The kind Mother

Magazine : Matrusri English
Language : English
Volume Number : 2
Month : May
Issue Number : 2
Year : 1967

I am the village peon of Krosoor. My name is ‘ha sim Saheb. I had an ulcer in my stomach and suffered from it for four long years. An attack of unbea rable pain invariably followed a meal and I suffered very much. I could not digest what I ate. On any festival day, whenever I was fed at my master’s house, I suffered from severe pain for nearly an hour. My people who saw me suffer, were afraid that I would collapse, some day, after a meal. I took several drugs but that pain could not be controlled. Doctors told me that it would not subside until I get the ulcer operated and removed. But I was terribly afraid of an operation. By and by, an inescapable condition set in. I could not avoid eating, and invariably, the pain immediately followed. My master was often speaking of Mother at Jillellamudi to his friends and I heard several times about her devine affection. I thought I should go and see her atleast once before getting operated. I thought I might not survive later and decided to see Her before going to Guntur for operation. Then I requested my master to take me to Jillellamudi.

He agreed to take me to Jillellamudi. His friend Sree Ramireddy also came with us. We reached the seventh mile in a bus and before we walked I was advised by them to eat a small quantity of ‘upma’, so that I could stand the strain of walking. I said I would walk without eating but both the elders insisted. I ate some upma after removing the chillies, and ginger. But the pain began almost immediatly and I suffered hell for a considerable time. The two gentlemen, who persuaded me to eat Sat by me cursing themselves for their hasty advic They told me later that they did not expect me to survive the attack. After an hour of hellish torture within the stomach, I said, “Proceed Sirs, I can now walk slowly.” We reached Jillellamudi I saw the Mother and the whole trouble was forgot. ten. I sat at the rear of the gathering in the thatched hall, gazing at her. Before she got up to retire, she beckoned all the present in the hall to go and have their lunch.

I started along with others to the new building to take lunch. “She asked all to eat, didn’t she? Then why should I hesitate?” This was my feeling. I sat with others and took some rice with curry. I was ready and eager to take some mor rice with Soup. My elderly master and his friend were staring at me with fright! Sri Ramireddy cautioned me to say, “Don’t be foolish to eat rice; you will die at this place.” I didn’t pay any heed, I ate.

When all of us got up and washed our hands, they asked me how I could dare to eat so much. I said simply, “I felt like eating and so I did”. This time the pain did not set in. Hesitancy has changed hands! Nor did the pain peep in any time ever after that, even after a full meal. Those were the last moments for the pain. I came home and started offerings to Mother from the little I had everyday.

Three years later I came to Jillellamudi, and She asked me, “Child, you are the village mohataad of Krosoor, are you not?”

Yes Mother”, I replied.

“Your stomach pain?”

“Subsided Mother.”

– Translated from Balaa’s record.

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