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Marakani Dinakar
Magazine : Viswajanani
Language : English
Volume Number : 22
Month : August
Issue Number : 1
Year : 2022

In the numerous temples across the country, countless offerings are made to the idol being worshipped. These offerings are varied, from coconuts, flowers, fruits, edibles and so on. Even clothes, jewels inlaid with precious stones too are reverentially submitted to the installed, presiding deity in the temple.

During AMMA’S physical form, people rushed in multiples seeking AMMA’S audience, grace, avidly longing for HER presence by the devotees deemed the endearing children by AMMA with boundless love. Quite a few of them, almost all brought some offerings to be placed before AMMA in reverential esteem. Like in any other temple, they could be coconuts, flowers, fruits, edibles and so on. AMMA simply touched them, graciously eyed them, and gave them back to the one who offered the same.

At times, floral garlands were offered to AMMA. In cases, where such garlands were offered by the couples, AMMA blessed the very same couple with the very same garland placing it around their necks, covering both and sprinkling some flowers already there. Presumably this is to rather strengthen the bonds of harmony causing domestic bliss. The couples were overjoyed at this gracious gesture from AMMA on completion of their worshipping AMMA.At times, AMMA also fed them some morsel of food with all HER maternal warmth and endearing, copious love.

Occasionally, these mutual responses could be varied from the said routine. One brother has come to AMMA. He brought a garland and some flowers to offer AMMA in his worship. AMMA said, “You put on that garland”. He implicitly obeyed, complying with AMMA’S words, put the garland around his neck. Seeing his response, other devotees present smiled mildly at which he was embarrassed and speechless. AMMA encouraged him saying that there is nothing wrong in hisact. This gave him solace and comforted him.

He completed his worship of AMMA with the remaining flowers he brought along with the garland. He also brought with him a tiny bag which he put aside and was very hesitant to open and take out the contents. AMMA called for that bag and took the same, reaching for its contents.

He brought an inexpensive saree, termed as Janatha Saree those days, which is of a very low cost used and worn by the poorer, or working class women of the society. Though he brought the saree to AMMA with earnest devotion, he was feeling restrained, embarrassed among the public to present AMMA such low cost, very casual ordinary, coarse saree not worn by the well placed, the higher ups, much more so, persons of exalted stature like AMMA.

AMMA like the very true natural, mother of all, joyously, very willingly, preferred to wear the saree, HER son brought HER with all motherly warmth, utterly regardless of the cost, quality, variety and all such other concerns. For AMMA, it is enough that the son hasbrought HER what he could afford, with love, devotion, and esteem.

This is very much consistent with AMMA’S stance and dictum, “I have delivered all of you, but gave you to different mothers for upbringing”. In such boundless love, neither the cost nor the coarse cloth hardly matters and of little consequence. Prompting AMMA to wear the same instantly, showing the same after draping to the immense joy and delight of the son who brought the same lovingly.

What really swayed AMMA is his earnest, sincere offering within his capability and means. Other aspects are of no heed at all. After AMMA gave darshan in the new saree, all those present were truly overwhelmed. Causing immense joy to the individual who made the modest offering.

The subtle aspect to be observed here the intent that is earnest and sincere. To examine this issue more closely, our offering to God anywhere, anytime is in the true sense verily notional. The reason being that God does not retain any offering byanyone any time.

Simply the offerings are made reverentially to the idol and again withdrawn, by the very same individual for his use. Even the flowers, fruits, coconuts, all other edibles, eatables are merely offered to the presiding deity, the idol, icon installed in the sanctum and withdrawn for personal use or consumption. Virtually nothing, no substance, material is retained in the temple. Even, if at all, the little portion of the same were to be retained, the same too consumed later by the temple staff and other human beings.

Granting this, all our offerings to the divine are truly notional. All such gestures are merely symbolic or mere intent. Simply our giving is being taken back by us and nothing is left virtually with the divine. Nor is it used, availed, or consumed by the divine anywhere, anytime in any sanctum. If so, all such gestures of devotional offering emanating within us are truly subjective, and only convey the mere intent.

The implicit pointer presumably is to instill, induct in us the sense of sharing with others which begins by offerings to God. Quite likely so, many a time it is deemed customary to share the devotional offerings with other devotees present or with fellow men in a spirit of endearing togetherness.

The devotees are persuaded to make offerings to the divine, what little it could be within their means and ambit, regardless of the cost, value, and quantity. The offering is imbued with true value of earnest devotion, altruistic intent that renders the little offerings, verily worthy as disclosed in this instance by our AMMA beyond any trace of doubt.

Furthermore, this very interesting episode also confirms all that we do, even the offerings to the divine too are for our own sake and nothing beyond. The devotional gesture as aforesaid is merely symbolic and notional, for God is all fulfilling and all containing.Divinity being completely adequate in its own. Seeking little from the lesser mortal. Evidently, as pronounced by AMMA, “The entire world (Jagath) is centered round the self” (“TanaMoolamldamJagath”)

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