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Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 6
Month : January
Issue Number : 1
Year : 2007

(Free translation by Sri S.Mohana Krishna of part one of the article written by Smt R. Vasundhara, published in the November 1968 issue of Matrusri Telugu Journal)

Hyma came into the world from the very physical body of Amma. That Amma gave birth to Hyma with a purpose was demonstrated on many occasions even while Hyma was alive and by the prophetic statements made by Amma even while Hyma was being consecrated in Hymalayam.

Hyma lived for twenty five years, all the while suffering physically with some ailment or other. She had frail health right from her childhood. From what I gathered by questioning many persons who knew Hyma closely, I feel Hyma exhibited two qualities distinctly. The first one… causeless and boundless compassion on any one and every one. The second one is keeping the single mind Amma as the goal.

Then, what is this injustice? Even an ordinary mother floats in the sea of bliss on hearing the loving prattle of her children. calling her ‘Amma’. Then… the Universal Mother who is personified compassion, embodiment of love and grace; could kill her own daughter who, all her life worshipfully yearned for Her!

The usage that Amma killed her own daughter’ has not come inadvertently. Amma is all powerful. There are several instances of Amma giving a new lease of life to the dying and the dead. As such, what happened in the case of Hyma has to be construed as Amma’s leela. This kind of inscrutable way of God must be known only to God.

Nevertheless, if we examine similar incidents that occurred earlier, perhaps the underlying significance could be grasped to some extent.

One such episode is from Jnana Vasishtam. Lord Brahma, the creator of the worlds, looking to the miserable plight of humanity steeped in multitude of ignorant ways, takes pity on them like a father on his wayward children. Out of infinite compassion, he wants to redeem them by making available gnanam and out of this volition Sage Vasishta is created. Calling his spiritual son Vasishta closer, the Lord ordains that his mind be clouded with ajnanam for a brief length of time. As a result, Vasishta becomes despondent and grief-stricken. Then Brahma asks him why he was sorrowful and advises him to seek liberation from sorrow. Vasishta then questions the Lord as to how the samsaram, which is the manifestation of a fathomless ocean of sorrow has come about and how it abides.

Lord Brahma teaches Self-knowledge which makes Vasishta to come out of the bondage of sorrow and once again enjoy the bliss. This episode from Jnana Vasishtam is meant for the emancipation of suffering mankind. In order that the ignorant and the suffering humanity is enlightened, the creator makes his son suffer by cursing him with ignorance and later bless by bestowing knowledge. All this was done for the welfare of humanity.

There is a lot of similarity between what happened in the case of Hyma and the above legend. This time however, what has been given to the suffering world and what is now needed most is not jnana but sadhana (penance). All of Hyma’s life was a penance to reach Amma. Amma declared that the place where Hyma’s mortal remains were interred, the Hymalayam, becomes the place for sadhana for many sages and sadhakas and will be the abode for many saints (rishis).

We find another similar episode of Jesus Christ described in detail in the Holy Bible.

“Her (Mariamma’s) womb is blessed by the holy spirit. She will give birth to a child. He is the son of the Lord and will save mankind from their sins“,- so speaks the Angel to Yosep, Mariamma’s husband in the context of the birth of Jesus Christ. On the descent of Jesus Christ into this world, let us see what has been revealed by Lord Jehovah through the prophet Moshe.

“We all have lost our way and are adrift. Each one of us has gone the way he liked”- people have deviated from the paths of righteousness and love to the one they ‘like’.

Realizing this weakness of the modern generations, Amma once said that people lack the power to do what they are told. In similar times and context, see what happened earlier in relation to Jesus Christ –

“He grew up like a tender plant that germinated in dried up soil…He was not beautiful looking to attract people. He was found rejected and left out by the people. Even though constantly afflicted and suffering, he compassionately took upon himself our diseases. He certainly tolerated our evil and bad tendencies…he was put to great torment…Jehovah was inclined to torment him. He made his son suffer from diseases….he was met with injustice.. Still, despite the travels, he did not protest. He was taken away having been subject to unfair judgment…Because of the pain and suffering he endured, we are getting well.

It has been said very clearly here that we are getting well due to the sufferings undergone by Jesus Christ. Even though all powerful, Amma gave extreme suffering to Hyma. The intensity of bodily suffering of Hyma increased at the time of her passing away. Hyma, undergoing the excruciating suffering called out to Amma.. “How long should I bear this suffering..?’. and cried out helplessly… “Amma.. I am unable to see you” reminiscing Jesus crying out on cross …. “My Lord, why did you leave my hand?”

Hyma breathed her last, uttering the words.. ” Amma.. I am coming to you”. The last words of Jesus were “Divine Father.. here is my soul which I am surrendering to you”.

Jesus told about the need for this great suffering thus.. “It is for your good that I go away. If I do not go, the compassionate one will not come to you. If I go away, I will send him to you”. The Compassionate One is the Holy Spirit; the Self-knowledge.

Even while bearing excruciating suffering, Hyma retained full consciousness of Amma and chanting the name of Amma merged in Amma, her goal. Thus she became the personification of sadhana. As a result of the intense suffering she underwent, we receive the sadhana sakthi. That is how Hymalayam has become the abode for sadhana and penance.

“He will live long. The objectives of Jehovah are fulfilled through him” are the words about Jesus..

Amma’s objectives bear fruit through Hyma. Hyma installed by Amma bestows sadhana shakti on all and lives long.

In order that the relation between the Creator and the Creation is affirmed, in the yajnam performed by the Creator, Jesus Christ and Hyma have to be considered as the most sacred and dearest of offerings.

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