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The Mother of All

Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 20
Month : July
Issue Number : 3
Year : 2021

Supreme and Transcendental, Universal and exotic

Beyond the discrimination of a human life 

With in the fold of the hold of the Nature

It is a tune Oriental, shining like Apollo in the Byzantium

The chivalrous valor and cherishing abnormalities

Wharf and woof threaded together like the web of the spider

 The mother an idiot-synchrony full of the garb of the Orient

 With a flavor of the Ethnic identity

The Mother a rose never blossomed and the Sun never set out

She is the shining monarch of the illegible vacuum

 The prophet of the unintelligible cosmos

She is a prophet of love and worshiper of the Humanity

 Supra humanist and multi faculty 

She is the dazzling glory of the Telugu race

She is a monitoring force of the Feminine character 

She is known to be having guru no time

She never proclaimed her to be a preacher 

She is a seer predominant over the forces of Creation

She is a preacher of the theme of Consciousness

She is bright and lovely, effective and exhaustive 

Conclusive and comprehensive

 A plethora of verses cannot describe

The myths can seldom narrate

The greatness undaunted, the Mother of All

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