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Marakani Dinakar
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 7
Month : April
Issue Number : 2
Year : 2008

Oh! Mother,

That singular moment, 

Shall suffice for me, when th

 Sense of unity and the 

All prevailing ONENESS,

 Dawns in me, could be the

 Fruit of all good done,

 Accumulated over several births.

Enabling one to perceive the

 Countless beings in single 

And in unison, as specks of smoke.

 Finding vent in your inhalations,

 Only to emerge as bright sparks 

In your exhalations.

Behold the multiple beings within you,

 Yet gather that the multiple beings are

 Only within YOU, the primordial ‘SELF

 As verily declared. “I AM THAT I AM.

So that this tiny self beside you, 

And this self being seen within you 

Are but one and the same in this

 All pervading unity of THY SELF,

 Verily declared as “All I’s (beings) are but “ME”, 

Or simply, the all inclusive “ME”

The nothingness beyond the sight,

 And the silence behind the sound,

 Being seen and heard is only YOU.

 If only to grasp the elusive truth, 

That one seen and the one heard,

 As also the one seeing and hearing 

Are all within YOU

The silence in the wake of sound, 

The sound emanating from the 

Unfathomed silence is innate,

 Within YOU, to be heard only 

As the enticing, captivating,

 Benign smile of YOURS, 

That conducts the cosmic drama.

The mega stream of life in the cosmic order is incessant while the individual life is limited, subject to entry and exit, like birth and death which are but pauses in the overall flow of life. In between the two limits there are numerous, trivial, fleeting moments in the individual life; hardly consequent, and worth remembering. Yet there are rare moments worthy of savoring like those being in proximity to GOD or those causing spiritual awareness.

It is that crucial, singular moment of life that is worthy which causes that spiritual awareness or that unfolds the all- pervading unity of the cosmos. Such moments are far too rare in the individual life span that cannot occur unless it is ordained or caused by the overwhelming divine grace. When this moment dawns and the eternal truth is known, it is blissful and the individual is set beside himself. Presumably this could be the fruit of all added up good deeds in several lifetimes.

At this singular moment the individual is enabled to see the multiple beings in the universe entering AMMA in her inhalations as specks of smoke; at the same time verily exiting or reemerging as bright sparks in her exhalations. The being witnesses the cosmic drama in AMMA’S being which puts him in awe. Truly as AMMA declared SHE is the author and conductor of the cosmic rhythm (srishti, sthiti,laya) “sarva srishti kaarini nene” AMMA.

In such cosmic vision, the person is able to behold the multiple beings in AMMA, both in single and in unison and gain a vision of the universal self of AMMA in which all beings merge or unify, AMMA being the all inclusive self. Verily as declared by AMMA “I AM THAT I AM”..

The seeing individual is overcome that he is able to see himself without AMMA, from outside as also within AMMA, in her all inclusive self. A rare and stirring sight, for the individual realizing that his self being outside, and that being seen within AMMA, are but one and the same as AMMA includes every tiny being in the universe.

A rare perception of unity in the divine AMMA is bestowed, though for a moment. When this unique vision is bestowed on the person, his mind is enlivened or stirred into contemplating the ambience in which the lesser mortal is placed.

The individual sees and hears or rather listens. He observes that after seeing continually he enters a vacuum or apparent nothingness. So also he  

comes across a deep silence or stillness. This stillness or silence beyond the sound, or the nothingness beyond sight or light are verly  contained in AMMA as they cause or source the creation. 

Even so darkness is the source of light and silence is the very source for all the sound. The entire life process or creation of the causative vacuum, nothingness and the pregnant silence. Such emanation from the primary causative process is perceived in AMMA. 

The person hearing and seeing or witnessing the deep silence also finds himself within AMMA, realizing his seeing or hearing is also part of AMMA.

The seer, the seen and seeing are all within the all-inclusive AMMA. Likewise, the hearer, the heard and that being heard are but parts of this universal being of AMMA.

After all this vision, one realizes that the causative process of creation is beyond light or sound. There is a deep, pitch darkness or vacuum or unfathomed, abysmal silence from which all creation emanates or all life germinates. From then on the light, sight, sound and all become evident.

That beginning is the prime cause to be perceived where AMMA dwells; and follows through the whole causation and the incessant process of life. Yet, this timeless truth is so elusive to be understood or realized.

The lesser mortal contends that all the cause, its process, the effects and the entire cycle is AMMA and beset within the all-inclusive self of AMMA, of which the individual is but a tiny speck to be overcome and overwhelmed.

In abject surrender, conveys to his lesser mortal self that AMMA’S benign, gentle smile suffices to conduct the ceaseless cosmic drama.

(To recall, this song was penned by brother Raju circa June 1985. some time before AMMA merging with eternity, in AMMA’S chamber in HER very presence, when many of the close few were together A sequence deeply soul-stirring; somewhat akin to an ardenta timely plea to AMMA to grant us HER universal vision and such very perception, visualized verbally by brother Raju far too intensely)

(Adapted from ‘Anubhava Saram’ of brother Mannava Butch R Sarma – song “Okka Kshanam”).

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