilitated by grace. The positive forces in the universe shall and can always be harnessed for the wider well being.

At times, it could be observed, saints, god men and other divine personae moving about in their astral forms or hovering around in their invisible being too shall strive or descend to bring all such positive pleasures to fruition. This is to serve the broader cause of universal welfare to which they are no less committed and singularly addressed.

This process proves much more effective in the forum of Jillellamudi. For this reason, AMMA is the universal mother, the mother of all, ever mindful of general well – being. The entire universe is within HER protective, caring motherhood. If so none of HER children or any living form shall be an exception and begets inclusion in such all permeating, all pervasive motherhood. This shall be sufficient motivation to practice and plead for common weal or pray for the same equally.

Granting this premise, if such wider welfare concerns were to overcome the individual, who minds the individual good? The cause of overall good is served effectively. Yet, how does such an individual fare in his personal aspect? Here the response is that the general good is ever consistent with the individual good. When the individual is so concerned for his fellow men and their well being, the personal good is taken care of in the collective cause, to say even by default. Dharma that lords over all the destinies shall unerringly cater to such caring individuals and his existential needs.

Thus it is much more desirable that the individual is connected in a wider affiliation than bogged down to petty selfish ends. By conducting his life in such mode, he shall be subject to AMMA’S grace equally as the one, who prays for his limited ends, if not more.

Furthermore, such wider cause(s) of welfare pursued at Jillellamudi shall also be translated or transferred effectively to the outside world. We have also witnessed this phenomenon in Jillellamudi, where the good that happened in this so – called tiny village, area wise, is being actualized in the outer world. To cite one such obvious instance again is the feeding of others who are hungry and needy without refrain or conditions. Quite likely, other good features, works too shall follow suit in the larger world.

To be more precise, AMMA pronounced limited attachments mark human nature, while boundless affinity is godly. Caring for others, enabling them to get over the odds of life is truly godly. “Divinity is but a sympathetic vibration towards the suffering”..

Altruistic intent and impulse summon the petty self closer to the divine, eventually elevating him to the supra human; thus beckoning the godly aspect within the human form. Truly graces come or befall all such positive efforts, intents and all such individuals striving in such lofty mode. The graces shall ever come in their favor.

“He who wishes to secure the good of others has already secured his own’ – confucius.

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