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S. Mohana Krishna
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 5
Month : April
Issue Number : 2
Year : 2006

Sambaiah is a resident of Jillellamudi owning a small extent of agricultural land. In the initial days when Amma was not known much to the outside world, most of the residents of Jillellamudi village did not recognize the divine nature of Amma but saw her as the wife of the village officer Nageswara Rao (Nanna garu). Sambaiah was no exception.

One day, Sambaiah was passing through the street in front of Nannagaru’s house (where the Nageswaralayam is now. located). He sees Amma standing at the door. Sambaiah was suffering from severe migraine for about five years. On seeing Amma, he felt like going near her and prostrated before her without any conscious effort on his part. Amma, looking compassionately at him, says that his headache would go away. He did not disclose to Amma about his suffering. Even though surprised at her assurance, Sambaiah could not dismiss the ring of authenticity in Amma’s words and hoped that it would come true. In a few days, the migraine disappeared never to occur again.

When Sambaiah expressed his gratitude to Amma for curing his ailment, she remarked that Sambaiah himself would be able to cure chronic diseases. She says that he could even display a board in front of his house announcing that chronic diseases will be treated by him. This appeared preposterous for the rustic ryot at that time.

Soon afterwards, one day while going to his field, a person accosts Sambaiah and discusses with him about some native herbs and their medicinal properties. The conversation was interesting and Sambaiah feels drawn to the subject. Looking at his interest, the new acquaintance asks him whether he would like to know more about herbal /ayurvedic medicine. When Sambaiah answered affirmatively, he was taken around the fields and shown various herbs, their medicinal uses and how they can be used for curing diseases. Sambaiah wonders whether the words of Amma were coming true once again!

In a short time, Sambaiah becomes a native Doctor and becomes famous in Jillellamudi and nearby villages for his knowledge and efficacy in curing diseases. The person who introduced Sambaiah to the world of medicine was not to be seen later. As his faith in Amma’s divine nature strengthened with the passage of time, Sambaiah came to believe that his becoming a famous medicine man was due to Amma’s grace. His belief was further affirmed with the episode narrated below:

Once Amma asked Sambaiah to visit Tadepalligudem and meet a certain Ayurvedic Doctor of Tamil origin who earlier stayed at Jillellamudi for some time. When he sets out on the journey, Amma gives a small chit to him to show it to the Doctor. On reaching Tadepalligudem, Sambaiah gives the chit to the Doctor who receives it reverently and asks Sambaiah to wait saying that Amma wrote in the chit to prepare a particular medicine and send it through him (Sambaiah). Sambaiah was astonished because when he looked into the chit before giving it to the Tamil Doctor, he could see only the Telugu letters ‘Am’ and ‘Aa’. The Doctor prepares the medicine and gives it to Sambaiah with instructions that it has to be used after two months of seasoning.

More surprises were in store for him on his return from Tadepalligudem. Sambaiah’s medicine, after two months, was required for Sithapathi garu (Amma’s father) when he suffered a paralytic stroke. Amma instructed Sambaiah to administer the medicine and he recovered fully and lived for three years thereafter.

With the above and many such experiences, Sambaiah became an ardent devotee of Amma. He came to be known as Doctor Sambaiah and cured many chronic diseases as foreseen by Amma.

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