Marakani Dinakar
Magazine : Viswajanani
Language : English
Volume Number : 11
Month : December
Issue Number : 5
Year : 2011

Mercy is like a gentle shower from heaven said Portia in the play ‘Merchant of Venice’ the well known comedy of Shakespeare, as the advocate defending Antonio, who fails to honor his pecuniary commitment to Shylock, the money lender. Beginning her defense thus, she finally wins over the very difficult, almost imponderable claim made against the defendant.

Even otherwise, many in the west and east, as also people of different faiths tend to believe rain to be a good augury, although not always to be construed as the expression of the divine divine, with some exceptions. This is so because the implication or interpretation of rain may vary with context or from moment to moment in the world of real time and space.

In our ancient lore too rain was always considered auspicious. Verily, it is considered as an indicator of grace on the human beings and the surrounding ambience. It is a widely acknowledged fact and well written that timely, sufficient rainfall is considered a touchstone of virtue and just reign over the kingdom. This is also one of the much lauded aspects of an all ideal ‘Rama Rajya’.

In the various rituals like the yagnas, yagas performed with intricate, well laid procedure, on the closing day when it is mandatory to offer the final oblations and offerings (Poornahuthi), it is customary to expect rain fall or some gentle shower. This usually is experienced and the rain occurs, even now in the modern times of civilized high tech environs.

Very recently it is conveyed by a very reliable source from the TTD authorities that in all the ritualistic yagas performed in the tribal areas to retain tribal folk within the Hindu fold, in nearly ninety nine percent of such rituals there was a singular and unmistakable rainfall presumably indicative of the auspices likely to follow.

In the circles of Jillellamudi fraternity, getting soaked in rain though not understood ordinarily has to be reckoned likewise. The pointer towards this inference has emanated during AMMA’S physical presence. Once, brother Dr. Pannala Radhakrishna Sarma got rain soaked while reaching Jillellamudi.

Well before his arrival, one of the sisters present in AMMA’S chambers conveyed to AMMA that Dr.Radhakrishna Sarma is getting wet in the rain,

while on his way to Jillellamudi. AMMA quipped saying, he is getting showered in MY grace bounteous (Na Krupavrushti Lo Tadisi Vasthunnadu).

To pursue this line of thought further in its intensity, let me go to the very beginning. It was the month of October in the year 1985. I had to leave Hyderabad, where I was till then thought reasonably established, leaving behind everything whatever seemed to have been gained.

On this occasion, a Bank colleague gave me a farewell dinner at his residence. After finishing the dinner, I was just about to get back to my house in the nearby GandhiNagar from the Gaganmahal Road area. Suddenly the rain started pouring. I had just walked or ambled in the rain getting soaked while reaching the Bank House, unmindful of anything in utter detachment. Thus to be candid, more overcome by a sense of disenchantment about the happenings around me till then..

At that point of time little did I realize that marked the beginning for me in getting into the real proximity of Jillellamudi, as the train of events led me from then on. In fact that night laid the foundation for the mystic journey that has already begun for me ever since the darshan of AMMA in the year 1971, which took many twists and turns that are beyond me and continues to do so even now.

In the very ensuing week, I proceeded to work at a place called Edlapadu much nearer to Jillellamudi. Even from here, I was shifted somewhere farther from Jillellamudi to Nallajerla, W.Godavari Dt., very soon within hardly forty days or so on  Bank duty.

Over that shift, it is apt to quote AMMA verbatim. SHE told my mother — “Maa Dinakaru Mee Daggariki Vasthunnadu”. To capture this in English, AMMA conveyed this verbally to my mother, “Our Dinakar is coming close to you”. As the later day events confirm this say of AMMA, as always was prophetic and verily has come true. Within a few years hence, I was enlisted in AMMA’S service without any other vocation. This with hindsight I understand is implied in AMMA’S words “Our Dinakar”. This is to narrate the true happenings of the times.

