Pannala Radhakrishna Sarma
Magazine : Matrusri English
Language : Sanskrit
Volume Number : 1
Month : August
Issue Number : 3
Year : 1966

यथा शक्त्या ब्रह्मा कमलनयनः फालनयनः
 for al जगत् स्रष्टुं पातुं प्रलय मुपनेतुं च कुशताः
 । यया व्याप्तं विश्वं वसति खलु यस्यां जग दिद
 नमाम्याद्यां देवीं मुकुलितकर स्ता ममयदाम् ॥

– “श्रृंगारलहरी”

With folded hands, to that Primordial Force which causes the creation, sustenance and annihilation of the Universe, which is all-pervading, which is all containing and which removes all our fears, I prostrate.

(Translated from)
By Sri Pannala Radha Krishna Sarma.

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