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THE MIST (Bay Area, San Francisco)

Marakani Dinakar
Magazine : Viswajanani
Language : English
Volume Number : 11
Month : October
Issue Number : 3
Year : 2010

Ordinarily, the believers and the devout seek GOD in the shrine. They tend to relate divinity and associated feelings with the icon in the sanctum. This being so, for the skeptic, the nonbeliever and the nonconformist divinity is distant, either non existent or far too remote to engage their attention or imagination. Even the faithful once they step out of the temple tend to set aside the feeling toward god and get preoccupied with the mundane concerns.

But is GOD non existent or if exists is confined only to the temple precincts? This is one pointer that often arises for one and all irrespective of one’s inclinations, disposition or raven faith

The reality is that GOD is the infinite entity, whole or the mega aggregate of all that exists without dimension (Antha Ade-AMMA). If such mega, boundless reality can never be set in a physical measure whatsoever is the scale. Reason being any infinite force encompasses all that is and ex- ists. It has neither bounds nor limitations. Simply is all inclusive, all pervasive, all over, and all ex- haustive (Unnadntha Ade-AMMA).

If so such infinite presence can never be ver- bally explicit or put forth in diction or language what- soever. This is only to be perceived, experienced and understood in one’s own self within. Any expla- nation only describes it which again is sort of limit- ing or restricting the same. The subjective, intangible experience, or the awareness one begets only bestows an understanding of the divine entity or presence.


Granting this, how can such infinity be conveyed or Some where some link needs to be given to the larger seeking people and the masses who wish to reach the godly presence or gain an understanding of the infinite divine entity.

The icon or the idol the temple offers this link. the miniature form of the infinity. The mind locked in the ritual and the process of worship moves or escalates to grasp the all pervasive divinity-(Vigraham Nigrham Karaoke-AMMA) This process is gradual happening within and imperceptible externally or physically. This is the essence or meaningful direction that all temple rituals shall eventually lead to.

The deeply faithful and the intensely worshipful committed to have the vision of the deity beget the same when grace condescends on him to bestow such vision or understanding in the wake of time, culmination of all his devotional effort. This could also be the fruition of the person’s obsessive quest or intense spiritual pursuit.

Once this is bestowed, the seeker continues and the devotion persists. It dawns within the individual that GOD exists everywhere, all over and all pervasive. GOD is omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent. Maybe this again is vision or perception the Almighty grants out of his boundless grace. Quite likely this entrenches the subject deeply in the divine fold or hold.

To pursue this train of thought, one of the recent episodes in July 2009, is presented here to share this feeling. Though a little personal, the experience suggests that it is worth sharing with others like minded through these columns.

During my visit to San Francisco, my daughter and son-in-law took us to the Bay Area to see the well noted tourist attraction, the Golden Gate Bridge there, said to be the precursor of Howrah Bridge in Calcutta, which is also a suspension bridge. All of meself Bhanu, Hyma, Vijay Kumar, junior Shrikha, went together on this occasion.

But every one was put off by the densely laid fog all over the ambience that precluded even a single, slight view of the famed bridge to us. The weather has a little chill with the fog settling all over reducing visibility to the nearest proximity, say a few meters before our immediate presence.

In this attempt, we ambled over the nearby lawn for a few moments and there was no change much awaited for in the ambience to permit a glimpse of the bridge.

Then we thought getting much closer to the bridge could be of some avail and walked over to the forefront of the bridge and stepped on its floor watching the fleeting convoy of cars, either way Even such proximity did not afford a view of the bridge. Besides,I felt uncomfortable being on the floor of the bridge and we all walked aside. While all this was going on, the dense fog continued.

We started moving away from the bridge, drove on the approach road, got down and walked over to the nearby sandy beach from the seaside car park. Even here we had only a sight of other tourists and not the imperious bridge. The only relief now being that sun’s rays started piercing the dense cover of the overlaying fog a little, though the visibility is not improved very much 

Our son-in-law Vijay Kumar and daughter Hyma were a bit nonplussed that they could not show us the much acclaimed tourist attraction and we could not gain a view of the imposing bridge. was accepting that we could get near and get a feel though not a total view of the same without much reaction within.


With such mixed feelings, we all walked together far from the bridge to the car park, to begin our return drive while the sun’s rays were filtering through. We started the return drive from the Bay Area moving away from the proximity of the bridge.

The driveway is very scenic and captivating. The road is much elevated commanding a magnifi- cent view of the ocean, beach front with the bridge looming large over the vast expanse of sea water.

There are benches interspersed on the road side for the tourists to pause and look at the scenery. By this time,the sun’s rays had soaked more than a quarter portion of the bridge which could be seen very clearly in the bright sunlight. The fog is being cleared with the drenching sunlight.

Moving over a little ahead, we sat on one of the benches. Here our daughter and Vijay took some phones for the family album. When all this activity is going on, the intensity of the sunlight gained over the scenario and the sun rays drenched the bridge from one end to the other end. The Golden Gate Bridge is slowly unveiled by the dissolving fog in the bright sun to the delight of everyone.

This is the apparent physical vision. But as the veil of the mist was giving away, as if blushing under the bright sun in slow motion and the other end of the bridge had come to light, there was a magnificent surprise.

At the other end of the bridge,  I could see AMMA coming up over the sky in the form of a giant blow up as if emerging from across the skies and rising over the horizon with a beaming, benign smiling countenance, HER hands outstretched.


I was at once thrilled and delighted beyond measure. In all humility could only bow to the magnificent presence from within my deepest recesses of the heart and the soul.

Treasured this vision of AMMA had or bestowed on me in the Bay Area, San Francisco for the lifetime that remains.

This proved to me once again AMMA is ever present and ever near to grace us always.

Fact is that neither geographical frontiers, nor physical distance, or separation make little difference. AMMA reaches HER children always and ever. AMMA is omnipresent and the idol in the temple is a sacred pointer for the pious and devout towards HER eternal, all pervasive presence and impact. 

And one shall keep praying for unveiling the layer of ‘Maya’ in all our earthly brothers which again is rendered possible by the overwhelming grace alone

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