Marakani Dinakar
Magazine : Viswajanani
Language : English
Volume Number : 15
Month : August
Issue Number : 1
Year : 2015

The individual invariably passes through three phases during his lifetime. These three states are wakefulness, dream state and the deep slumber that is dream less. These are traditionally referred to as ‘Jagrith’, ‘Swapna’ and ‘Sushupthi’. These conditions alternate with a singularity almost forming a biorhythm for the person.

To look into each of these conditions of living much more deeply, each is swayed by a different kind of force as contained in our scriptures. In the wakeful state the being is set by ‘Vaiswanara’, in the dream state ‘Tejas’ and in the deep dreamless slumber by ‘Prajnana’. These are the various terms given by the ancients to describe the force behind and that causes or subsists in the particular state of the person.

Even so, in essence, the singular source or causative primordial force that enlivens the being is one and the same. These are mere positional concepts given specific terms for easier understanding and observance in routine life.

Accordingly by the very same logic, the individual is styled ‘Vishwasu’ while being awake, ‘Tejasvi’ while in a dream and ‘Prajnani’ while in deep slumber, that is without the dream. All said and done, despite this categorization, life always passes through three phases with little choice for anyone and everyone even otherwise regardless of being wakeful, dreamy or sound asleep.

To elaborate that childhood, youth and old age are passed through by every human being. Likewise everyone is subject to the flow of time during his life span, that being present, past and the future. Even the cosmic order is subject to the triple conditionality of mass, time, and velocity of light, the triple components of energy. This is very succinctly and admirably summed up by the much respected scientist Albert Einstein in his ‘Theory of Relativity’, in the pithy equation E=MC2. In terms of physical span the three dimensions of length, breadth and depth are obvious and inexorable. Thus life and reality viewed in any mode are three dimensional.

The highly evolved person through spiritual pursuit surpasses these three states, and moves ahead that is termed ‘Turiya’. Such state is beyond these aforesaid three parameters, or he overcomes the three dimensional conditioning. Such an individual even overcomes or transcends the three basic characters of Sathwa, (ascetic or peaceful) Rajas (action oriented), and Tamas (base and earthly), which set the tune or pattern of life in its core.

Nonetheless, this is an intangible, nonphysical state of ‘ONENESS’ a condition of identity with the supreme, seamless ‘ATHMA’, ‘BRAHMAN’, ‘PARAMATHMAN’ and so on a very exalted state of ‘ADVAITA’. This is verily an exalted sublime, usually unattainable state of ‘ONENESS’, ‘ADVAITHA’, a total state of empathy with all that is and that exists as exemplified by AMMA.

This is synonymous with the condition of ‘APAROKSHANUBHUTI’ described by Jagadguru Sankaracharya, a situation of total, universal empathy where it is all inclusive without the concept of exclusion or simply total inclusion that obviates the entity of others or outsiders to the exalted seamless self of the ‘ONE’.

Granting these three states, how does the individual aspirant relate to the divinity in each of these three states in daily life? Or, alternatively how does the god affect or interfere with the lesser mortal in all these states? Or to look at the same in yet another way how does the individual perceive the godly in this triple conditioning that is choice less for the being.

To respond to this poser, AMMA once pronounced that the individual comes to know the thought only when it enters his mind; does not know from where it comes or emanates before that. That is to say all thoughts are sourced by a higher force other than the individual. All prevailing force, primordial ‘Shakthi’ or the GOD alone causes, sources these thoughts. AMMA categorically confirmed “PROMPTING IS VERILY GOD” (“Prerane Bhagavanthudu”).

Dreams though said to arise out of pent up, unfulfilled desires; they are and can never be willed by the human being. So here too the causation is beyond the individual subject. Necessarily has to be attributed to the higher supreme divinity.

Sometimes, dreams are prompted by the divine to guide the human being or simply to prod him to the right, desired action that augurs well for him and others around in life. This divine will in the course of the dream might also reveal the likely auspicious times to come by.

On the 19th January, 2015, in the late forenoon around 11.00A.M. in my Hyderabad dwelling, AMMA caused a beautiful day dream that shall be deemed an ecstatic reverie in the figurative terms. Reminiscent of the 1973 Golden Jubilee celebrations of AMMA, in which this humble self could participate by the grace of AMMA in all its aspects, facets of activity having been summoned from Hyderabad especially for the occasion by AMMA in all HER boundless mercy on this petty self. To recall the entire sequence of the 1973 GOLDEN JUBILEE of AMMA is presaged in a dream like visitation to me which I could not decipher till the completion of the event and my personal participation in the same.

In this background, now it augurs well to capture the reverie of this day in verbal detail. To present the vista and vivid details in this dream that is the perspective of the future for the benefit of all. Courses after courses are being served in the meal. Even the sweet dishes are of a great variety. As one sweet is being eaten, another is served in its wake immediately without any waiting time lag. Delicious and widely varied are the sweets that are being served. One is getting a belly full even with these starters, not even beginning the main staple rice service.

Congregation is huge. Some are eating standing and some are being served. All over and all round there is plenty of food, in an unusual variety that is being served course after course in an elaborate spread for the meal. The gathering is huge that is countless, hailing from all over the state, country, virtually from anywhere or everywhere.

Food is also being continually prepared offering an unending and a delicious variety. Even so the cooking and serving the devotee children of AMMA is ceaseless. These scenes in the reverie caused me immense joy; put me in a state of rapture. I have begun to think or foresee that could be the future that unfolds. Very fortunate are those children of AMMA who are involved in this unique service.

Or, that could be the vista of AMMA’S CENTENARY CELEBRATION in the year 2023, less than a decade ahead. Fortunate indeed are such of those brothers and sisters who shall be present, participate in the CENTENARY and serve AMMA in no less measure. Blessed indeed are such children of AMMA.

To sum up, experience suggests that AMMA influences the subject, just as the tender, loving MOTHER of the child that SHE is always in deep slumber too, the state of ‘PRAJNANA’, impelling the individual self to right action or prompting him to the right mode in life.

Quite likely, presumably this reverie is prompted by AMMA to only unravel the days of AMMA’S bounteous blessing, which bestows plenty, abundance on HER countless children in their personal lives. Equally so be the coffers of the PARISHAT the physical manifestation of AMMA after HER consecration as pronounced by AMMA herself be bounteous.

This is the much valued, priceless legacy of AMMA, to be carried on relentlessly. The gamut of the service activities AMMA ordained for the PARISHAT and the spirit of universal fellowship, collective sharing, and cordial togetherness that ever endures in the ‘HOUSE OF ALL’ to be pursued and addressed unceasingly without respite. This to me is the message that the day dream, the pleasant reverie on the 19th January 2015 conveys or spells out for all our brothers and sisters.

Pray AMMA grace us with all the zeal, verve and the energy to commit ourselves to this lofty, sublime cause and be ever immersed in this ceaseless endeavor.

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