Marakani Dinakar
Magazine : Viswajanani
Language : English
Volume Number : 11
Month : February
Issue Number : 7
Year : 2012

In the early 1940s, Jillellamudi was a tiny nondescript village with about a hundred odd households which could have passed into oblivion without being taken note of by any one. Contrary to this likely course, this has become a vibrant pilgrim cen- tre being visited by countless men and women from the state, the country, as also from other countries.

Doubtless, this shall emerge as a very unique, significant, well known and much cherished pilgrim center as time moves on. This trend is already be- ing witnessed by the contemporaries ever since the past five decades with the changes and devel- opments that are taking place and have taken shape here in this tiny village.

Well, the obvious characteristic of any such pil – grim center is being visited by the devout and faithful in ever growing numbers always committed to the presiding deity and seeking its blessings. This could be to beget the earthly goodies or tide over the worldly woes which often befall the being in life.

If we look into this mode each such center has its own legend which sourced or caused the pil- grim center. The reasons for the sources also could be widely varied. Yet, if we attempt an analysis in a very broad, generic mode, the icon of the presiding deity which could have emerged on its own swayambhu) or revealed to the local king or elder to create the temple around such icon which could have been there as god send or because of some other divine causation.

Or at times, the divine being himself could have petrified into the icon as is conveyed in some cases. “ell, whatever is the reason, faith crystallizes and votion finds vent through a large number of pil- ms, devotees who frequent the place.

In some known cases, the living deity in the contemporary times like the Lord Rama or Lord hna could have caused the formation of such rim places as is carried on over the ages and passed on from generation to generation.

 In some other cases, a living saint or god man could have been consecrated thus forming the basis for the pilgrim center, where the devotees find and experience their vibration. Grace finds vent through their physical form, which surpasses into a divine entity that blesses and graces the devotees in the endless wake of time. Viewed in any of the aforesaid causation, Jillellamudi is unique in its source, causation and even the expression of the divine grace and bliss.

To start with AMMA consecrated HER mortal daughter HYMA, in the shrine HYMALAYAM AMMA visibly energized HER as witnessed and shown to some few present on this occasion by AMMA personally.

AMMA enlivened HYMA to the point that bodily heat has emerged with warm blood sprouting. After such awful ceremony, in the ordinary mortal sense, AMMA declared “I have conceived HYMA, have brought her up and have killed (dedicated) her to make HYMA, the instrument of universal well being of one and ali

This is indeed the greatest act that any mother can do that is offering HER own daughter, by deifying her and dedicating her for the sake of larger universal welfare. 

AMMA even indicated that HYMA from the shrine shall relieve mortal suffering and uplift them in the spiritual path too. All worldly ends, unfulfilled longings, earthly woes can be redressed by bowing before the ever benevolent HYMA, ever accessible, merciful and ever prone to relieve the suffering of the humans. Verily it is not a hype to say. one can very easily find access to HYMA with a little  effort and devotion. HYMA is verily inclined towards the earnest, faithful and the devout, (Bhaktha Sulabha) as is often cited in our scriptures and ancient lore. She is but mercy personified to the suffering and ailing.

It is very difficult to find a similar instance of this nature anywhere else. The act of a mother offering Nannagaru HER daughter, making her divine and installing her for the sake of common wealth and larger well being does not find a parallel in human history. Could we deem this sacrifice? words can never express this unearthly, otherworldly, supra divine act of AMMA, that is inhuman in the ordinary sense. Yet, this is sublime in its causation and truly unique in sourcing the pilgrim center.

To elaborate HYMA’S profile, she was gentle tender, merciful touched at every small suffering of any one, either human or that of a bird or beast Ever gentle, ever compassionate, pure and pristine richly deserving such divine destiny AMMA be- stowed on her HYMA is destined to be divine and born to be divine to address the suffering of all ex- istence, HER compassion is like that of a Buddha, ever responding to the prevalent suffering, without cause or motive. In her pristine purity and immacu- late form, one can only think of the Virgin Mary, though the analogy does not hold well in its fullest logical extent.

The uniqueness in HYMA is that of a confluence. A meeting point of the earthly, ephemeral and the spiritual. The aspirant can seek all these ends in HYMA, which she facilitates in HER merciful and ever accessible easy mode.

Then in the year 1981, on the 17th February 1981, AMMA committed HER consort Nannagaru to the sanctum of Anasuyeswaralyam amidst the wailing kith and kin, as also a large number of devo- tees. AMMA  regarded Nannagaru as HER adhara, the base. This AMMA has been pronounced ever since HER childhood. Decreeing so SHE took him in wedlock, extolling the holy matrimony, that it is not an insurmountable bloc in the spiritual path to be apprehended or even avoided.