Now I have to get back from this meaningful digression reflecting on the follow through of the remarkable rain in October 1985. In many instances at Jillellamudi, it is observed that AMMA had a sway over rain or shine. One day on a very severe summer evening that was scorching brother Y.V.Subrmanian (more popularly known as Budhimanthudu Annaih) entreated AMMA that the heat is too much almost unbearable and a cooling shower is much needed.

To capture here his exact utterance in Telugu for the benefit of the readers reads as herein – (“Chala Topanga undamma, Kastha Varsham Kuripinche Radio”). AMMA has been strolling on the terrace as usual; the impression being given to all of us was that Brother Subrmaniam’s earnest plea was hardly heard by AMMA.

Yet, after a little while, about half an hour later, there was a gentle sprinkle of a shower lessening the heat. Those of us present were truly surprised at the gentle shower on a hot summer evening

without any prior traces and some one even commented on this fact. AMMA as usual without owning up said that is what happened as sought for by Subrmaniam. To put this again in AMMA’S words as were uttered then “Vadu Annadu Gada”

To cite some much more widely observed and recorded instances, in the early years of 1970s and 80s almost till the completion of 90s, rain in Jillellamudi caused slush making the ambience wet and muddy. This is so even now at times. Any celebrations like weddings and other functions involving large gatherings found the movements as also functioning difficult and uncomfortable..

With the result, some even used to overtly pray to AMMA to avert or defer the rain during such times of the celebrations to help smooth functioning. It was evidently perceptible that on most occasions, although it was pouring all around and in the neighboring villages, the area surrounding AMMA and Jillellamudi were typically excluded from the pouring rain, as if covered by an unknown or unseen concern umbrella. The rain resumed dutifully soon after all the activities of the function or celebration were completed. This is not hype but an experienced fact that is well recorded.

Having said all this, it is essential that the normal rain that is seasonal, caused by monsoon, cyclone, varying oceanic pressures, depressions shall not be mistaken for the rain caused by grace or that is to be deemed a good augury of auspices.

First and foremost such exclusive specific rain seemingly ordained from the heavens above, is different. In the sense, in all such cases mostly the subject does not find the normal indications of rain in the ambience. That is to say in the form of clouds, rain bearing winds or such other usual signs which often precede the rain.

For a moment for the sake of our understanding if we term this the celestial rain or the rain of grace, it does not give off any prior symptoms. Sometimes it comes out of a sunny sky or even a very dry ambience. In most cases this special rain is short, swift but fleeting.

In terms of description this could be like a sudden cloudburst that is momentary or gentle shower or sprinkle giving the impression of

little flowers falling from the sky to the subject exposed to the rain. If the subject is closely connected and tuned to AMMA, the intuitive message records the same within giving an unmistakable impression of something good in the offing.

Whether the subject gets aware, or even if ignorant altogether, such exclusive specific rain is a good augury for the individual or the mankind at times befitting the particular situation. Such perception is suprarational or intuitive, that is granted by AMMA at that moment. To cite AMMA here, in HER own words “Prerane Bhagavanthudu”. So such understanding is only caused by HER at the given moment to the subject.

These are deeply innate and abstract feelings too difficult to be conveyed verbally. But to elaborate sometimes when the individual is overly preoccupied, concerned, bothered or even worried about a particular issue, presumably or plausibly AMMA responds in this

‘Mode’. Thus giving him the doubtless good tidings of the very likely auspices in the immediate or near future. This could be even in case of an overbearing commitment either in the family or outside over which the individual is acutely concerned. 

Though much reluctant to strike an obvious personal note in this presentation, but more so by way of conveying an intense, spiritual suggestion or experience this has to be cited. This was part of my past experience on quite a few occasions. But for the time being, in this presentation, I shall confine myself to very few of such unearthly happenings, on very different occasions that were significant in my life.

