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V. Dharma Suri
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 12
Month : January
Issue Number : 1
Year : 2013

Amma’s words. Her actions. Her life, Her teachings-(if any), to my limited intellect, convey but one meaning – be humane, be kind, be empathetic, and the sparkle of Divinity will illuminate your being. “Divinity,” as defined by Her “is sympathetic vibration to the suffering of others” “Divinity is the Pinnacle of Humanism” (Manavatvam Madhavaram). Goodness of nature is the greatest trait (Manchiki Minchina Mahimalu Levu). So much importance She gave to a kind heart – “Devil is the heart which has no kindness” (Dayaleni Manasse Dayyam). What is sin? “Hurting someone else ” is sin.

All the Institutions founded by Amma reflect Her kindness, they all invariably serve the destitute and the downtrodden. If we contribute to Annapurnalayam, we are contributing not only to the cause of feeding a few needy persons, we are also contributing to the cause of providing free, quality education to poor students. We are contributing to the cause of feeding the pious. If we contribute to Matrusri Medical Centre, we are supporting free medicine to poor and needy by qualified professionals. We are helping in providing a quality Medicare, which can be obtained only by spending lacs, but made accessible free of cost to the middle classes, the poor and the needy. Jillellamudi offers solace to the tortured soul, offers succor to the needy, offers food and shelter to one and all. Jagadgurus came and prostrated before the Divine Mother, religious heads bowing their heads in reverence.

Last year, we saw an article in the Hindu, dated 16.12.2011 (if I remember correctly), highlighting the plight of pavement dwellers. They were suffering from a biting cold, no proper bed linen to help them, utmost misery inextricably woven into their burdensome lives throughout the winter. I immediately telephoned to the Office bearers of Jillellamudi Amma Seva Samithi, Hyderabad, Sri Vajjha Prasad, Sri Venkata Rama Sastry garu and Sri B.G.K. Sastry. All the septuagenarian leaders were keen that we should do something. We fanned out and distributed 50 thick bed sheets. No doubt the number was very small, but the beginning was very good.

Vajjha Prasad Annayya said last month this year also we should do this program and continue it every year. On the night of 23rd Nov. 2012, at 11.00 pm., myself, Vajjha Prasad Annayya, Venkata Rama Sastrygaru, aided by our drivers Sambaiah and Narasimha scouted the platforms from Ganapathi temple, Secunderabad upto Yatri Nivas, Secunderabad. We propose to distribute this year at least 108 bedsheets, each costing around Rs.200/- and the first installment we procured 48 bed sheets.

The first site we saw was heart rending. A 50 year old man was lying down on the left hand side of Ganapathi temple, on the pavement between the temple and Secunderabad Railway station. He was half clad. Except a shirt covering him from shoulders to waist, there was nothing on. A pity, so many people were going round, but no one bothered. As Venkatarama Sastry garu covered him with a nice blanket, the gratitude reflected in his eyes was unforgettable. He was not only sheltered from cold, the human dignity which differentiates a man from a beast was restored to him.

From there, we traveled to Secunderabad Railway station. There were 10 old ladies, badly needing protection from the biting cold. We distributed the bedsheets and moved on towards the Clock Tower and Yatri Nivas, slowly in our cars, watching the footpaths, the pavements, and locating the old persons, badly in need of protection from cold.

By 12.10 in the night, all the 48 bedsheets were given away to the most deserving. A man sleeping on the footpath after 11.00 pm., is his own certificate of poverty, no other proof is needed. At 12.00 as we came near Yatri Nivas, there were around 10 beggars. One of them was wide awake “Would you like to have a bed sheet?” we asked him. “No, No, I have one already, give it to others.” He pointed to other beggars lying on the footpath. I was touched that honesty is not linked to money.

Jillellamudi Amma Seva Samithi, Hyderabad, will carry on the programme during December also. Another 60 bed sheets, at least, will be distributed.

We are very fortunate. We have seen Amma in Her Physical form. None of us is really poor in the matter of material wealth. Of what avail our riches, if our heart remains cold and cruel or insensitive and unresponsive? Shall we pray to Amma, with all humility at our command. “Mother, make us potent instruments in your service. Our lives are small, let them be illuminated with the goodness of thoughts given by you out of your compassion.” *

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