Nannagaru, quite contrary to his divine destiny, appeared normal and seemingly ordinary. Such sim- plicity is carried to the point that no one could sur- mise his divine destiny or deification. Consecra- tion of Nannagaru by AMMA the sanctum of Anasuyeswalayam jolted every one to the limit, that most were apprehensive of AMMA’S safe return from the sanctum after the ritual of consecrating nanna garu. 

AMMA deified Nannagaru as Nageswara and made him the icon, idol of the sanctum in Jillellamudi. Thus he was conferred the endless ceaseless Ishwarathva, as also the aspect of Nageswara reigning over all the species, serpentine as also otherwise. Thus in this mode he sym bolizes the serpentine yogic force or shakthi that is coiled in the living beings, though latent in most cases. 

AMMA ascended the insurmountable peak of chastity that could confer divinity on HER daughter as also the husband. Thus AMMA committed both to the cause of universal well being verily which ought to be never ending divinity in the true sense

To look at the same in another mode, AMMA staked all that is precious in a woman’s life at the altar of Jillellamudi for its everlasting divine glory which benefits the beings always and ever for all times to come. This is truly unique not found anywhere else in any other pilgrim center.

Finally AMMA consecrated herself in the sanctum of ANASUYA SWARALAYAM, for all times to come eternally. SHE personally directed and or dained the divine setting to benefit HER.

 To look into the past, AMMA staked every thing or aspect that is of value for a person either divine or mortal in the cause of Jillellamudi. True to HER role of the universal mother, SHE cared for every one; equally concerned with the struggles and miseries of the ordinary getting down from HER lofty stance of the unmistakable divine being and supremacy. SHE fed one and all from the meager resources of Nannagaru and stretched herself in every possible manner, going through very difficult straits personally in the ceaseless effort of caring for HER children, the countless offspring.

In this magnificent effort SHE committed every conceivable object or resource and spared no corners for HER physical comfort even. In spite of all HER exalted, insurmountable stature SHE hardly looked for HER personal comfort in daily life. Reason being SHE ever thought of the unfolding future of Jillellamudi as a pilgrim center, which shall be endless benediction for all beings and the entire existence. In AMMA’S reckoning to keenly observe current glory or present comfort were of little value in such exalted goal, the lofty well boding, pilgrim center instrumental in bringing about universal wel- fare

At times in HER rare moments of candor used to sketch the glorious future of Jillellamudi as pilgrim center and conjure the future vista that is likely to emerge. Suffice to say once AMMA said that the temple queue at Jillellamudi may find the last persons waiting for darshan at the seventh mile. Many were the instances in which AMMA indicated the emerging glory of Jillellamudi

To elaborate in terms of our own little under- lessly from the sanctum of Jillellamudi standing, there is no other center where three Icons, living beings offered themselves for the com- mon cause of universal good and welfare, leading verily ordinary lives, spurning even physical com- fort and need. This is abnegation, self denial at its highest peak insurmountable.

Further each of these three icons though universal on their own conveyed or signified to the mortal world a specific aspect or accent of exist- ence in particular although their universal impact or benefaction is undeniable.

HYMA acts as the compassionate universal benefactor, ever rushing to redress the woes of the common man and the suffering masses. Nannagaru shall grace one and all in his infinite Ishwaratha as the very Nageswara, benignly lording over the species and caressing the devout in his boundless mercy. In the process symbolizing the serpentine yogic energy which supports the all pervasive shakthi, as the veritable adhara, pronounced by AMMA as such long ago in HER childhood

Above all AMMA is the divine causation and source of all the divine process in its entirety, dwelling on the insurmountable peak of Lallitha Parameshwari, lording over the pantheon or galaxy of the divine order. Yet AMMA acts as the gentle, ever caring, loving tender mother looking after HER children cease

Verily the unfolding of Jillellamudi as the most glorious pilgrim center in the wake of time is but an absolute certainty, to which any mortal ought to be blessed to give his mite, however little it is. Bowing at the sanctum(s) here is a verily a singular fortune that summons the petty self into the protective fold of the UNIVERSAL MOTHER which ever covers the being for a lifetime unmistakably. Earnest devotion and persistent submission with abject surrender shall grace the following generations too without doubt

Pray AMMA BLESS us all to serve at thy holy feet in this brief sojourn on earth.

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