In the mid 1990s, my daughter’s marriage was of utmost concern to me. This has become much more trying because of being in Mumbai, at a place not many of the kinfolk were present and such networking was much needed in fixing an alliance or even finding suitable matches.

This was more an obsession with me given the situation and the distant location where I am placed along with the family. One day, while I was driving through with these swarming thoughts on the harbor road in Mumbai, which has less traffic, suddenly without any trace or indication there was a gentle shower even under sunshine. Something within me prompted that the issue shall be dealt with to our satisfaction by grace, to be more precise, by AMMA’S intervention.

In fact, such intervention in this respect was assured to me or foretold by AMMA while I was at Jillellamudi in the first quarter of 1981, when AMMA was conducting a virtual marriage spree for the near and dear at Jillellamudi, even summoning the unprepared parents. This reference or assurance from AMMA slipped from my mind over the years which lapsed in between.

For the sake of reality, I am obliged to capture this in AMMA’S own words — “Sambandham Kudirithe Cheseyocchu, Nanna”. To convey this in English, if a match is settled, the wedding can take place in no time. This is how it has been evidently actualized by AMMA in real time in mid 1988. The whole anecdote merits another article. Suffice to present this briefly as of now, not to digress from the title subject.

In all openness and earnestness in conveying the truth on many  occasions AMMA prompted the eventual auspicious happening or the approaching good tidings of my daughter’s wedding, which boosted my spirit within. This is much more so because of this intense preoccupation, I could not really share with or openly convey to anyone.

To come to another recent instance in the year 2008, when I was taking my daughter-in-law to board the flight on a midsummer night in the month of April, on a dry day, there was a copious shower almost like a cloud burst just for a brief spell, for a short distance on the way to AirPort which later on ceased. This suggested something well or seemed a good augury to me with a powerful suggestion although the actual significance could not be spelt out by the self within. Very soon after this almost within a year we were blessed with a grandson.

Much more recent instance is about four months ago. While traveling in the bus from Bapatla to Hyderabad, just as the Bapatla flyover was being crossed and moving out of the outskirts, there was a gentle sprinkle of wetness on my hands exposed through the bus window. For a moment, I was fretting that someone was pouring water out of a container without proper etiquette or even worse.

Thinking thus and while looking for the point of irritation, I glanced sideways, for the likely offender. Then almost inadvertently, I looked at the huge, wide windscreen of the bus moving at a reasonable speed now on the highway.

Then suddenly found drops of water sprinkled on the windscreen conspicuously and with keener observation, it was a gentle shower or a sprinkle of the rain, which almost ceased after a few kilometers with no trace at all. This unexpected and unlikely mild shower got me concerned and thought about it. For a moment this seemed or struck me as an unmistakable symptom of grace. Yet, personally could not make out the implication of this singular

In the immediate future, AMMA granted me a singular opportunity to serve the Parishat, though at that point of time, for the preceding few months, I was much detached about the same, though was

singularly preoccupied with several aspects of the Parishat. In fact some of those possessed me, almost egging me on for instant response. Despite all this, I am deeply aware, with all the best intentions and efforts, those could be actualized if only AMMA’S GRACE propitiations or wills the fruition of the same.

Well these are only some of the instances, which could be conveyed in this presentation. The onus of these lines is to convey that if the subject is earnest, committed and keen on any good, laudable objective of any nature, AMMA’S GRACE befalls  the individual and facilitates the same. The person need only be specific and singular in his pursuit and the objective well meaning for the self or for all others. Granting this, the individual may submit the same for AMMA’S divine dispensation with a sense of surrender, emanating from his inner core in utmost humility.

Again to reiterate the obvious, but unlikely to be perceived, possible when there is an inner sensitivity or the awareness scales up to the level of consciousness. Even otherwise, AMMA’S GRACE is ever present and befalls the subject who beseeches AMMA from the innermost recesses of the heart.

Pray AMMA BLESS us all ever.

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