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Surya Prasaad
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 15
Month : July
Issue Number : 3
Year : 2016

Whoever visits Jillellamudi and talks to Mother shall never be the same again, be a Hindu or Muslim, Christian or humanist, agnost or an atheist. Her august presence and Her sayings move a person to the core and bring about such a metamorphosis, whether one is conscious of it or not. He shall be a changed person sooner or later, before he realizes it. His fundamental concepts of life and philosophy undergo a subtle or sudden change and he feels the liberating influence of Mother and Her sayings. Could it be the experience of every person who visits Her? Yes. But the intensity of experience and time may differ with each person but it does occur to everyone. Here we shall examine two concrete aspects of that influence.

Modern psychologists say that complexes inhibit a person from rising to his full stature and the worst of it is guilt or sin complex. Mother asserts, that all thoughts and actions emanate from Him and hence your so called volition is also His. You can’t think or conceive anything except what He wants you to think or act. Where is ‘your’ responsibility? ‘Virtue’ or ‘Vice’, ‘Pleasure’ or ‘Misery’ are all His Grace. You can’t undertake ‘good’ tasks even if you want to or desist from ‘evil’ acts even if you want to resist. Though religions and ethics had prescribed a code of ‘do’s and don’ts’ from time to time, the so-called ‘good’ and ‘evil’ continue to be there in human society. Because, for Him there is nothing like ‘sin’ or ‘virtue’ and differentiation is the basis for creation. Thus goes Mother’s sayings.

Does not such a teaching lead one to licentiousness? No. It will not increase or decrease one’s capacity for ‘virtue’ or ‘sin’ but on the other hand such teachings bring about a catharsis by dissolving the guilt or sin complex. It helps him to realize his full potential by discarding formal theological inhibitions or encumbrances.

Similarly, Her presence curbs the ego and brings a person to even keel. When a person achieves success in life whether it is in the field of science or politics, arts or commerce, he takes it as ‘his own success’ brought about by his ‘own’ efforts. Such swelled heads who are dizzy with success, when they visit Mother to parade their skill and superiority, get themselves humbled and are made to realize their limitations. Numerous are the instances when Pandits, Scholars, Scientists and Philosophers visited Mother to discuss and display their superiority and their ignorance got mirrored through her.

Above all she shows such compassion that one feels that there is a Guardian who can take care of him, whatever or whoever he may be. Thus, by curbing one’s ego and by dissolving his inhibitions and by the assurance of Her compassion, one is made bold to face the world and to realize his full potentiality.

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