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Marakani Dinakar
Magazine : Viswajanani
Language : English
Volume Number : 12
Month : September
Issue Number : 2
Year : 2012

Grace abounds all over. Verily it works everywhere. As pronounced by AMMA this visible universe is but GOD. All that is seen and experienced is the very same expression of that ubiquitous divinity that is all pervasive. Granting this godliness finds vent in all the elements, the ambience, the living and all over.

Even so, this is rarely understood or grasped by the individual. This is the given that the divine is endless, ceaseless and finds continual expression whether or not one follows, or appreciates the process. This is the prime force that conditions and sways the existing order.

Having said this, how does the lay man come in touch or contact with such a mega, limitless universal process of the divine. More often than not, one understands when the person’s life is touched either by way of additional comfort, augmentation of his given lot or lessening of his discomfort or suffering at a given moment. Even this betterment either way does not happen in a vacuum. In this  sense, GOD does not act in a vacant void.

Divinity necessarily has to work through a medium, be it the elements, that is by providing a congenial environment or deliver this benefaction through a human. Presumably this reason prompted the saying “Daivam Manusha Roopena”, in our conventional wisdom, meaning that GOD acts through a human being at times or many a time..

In a given situation, when a person is in deep distress or suffering, AMMA may interfere to relieve the same through another human being. This is one such instance where relief is caused through this humble self evidently using the subject as an intermediary. Oftentimes human beings also act as instruments of divine grace in bringing relief to other’s distress or resolving some seemingly imponderable situations. Grace resolves or removes such predicaments in an inimitable mode finding vent through the lesser mortal who unawares becomes an instrument in the process.

To recount this singular occurrence, this happened during the year 2005 to2006 during my tenure with the ICFAI, Hyderabad. This involved a junior colleague Sumanth (name changed for reasons of privacy) hailing from the North and working in my department having completed his B.Tech.

The fact is Sumanth has been working in the very same department long before my arrival there. He is nice, affable, very young and enthusiastic and loved by one and all. During my initial exposure to the department for a couple of months he used to come to meet my predecessor and has been ailing seriously for quite some time, the cause evidently unknown.

Conversations which took place in my presence disclosed that he has been in and out of the Apollo, corporate hospital spending huge money and not getting any better off. For all his well wishers to see, apparently his condition has been fast deteriorating and alarming. Added to this the diagnosis is indeterminate and the conditions become  acute.

Because of his congeniality and good will, the department head, my predecessor, has been evacing guardian – like interest in his well being. As he is exposed to pranic healing and a keen follower of this discipline, he has recommended the case and referred to some of his best known contacts in the pranic healing center.

A huge sum involved in his treatment that is getting nowhere is getting beyond his means. Viewed in any manner, his case deserved all concern. Several were kindly inclined towards him. Obviously this was in the minds of most of his near and dear, with  a few witnessing the scenario helplessly.

By then I was also deeply empathizing with Sumanth having seen the person and his being. Yet there was little that I could do in the true sense, either by way of sparing some money or any other direct or indirect support. While all this was going on, my predecessor left and I took complete charge of the department. For the condition of Sumanth, Iwas but a silent spectator, pining for him but could do precious little by way of any positive help.

While handling the routine at ICFAI, there were numerous intellectual sessions, meetings and reviews which engrossed me totally with little choice. With the result, Sumanth and his persistent illness took the back seat in my mind.

Being thoughtful by nature, I often brood, contemplate  or tend to be reflective which in fact induced AMMA’S attention too at times. AMMA even conveyed to me that continual thinking of others is not so much needed, as everyone is conditioned to his lot, be it a pain or burden. Thus undue empathy or preoccupation about others is to be avoided. 

Even so, in one of my deep musings, bordering meditation, there was a fleeting potent suggestion,that Sumanth’s ailment took a toll on his life. Much more staggering or disturbing was the strong suggestion, that when the very same news was conveyed to me over phone, I have continued the meeting, utterly mindless of the bereavement. This suggestion was so intense and rattled me for some time.

