Marakani Dinakar
Magazine : Viswajanani
Language : English
Volume Number : 9
Month : March
Issue Number : 8
Year : 2010

To recall this was in the first quarter of 1978, in the aftermath of the remarkable and devastating cyclone of November 1977, which attracted global attention. Aid poured forth from all corners of the world and all major service organizations of the world landed in Bapatla to lend a hand in the recovery and rehabilitation effort.

Jillellemudi was no exception to the ravages of the cyclone. Extensive damage was inflicted; the power and communications were cut off for more than a month. The Stores structure was destroyed and the provisions were damaged and lost, unfit for edible use. The parapet wall of the terrace where AMMA usually strolls was blown asunder. Annapoornalayam dining shed roof sheets knowledge. were blown off.

With all this AMMA moved to Bapatla staying in our Bank House for nearly a month till the restoration work of the Jillellamudi premises was completed. Virtually all visitors coming to see AMMA visited the Bank House. AMMA left for Jillellemudi from Bapatla on the 31st December 1977 with all HER retinue in full glory.

It was the first half year of my coming to Bapatla and acting as the editor of the English Matrusri, at AMMA’S behest. To me it occurred as though with all the scientific advancement and all the alerts and warnings it emanated, nothing could change much. People could not be saved from the destruction and rampage of the cyclone despite the best of knowledge obtained and the best of positive intentions.

This made me voy over the same as was placed and brood this cyclonic dance from all angles with lite choice or option. This suggested that it was the right moment to write on the subjects ‘science’ and ‘experience’, going through all this mayhem of activity.

Yet, in those days of available limited literature on AMMA, there were only two aphorisms on these two subjects which are as follows:

“Anubhavam Shastrani Isthundi” meaning in English, that “Experience yields science”. To elaborate the empirical observations and the analyzed experience yields some tendencies which form scientific

“Shastra Anubhavalu Ivvadu” meaning that science by itself does not cause or emanate experience. To elaborate, science at best yields empirical data, that forms the base for formation of some laws of tendencies and the exceptions or deviations to the same. These scientific generalizations do not cause experience on their own. Further, sooner or later, some other empirical data may overrule the existing scientific laws.

For a moment, I thought that these are too short or brief to be stretched into two full blown articles for the magazine. I thought it is best to place these subjects before AMMA and seek HER say on these aspects.

With this intention, visited Jillellamudi and sat in the presence of AMMA. AMMA dealt over many subjects. Suddenly SHE pointed at the countless insects that were getting lost in the open light. Showing this, AMMA said “Are we grieving at their loss?”

This implied though the life force is incessant, birth and death punctuate the same for the individual beings of any species. For him life force is intermittent, entering by birth and exiting by death.

Also presumably in hindsight, despite the best of effort and prior knowledge, the cyclone could neither be warded off, nor colossal damage of life, property and the resultant suffering could be avoided.

Quite likely it is a decree of nature which orchestrated the cyclone in its singular way or unique wisdom averting some greater damage or more extensive devastation, as the order of nature and creation is always positive and beneficial to the overall existence.

Well, whatever are the implications or interpretations, despite my inherent wish to hear more elaborately on the aspects of ‘science’ and ‘experience’ did not come through as intended.

After all this, I for a moment thought that it was not probably intended that these two aspects shall be dealt with in the English ‘MATRUSRI’ though in my limited perception the same were considered well timed and opportune. This is how I thought and did not discuss the same any further with anyone.

Those days, my schedule used to be full and stretched till the wee hours of the night. The magazine work I used to attend late in the night almost when the date changes. Occasionally, I used to complete the same in the short breaks that my office schedule allows. But writing for the magazine could only be attended to in the late hours of the night.

These dictations used to take place in the late nights. Brothers Sudha and Sekhar, as also Lakshmi Prasad were helping me in the magazine work at Bapatla, as it was being printed in our own Press, opposite the Bapatla railway station.

As usual, I started dictating the columns for the ‘MATRUSRI’ English magazine. Almost unawares, the dictation has come forth on the very same subjects of ‘SCIENCE; and ‘EXPERIENCE’, and it stretched up to two full length articles for the magazine which was my initial hesitation, or trepidation to be more precise.

This unknown, unprepared effusion on the same two subjects pleasantly surprised me or delighted me. Truly authorship could not be assumed for these two pieces of writing. In all humility and in complete reality, these are prompted by some force hitherto unknown to me.

Well this is nothing but AMMA’S boundless grace that fulfilled my unexpressed desire to write these on subjects or put forth the same on these subjects in the columns of the English MATRUSRI, though a trite contribution to the literature on AMMA in humble submission.

But it suggests to me the more important lesson that I often begot in all my efforts is if our intentions are correct and the pursuit is earnest, one does best to surrender the same to AMMA for their actualization.

AMMA’S GRACE takes care of the rest in all truthfulness. Amma’s Ministry at times is silent but deeply suggestive.

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