Marakani Dinakar
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 16
Month : July
Issue Number : 3
Year : 2017

“Yaya saktya Brahma, Kamala nayanah, Phala nayanah, Jagat srashti pathum, pralaya mupanethumcha kusalaah; Yaya vyaptam viswam, vasati khalu yasyam jagadidam, Namamyadyam Devil; Mukulita karastam abhaydam” Dr. Pannala Radhakrishna Sarma

“Submit to THEE, the supreme cosmic force that enables the Divine Trinity, 

Brahma, Vishnu, Maheswara, conduct their roles of creation, 

Sustenance and destruction in this magnificent boundless universe;

Ensures auspices even in the very deluge that were to happen:

The ever present, all prevailing, timeless infinite force that Permeates this entire 

universe beyond our reckoning; 

Prostrate before that universal force, the ever limitless entity, 

In which all these worlds are contained and bound;

 I ever humbly bow and surrender meekly to such magnificent, absolute Peerless cosmic power, raising and folding both my hands

Thus, submitting this little self in deep humility and total  reverence,

Ever seeking, longing for THY benign, boundless grace.”

AMMA is perceived and looked upon by many individuals as the benign, loving mother who feeds, caresses and cajoles the children in their hardship, sorrow and even in bitterness. This is the apparent AMMA as we have all seen and associated with fortunately for over a few decades during HER gracious physical form. Yet this is not all that is.

AMMA herself proclaimed those days that AMMA is not the mere physical form that rests on the cot or seated in the sofa at Jillellamudi, amidst the countless devotees, deemed affectionately the ever adorable children to be cared and caressed by AMMA in her inimitable boundless love and compassion. AMMA is much more and far beyond.

Though many lesser mortals relate to HER as the mother, like one’s own human mother, the devout orthodox perceived HER as the very incarnation of the Goddess RAJA RAJESWARI reigning over the entire pantheon of gods, goddesses and the divine hierarchy, at the apex, the supreme divinity that liberates mankind just by the mere touch, glance or even thought. To this effect, AMMA declared that, “SEEING ME IS ATTAINING”. “COMING TO JILLELLAMUDI NEVER GOES IN VAIN”.

Such is the all powerful, absolute, peerless cosmic force contained and sheathed in AMMA’S physical form though not evidently seen and understood by many and most of us. Here to cite AMMA again, “MY LIFE IS UNBOUND; YET CITED IN THE ANNALS OF HISTORY’. Here all of us shall clearly understand that even such mention or recorded citations are never complete in depicting AMMA or capturing HER magnificent form and effulgent glory. Even so, we have little choice but to find some verbal medium to know HER however limited or constrained it is or could be for the sake of understanding by our little human minds.

Our elder Brother Dr. Pannala Radhakrishna Sarma, a senior, veteran devotee made an admirable attempt to capture AMMA, the person, being and the form in this foregoing inimitable Sanskrit Stanza, for which the English rendering is attempted in utter humility.

AMMA is deemed the veritable prime force that causes this cosmos, creation and the very universe in its entirety. Verily AMMA is but the source and the power that enables the divine trinity, Brahma, Vishnu, Maheshwara, conduct their roles of creation, sustenance and destruction in the endless wake of time, unceasingly. Even they look upon HER grace and benign inclination always.

SHE is the very force that brings auspices even in the context or occurrence of the deluge (Pralaya) cited in our scriptures. AMMA is the one and the ONLY ONE to look upon for the benevolent, auspicious restoration of all these worlds in such an eventuality.

AMMA is the very force that envelopes and permeates this entire order, the creation as verily pronounced by AMMA,

“MOTHER HAS NEITHER BEGNNING NOR END.” “MOTHER IS THE ONE THAT CONTAINS ALL AND PERVADES ALL”. SHE is all pervasive and all inclusive. (“Anthu Lenidi; Addu Lenidi, Antha Avarinchi Vunnadi”)

AMMA proclaimed, “THIS CREATION HAS NO BEGINNING. THIS IS MINE.” (Ee Srushti Anadi; Naadi). When a process has no beginning, ipso facto it also implies it has no end. Such is the process of creation for which AMMA has declared HER authority, authorship and exclusive onus in unmistakable terms.

AMMA declared this very universe is but the MOTHER. (“Jagatthe Matha”). In truth “MOTHERHOOD IS BUT PROTECTION” (Talli Antene Rakshana”). Granting this truth, this very universe covering all the worlds is contained in AMMA, the UNIVERSAL MOTHER OF ALL.

AMMA further proclaimed that SHE is the MOTHER OF ALL, the visible and the invisible, the live and the inert. For, in AMMA’S reckoning there is nothing inert as life force (chaitanya) is imbued all over and all matter is diffused with such life force. Thus AMMA is the absolute that contains the worlds and also sustains the same. SHE is at once the providence, sustenance and ever contains the same causing or enabling the conduct of all these processes through different divine entities.

Having humbly placed all these reverential thoughts and deep meek feelings at thy divine, holy feet, I am persuaded, nay moved to raise both my hands, folding them in thy benevolent, divine, peerless presence, in abject surrender and absolute submission.

Pray AMMA, grace this little self ever and place me at THY benevolent, peerless, effulgent, holy feet for times to come in this mortal world till the very last.

(This is presented under grateful acknowledgement to Dr. Pannala Radha Krishna Sarma, the author of the Sanskrit Prayer that is formally rendered in all our gatherings of the Jillellamudi fraternity; at the beginning, even before all formal and informal occasions. Express my profound gratitude to Brother A.V.R. Subramaniam, who very generously gave me the Sanskrit meaning of this great, inimitable prayer that formed the base for this presentation.)

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