When this thought occurred, two issues troubled or gnawed at me to be sincerely true. Could I have been so insensitive to this news? As a person, could I be so callous towards the loss of Sumanth. Or, could I be so apathetic, that I continued working regardless of a colleague’s loss? These disturbing thoughts troubled my conscience, to the point that I was subject to a sense of inner guilt. Fact is that I suffered from a deep compunction for a few days.

At this moment, I was unable to know the truth and questioning my inner self about the actual reality of Sumanth. Such a reaction was obvious because there was neither a positive confirmation of the presumed or prompted fact nor a clue to confirm the truth. This only troubled me further and sought Sumanth and his true state with immediate urgency whatever that is, being unable to neither express my feelings outward nor show any emotion.

While I was vacillating with such deep componction, to my utter relief, I could find the much emaciated Sumant in my office, whose condition apparently further worsened during this brief spell. Even so, the sight of Sumant in person gave me immense relief. My mind with the aforesaid impression, deep suggestion, also prompting from some higher, unknown source, alerted me. I was compelled to think what could be done in his case. He was sitting before me almost awaiting the final call; I was only looking at him straight with a singular concern.

Then it occurred to me whether the last intervention from my side could be AMMA’S prasadam (kumkum) vermillion powder). Could it clinch the real life and death issue? Thinking thus, took out a packet of the same from the side of my office 

table and gave him. Advised him to apply the same to his forehead every day in the morning after bath and swallow a few grains of the same internally. Far beyond my expectation, although Sumanth never knew or seen AMMA, he responded with eager earnestness. Every week, or whenever the packet of ‘kumkum’ is exhausted he used to come to me for renewed supply. In all good faith and complete surrender; this has become part of his regime.

While the diagnosis was yet inconclusive, and the physical .condition was alarmingly deteriorating,

with inexplicable symptoms, his case showed a slow but steady improvement. His ailment receded and the deteriorating symptoms turned to positive signs of recovery. It is essential to stress that all the while he continued taking AMMA’S prasadam without a break for a few months. His recovery picked up at an accelerated pace. I had to leave ICFAI because of ‘ChickenGunya’ fever and the subsequent convalescence.

Couple of years later,I went to my office in the ICFAI, in some other context. I was immensely happy to learn that Sumanth has been elevated and entrusted with the charge of administration. He also got happily married to live ever after for several springs or winters.

This very clearly is the nectarine (Amrutha / Sanjeevani) effect of AMMA’S ‘kumkum’, the divine benefactor. Such instances are well known among the Jillellamudi fraternity.

The point of interest is that whatever impressions initially planted in my mind or the troubling of my conscience are all not of the individual self. As it is said, conscience is but the presence of GOD in man (Oliver Goldsmith).

To look back over the happenings, they are but the promptings of AMMA, to lead me positively in passing HER grace through ‘kumkum’ rather than me being a helpless or hapless, silent standby in an otherwise fatal situation for another human being.

Presumably, the lesson in this episode is that GOD, AMMA at times acts through the human intermediary. The subject need only be sensitive and conscious towards others suffering; also plausibly surrender the subject to AMMA’S disposition with egoless abandon.

Fact is, when the physical ‘I’ ceases to dominate, the macro, mega limitless ‘I’ of AMMA comes into play. That is but the “Nenu Nanna Nenu” which comes into play for rescuing the subject. Truth is “I am THAT I am” the godly self works when the petty self is displaced.

More important and telling the truth is the god’s decree, AMMA’S disposition prevails everywhere whether or not the subject is aware, could he be the sufferer or the so – called little self, seemingly mistaken as the reliever. In essence both the individuals are subject to AMMA’S promptings and causation. Even human intervention at times, though unknowing could be divinely ordained.


Reader’s shall note that the heading of the Aug-12 article shall read as “Sacred Morsel”. inconvenience regretted. – Editor

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