Marakani Dinakar
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 7
Month : January
Issue Number : 1
Year : 2008

It is said that the moving finger writes. Whatever is written. becomes indelible to be gone through with little choice for all of us. Quite likely or obviously one terms this the inevitable destiny.

Thus AMMA scripts the lot of each one of us that allows for little deviation or interference. As decreed by AMMA, the ordained can never be escaped while what is looked for avidly may not take place. Any subsequent changes are also parts of the prior design or preordainment. Is the order set and so very relentless? This is the teaser for every rational and otherwise thinking man.

Despite all that is said and done, each one hopes for more and wishes to better his lot always and ever. Human intentions and desires always move in this direction of a hopeful largesse.

At Alkapuri, it is one of those tender moments or a sweet memory, which several used to snatch every opportunity to get AMMA’S signature, be it on HER photograph or on the new books of account and so on..

This was particularly so on New Year’s eve. Many of us used to buy the Matrusri diaries on New Year night and move up to the dais in a single file to receive AMMA’S autograph on the diary, hoping for all the goodies in the ensuing year. The ambience and the spirit all over used to be merry and memorable on those nights.

AMMA graced every one with HER benign smile at times, saying a word or so and signing, nay autograph the diaries in such joyous atmosphere, on the dewy, wintry New Year nights at Alkapuri. Hopes and aspirations of the devotees deemed AMMA’S children avidly looked for fulfillment in the presence of AMMA, with HER boundless grace.

Ordinarily every one makes a living by working somewhere or other, be it a job, assignment or profession. Normally this is the vocation pursued for one’s bread and butter.

Sometimes, it becomes one’s ordained lot that a person lives at Jillellamudi and daily works with AMMA, almost on a point of reporting basis. This is certainly a singular opportunity, in that one begets the unique fortune of having AMMA’S darshan frequently and subject to HER grace.

Such exposure brings several unknown benefits to the subject. First and foremost, almost unawares, his person changes for the better. Professional skills are well tuned and perfectly honed. One usually acquires the deft touch in whatever and wherever he does. This adds an extra dimension to the personality and well enhances the efficiency.

Consciously and more often unconsciously, the individual is exposed to the better realms of spiritualism and all his efforts are well designed to fit into the form of a sadhana that certainly elevates the individual and his life. The higher, ethereal spiritual heights are scaled with little struggle, as grace augments and drives his efforts.

Given this situation, one does well to take a meticulous note of the working ambience and be ever watchful of AMMA. Such patient, devout vigilance or diligence then, later or even now, for AMMA is ever present holds many a cue to life’s problems and issues. Above all such consistent effort bridges the temporal with the spiritual.

To recall fondly, every morning I used to report to AMMA, in the professional sense, or more aptly seek HER blessings every morning to begin the day. Generally, receive some instructions, attend to the same and submit to AMMA, about the compliance. In these matters AMMA has been very down to earth and concerned like any higher authority in the ordinary sense.

Furthermore, SHE always has been much concerned about the person. For instance, if one is sent outside, on a particular assignment, AMMA used to be ready most of the time to hear the outcome of the visit, like any outside office senior, though nothing surpasses HER awareness or purview.

At times or most of the times, one ever had the feeling that he has to return quickly and see AMMA, without halting or tarrying anywhere, to see AMMA and apprise the situation. With such a feeling, we used to rush back to Jillellamudi, in god speed, ever mindful of the awaiting AMMA.

While pouring through these pleasant reminiscences, I cannot but recall fondly one memorable, frequent sequence. AMMA had a personal savings account in HER name at the State Bank of India, Jillellamudi, which SHE alone had to sign for drawing the monies, apart from the other accounts of the Parishat, being operated by the others.

I always took the AMMA personal cheque book for signature. Many a time, SHE used to be light hearted or look at me intently. SHE used to first ask me “where should I sign?” I always replied “Wherever you wish”. AMMA used to sign the cheque wherever SHE wished, and not necessarily on the right side end, as is customary.

Then again AMMA used to ask me “How should I sign?” Again my reply was in whatever manner SHE wished. AMMA used to sign as “Am Aaa” in two letters or ‘Amma” in a two letter word in the vernacular (Telugu). After signing thus, SHE gave back the cheque book to me for safe keeping.

Always, I took the check personally to the Bank, and collect the money from the Bank. In each instance, conveyed to the concerned Bank Officer that the cheque signed by AMMA is very much an invaluable document, and becomes priceless as time advances; hence he ought to preserve the same in safe custody, separating the same from other routine records, though I am unaware of the subsequent compliance. After this process, promptly bring the money back to AMMA, or do whatever with the money under HER directions. This was all a pleasant sequence worthy of recall, always throughout this lifetime.

Thus the signatory of the universe, the one who conducts the cosmic drama of the entire creation, had to sign the cheques for the savings account, gracing all those for whom the money was used, are equally blessing all those who remitted small sums for HER personal use with utmost care for AMMA’S personal needs, little they are in the real sense. Simply because every small need of AMMA is a fulfillment for others in some way or another.

In the true sense, the personal life of AMMA is far too impersonal and always spelt well for others. In hindsight, the one who signed or scripted the larger universal destiny, and authored the individual fates, signed for the mundane Bank Account.

A singular instance to be cherished and treasured in course of my sojourn on this earth and more so my duties with and around AMMA at Jillellamudi.

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